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The cat world is full of breeds and different pedigrees. Another consideration that new or existing cat owners should consider are the gene pools within the feline species. Genetics govern many of the inherent characteristics of a cat and will heavily impact the way it develops. In particular, one of the most fascinating aspects of the genepool is temperament and behaviour. Knowing the lineage of a cat will give a general indication of how it will normally behave. Of course there are case by case circumstances but when choosing a cat this may influence ones choice to fit the type of atmosphere and interaction they would wish to have. It’s important to keep this in mind when selecting a potential cat to enter the household as they will interact with the rest of the family or other pets.

The Persian breed is very interesting indeed with many colours and patterns being brought into the mix of breeds that have emerged over the years. We have looked at a number of different breeds that have emerged over the years, often as a result of conscious breeding. As time moved on, the inevitable mishap in breeding would happen here and there. This process and outright accident actually lead to the discovery of a new breed entirely names the Cameo Persian. Of course as with all new breeds, they were not considered to be a pedigree or formally recognised. They would simply sit under any other category for being different. It was after a few years that the Cameo gained recognition and its for good reason. Cameo Persians come in a variety of colour including red, white, blue and others. This is probably why it took a while for them to be officially recognised as a breed.

As per usual, these types of cat have their colours accented through tipping around the edges of the body. This includes darker areas that concentrate around the ears, neck and often tail. The undercoat of the cat will be bright white, the whiter the undercoat the better the effect of its colouring as it shines in the light. As usual, the Persian breed is often a very demanding cat that will require a daily grooming regime to keep its coat shining brilliantly. Owners should of course be aware of these commitments before taking on the care of a long hair cat.


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