Tabby Persians

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Persians are beautiful breeds and have been used in a number of breeding lines to create unique pedigree lines over the years. There are a great deal of crossbred Persians that have emerged and these are often conscious efforts that seek a blend of advantageous gene pools to achieve a new pedigree without defect. The pure Persians are also desirable as there will be little variation in colour when selected specifically. We can see his across the various chocolate, lilac and blue Persian strands. One other breed that has come to take popularity in the cat keeping world is the Tabby Persian. This of course is a result of breeding both the Iranian Persian with the Tabby. The Tabby cat is a very much loved breed across the cat world and its not a surprise that a cross between the two would result in a most interesting appearance.

When thinking of traditional Tabby cats, the emphasis is placed on keep a sleek coat that is solid in colours without shading. However, Tabby Persians are fundamentally different in that their coats assume distinct shading and patterning. The grooming regime for this type of pedigree is vastly different to a traditional Persian and care should be taken to not over groom them. Doing so would diminish the Tabby effect as much of the aesthetic appearance is achieved through its unique markings.

Tabby Persians come in various styles and their markings will be a reflection of their genetic pool. Various marking or pattern styles are recognised within the breed and they will sometimes adopt a patchy coat with darker shades. It’s also common to see spotted or mackerel shapes on the Tabby Persian. This makes for some very interesting variations and will also open up a diverse spectrum with respect to the coats colour. As the gene pool widens, the heritage of the Persian Tabby will mean it will also assume a different temperament compared to other pedigrees. In this case the Tabby is considered as a bubbly and extroverted personality that will enjoy playful interactions on a daily basis. They are very social cats and will want to get involved with most things that interest them in and outside the household. Keeping a Tabby Persian is a rewarding and fun experience and owners will notice a very different approach when being around this type of cat. Perhaps owners that do not wish to keep up with the high maintenance of the traditional Persian will enjoy the laid back approach with the Tabby.


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