YouTube is Over Party - YouTube Demonetization Solutions

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YouTube is Over Party - YouTube Demonetization Solutions: Steemit, Bitchute, Patreon, Vid.Me = Decentralization.

In this video I address the solutions to the issues with demonetization that people have been facing recently. First off welcome to the club, YouTube has been waging war on my channel for quite some time. I have 21k subs and my videos are constantly view count suppressed, people constantly tell me they are not getting notified of new videos, and my videos have been hit with crazy copyright claims, and demonetization for nothing. See below screenshots I took today 4/6/2017 (That's April for you Europeans who write the date backwards).

This is a small sample of my videos hit with bogus copyright (will have a (c) next to it); if it is just a money sign with a slash through it, it is "non advertiser friendly" for which they give no reason, and a gold money sign means "non advertiser friendly and you can request a review" however if you request a review you can have your video removed entirely. So If the information is too important, I do not request the review as you can see. This is not even half the videos hit with this, I did not even include the two videos removed for "inappropriate content" I just wanted to show a sample of the ridiculousness regarding demonetization and copyright...

Now The Censorship on YouTube is a whole other problem. The following two films were removed from YouTube for no legitimate reason whatsoever, and one of them I cannot re-upload but does exist on BitChute.

This one was removed for "bullying", and has caused my account to be suspended for 3 months no live-streaming:

This was removed for ?, and I did not receive a strike despite the claim it violated some sort of guidelines violation. I was able to re-upload it to YouTube and it still is up:

This was removed twice for "revealing personal information" despite the fact that info was publicly available online. After censoring it myself and re-uploading it three times after removing the info it was allowed to stay up with an age limit restriction and demonetized:

So yeah mirror your videos on other platforms like BitChute so that the information cannot be censored.

In my video I bring up the fact that you can create your own currency on and use that currency to fund your favorite YouTubers. All the links for my social media accounts and alternate platforms are below. I highly urge viewers and other content creators to join the @steemit platform and the @bitchute platform.

Enjoy My YouTube Video:

This Video is Also Available on Alternative Video Platforms, Screw YouTube:

Alternate Platforms, this is what this whole video is about, please watch on these platforms:

  1. BitChute:
  2. Vid.Me:

P.S. It would be awesome if someone could figure out how to embed Bitchute videos into Steemit as the YouTube video does. Just a little project idea for @Ned and company.

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Intro / Outro Music: "Freedom Of Speech" Immortal Technique: Video Link

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This would be the perfect (I think overdue) launch of steemQ:

Will have to have a look into Bitchute. Do they provide an embedding feature for website and Steemit blogs etc?

Commenting here to read this later when I have the time.

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With the current YouTube advertising boycott, has the cost of advertising on some of these popular YouTuber's channels dropped significantly?

I post in parallel, YT and Thanks I'll check out bitshute. I have also been hearing things about LBRY decentralized YT. I wish more people watched videos on steemit. Seems that photography is king. Cheers!

I move all my videos from youtube to DIY Tube Video. They are paying everyone to interact. They pay you in DIYT cryptocurrency for minutes viewed, comments, thumbs up and community involvement.