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Today is @olaexcel's birthday and he just told us about it in the city. So here is m prayer for you bro:


I pray today begins and end well
I pray you continue to remember this day for good
I pray your life continue to flourish like the flower day by day
I pray you continue to grow from strength to strength
I pray your life will remain beautiful and all your dreams realised
I pray this new season usher in greatness
I pray you always have reasons to laugh and rejoice
May you live in good health and wealth
May your legs walk you to greatness and favour
May God's grace be the order of the day always in your life
May you lend to nations and not borrow
May you see God when you seek him
May you laugh and not cry
May your joy be full until forever

Have fun today and always because you deserve the best. Sending you lots of love and light to brighten up your day.


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Thanks you so much @ifeoluwa88, i really appreciate

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