Ice cave Skaftafell (Iceland) - it is dangerous, but incredibly beautiful!

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Friends, can not forget about Iceland, so I decided to see what sort of attractions.About the blue lagoon here in the blogs, I found nothing. I want to fix it. Today let's talk about the ice caves Park Skaftafell.

Ice cave Skaftafell Park is a wonderful creation of nature, formed multi-year ice accretions.

The icy walls of the cave very much compressed, so the ice has almost no air bubbles. As a result, it absorbs all the light from above, with the exception of blue. It turns out this beauty here:

Like a cave lined with sapphires, but the beauty inherent in it not always: when the winter in this area it rains, they wash away the top layer of glaciers, and cave just glows from the inside. At the same time is not so colorfully and even dangerous.

How the cave formed? It is believed that on the glacier for a long time, accumulated melt and rain water which flowed powerful streams and formed in the glacier tunnels.

Interestingly, the "floor" of the cave is painted not in blue but in a dark and muddy tone. All because in the lower part of the glacier has accumulated sediments, ice is not as clean and clear as above.

Tell me after!) But the cave is still dangerous. In winter, at low temperatures, the ice is more solid and almost never a threat. But even in the winter sometimes I hear a crackling sound, frightening tourists. They say it sounds scary)).
The walls are unstable, you never know what can happen. But few stops this fact, I must say...

And so the cave sparkles, if you add a backlight:

Association personally to me, it's like some kind of underwater Kingdom, where turbulent water flows holding back his power the sea Queen)).

Would you dare climb up there?)


Just spectacular! Thank you so much for this post and the pictures!

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Caves are fascinating. Been inside a few. Wrote a piece on caves in Jamaica at