The Birman Cat

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The semi-longhair category of cats come in many colours and patterns as breeders conciously brought new genes into the mix of breeds over the years. Deviating from plain colours, breeders have realised some truly remarkable patterning and colours over the years that have eventually been officially recognised by the cat world. The Birman is such a cat that exhibits many unique characteristics that make it an eye-catching pet in any household. Birman cats are very close to the Persian family but also sit within the Siamese family too. This creates a very unique semi-longhair breed of cat that has gained recognition in its own right. The Birman from Burma is a very iconic and famous cat that is highly regarded for its heritage and prestige. Prospective owners should expect to pay a pretty premium if wanting a highly desirable specimen in the Birman family.

The Birman has many distinct features and perhaps one of the most distinguishable attributes comes from its very dark colour pints around its body. These are dark brown and concentrate around the tail, ears, legs and face. The almost mask like shape of its coloured face is a very telling feature to its heritage and new cat owners will do well to recognise these patterns when looking through listings. Being informed with selecting a cat is very important. As time moved on, variations of the Birman itself emerged. Typically this cat will exhibit a very light undercoat with the aforementioned markings around its body. It has now diversified and there are even lilac, blue and other types of Birman cats being cherished around the world. Perhaps one of the other most distinct features in the Birman is its eyes also, they will be bold and bright blue.

The Birman is very much the same stature as a Persian cat and its fur coat is considerably shorter than the longhair variant. It will vary greatly in terms of facial structure also. Nearly all Persians will be recognised for their flat faces. The Birman has a much more rounded head and its face follows this trend. It’s worth noting that while still remaining as a most fluffy and cuddly cat, its coat requires far less maintenance than a Persian or any other type of longhair breed. The Birman is a sweet and docile cat that will benefit from a regular grooming regime but this need not be so intense.


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