The Chinchilla

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The longhair breed of cat is indeed a labour-intensive task to maintain. It is essential that a cat owner understand that the requirements of a cat before diving in to raise one or introduce a new adult to the environment. There are many circumstances that effect household compatibility and an owner will need to consider their own level of daily commitment to be able to provide the necessary amount of care. The longhair breed of cats is perhaps the most intensive type of cat that require a hands-on approach to grooming. Failure to do so can lead to several issues that not only relate to general tangles and knots but also build up of dirt around the skin that can cause a number of ailments. If taking the correct approach to keep up with grooming and care of the longhair cat, the result is most wonderful as they will exhibit some of the most beautiful coats ever seen on a cat.

Exploring the world of longhaired cats is exciting for prospective owners and there will be a time when they will meet the famous Chinchilla. This is a beautiful longhaired cat that results from the breeding of a silver Angora and another cat to create the first ever Chinchilla. This is one of the most renowned moments in the cat world and can be found in the United Kingdom as part of an exhibit in the capital. The Chinchilla has a brilliant white undercoat that is very much pure in colour, its body is accented with darker spots around its ears, tail and back of the coat. This is a distinct characteristic of the Chinchilla cat and these darker spots are almost identical in size. It can be said that the Chinchilla has a dazzling coat as it shines under light and the darker patches gives it a perfect contrasting effect. There are certain requirements for an advertised chinchilla to be truly regarded as one, these include pure white stomach and chest areas. Aside from the aforementioned darker patches, Chinchillas in general will not exhibit any type of colour variations or patterning.

In general, Chinchillas will come in smaller sizes compared to other cats, but this is mostly an observers misperception. The light and fluffy coat of the cat covers its body and create a very elegant and perhaps minimal presence of the cat. The Chinchilla is a medium sized cat that is plenty strong to stand its own ground. This type of Persian is a great choice for owners who don’t mind the intensive grooming attention it needs. They will also be very energetic and interactive compared to other breeds.


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