Shaping and Broadcasting Artistic Content [Project Update]

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The @Celfmagazine project is based on the search and manual curatorship of artists in Steemit and the creation of an artistic community that serves as a space for the diffusion and development of the work of the steemians artists So it's very important for us to give recognition to their valuable work. This new format allows us to enjoy a more specific content that attracts more specialized readers.

Artists from this edition


Plastic Arts Gallery

In this opportunity the challenge was to clearly delimit the content, making a comparative analysis of each of the artists' works and to be able to establish relationships that link them from the formally technical to some similarity in the way of conceiving the idea. The CELF team's biggest challenge, will undoubtedly be to understand the content as a whole and not just individually.

Exploring our gallery you will be able to see part of the artist's work as well as the feedback of our curation team and why these articles are of CELF high quality.

Melancholy and distortion in black and white collage

Collage as a way of creation - Portrait 1

The nightmare - photographic intervention and a look at my fears

Fish Swim, Oil Painting ෴ Design Process

Ilustrando paisajes: Parte I (Ilustración y proceso) / Illustrating landscapes: Part I (Illustration and process)

A special commission, pencil portrait ✍️

Justice for all

Artwork-Social Realism (I'm hungry)


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