Collaborating With A German Poet (Part 1) - VLOG - S01E06

in vlog •  5 months ago

Hello Steemians!

I really couldn't find time to edit videos past couple of weeks. But I really wanted to share this experience with you guys.
My band Alif collaborated with German poet Ulrike Almut Sandig this month for a show in Bengaluru.
We were invited to perform at the Banglore Poetry Festival on 4th Aug 2018 through the Goethe Institut/Max Muller Bhavan - which is like the German embassy here in India.

We had collaborated in the past with Ulrike in 2016 and that show was a super hit.
You can check the playlist of live videos of that here:

I was really excited for the collaboration to happen again since the rehearsal period works like an intensive workshop. We get to learn a lot and collaborations always open your way of thinking and approaching a song.

So this vlog is about the day 1 of rehearsals.
Any Germans/German speaking people among my followers, give a shout out in the comments! :)

Also giveaway: 1 SBD to the first person who tells me which city Ulrike is from (She mentions it in the vlog).

Until next time...

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Hello @hardikv, and nice to Steem you! :-) Ulrike mentions she's from Berlin (at least she explains how's the story-telling activity in Berlin).

I also have a question to direct to you, hehe: have you shared your music on Musicoin?


Hey! @ijatz, thank you for checking out the vlog. Berlin is correct :)
1 SBD sent 😎✨


It was a real delight! Your vlog is a permanent life symphony :-)


Marvelous, @hardikv! I'm gonna send you some $MUSIC, and follow your creative paths there too.


Super! Thank you :)

WICKED AWESOME, und gut, dass du in der 'Botschaft' auftrittst.


I did not understand that! But thank you 😁

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Great video.