A Caturday Story!

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So here is a confession - I don't really like cats as pets. I would probably never have a cat as a pet. But then again, I have never had a pet ever!

But Cats look amazing in photos! They are super photogenic and I love taking cat pictures. 🐱

You can check this post and this post and this post as well as this post if you don't believe me 🐈.

I feel like I must clarify the first statement. It actually has to do with an experience with a cat.
I was at a friend's place overnight who happened to have a cat.
Now maybe my mood wasn't good that day or the cat was pure evil or she really liked me - I have absolutely no idea - but she did not let me sleep!
She would come scratch my face, jump on me, dig her claws in my skin. And this happened everytime I was just about to fall asleep. (if anyone knows what the cat was trying to do with this behaviour, please let me know in the comments. Will send an SBD to the comment I like the most 🤑).

I must have put her off the bed 100 times, and everytime she would be back.
At a point, I was really really pissed at the cat 😡
The next morning I felt horrible.
That is when I decided - no cats in my house!

But my son currently is a big fan of cats and wants one for his birthday! I want to say to him: "buddy, you think you like cats coz they are nice to look at, but wait till you get one in the house" 😄

Btw, the cat in this pic is the same one at the beginning of my previous vlog about Collaborating with a German poet.

Until next time...

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That's definitely an interesting one. One of my friends had told me, that Cats do get mood swings all the time and if they find a stranger or a new person/visitor at home, they tend to get anxious and pretty curious. So cats do get perturbed with the presence of someone they don't like for whatever reasons.

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jeje, creo que hay un gato para cada persona. eso es como el amor, no todos congeniamos. Linda foto y buena suerte con los gatos!

Oh how cute it seems! I've never had a cat as a pet neither, I have a dog, and as you say cats seems very photogenic but I don't think I would have one because they aren't (for me) as adorable as dogs are.

My Hubs never had a pet while growing up whereas I grew up on a farm with a dog and lots of cats running around. Although not used to pets, he took to my cats like duck to water. When our 16 yr old cat had to be put down he was quite upset.
At present I have two cats. They have complete different personalities. Red is a great mouser and likes to be left alone. Sunday demands a lot of affection and will sometimes bite to get it if I ignore him.
Cats have a strong intuition and perhaps that cat was trying to get your attention for affection.
I think it is important for children to learn about animals and take care of a pet. Don’t worry about getting a cat for your son. I’m sure it will be one with a pleasing personality. 🐱

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