Semi-longhair Cats

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Cats come in many shapes and sizes but some of the most defining characteristics will come from the type of fur a cat maintains. Semi-Long haired cats are longer than the shorthair but considerably shorter than the longhair breeds. One of the most commonly known semi-longhair cats is the Maine Coon who has a larger frame, distinct pointed ears and a thick coat. When selecting a breed, many cat owners will aspire to keep a longhair breed cat as they deem the stunning coat to be elegant and luxurious. This can be especially true when well maintained and groomed. However, owners should be aware that while the semi-longhaired cat is considerably easier to maintain than the long, there is still much to be done. Cat owners will still need to support the cat through regular grooming sessions that are still somewhat more intense compared to the shorthair that are grooming independent.

Semi-longhair cats will shed a considerable amount of fur around the household but this will be significantly less than longhair cats. This might be problematic for some households and can quickly spiral out of control if left unattended with little grooming assistance. Owners are advised to keep up with a regular grooming session, this will help their coats shine and remain clean. This is a major health boosting contribution also.

The Maine Coon is a highly regarded cat in this category and it carries very distinct characteristics. The fur coat around its chest may seem almost majestic like as it puffs up around the chest area while other parts of the body will seem shorter. This thick and resilient coat is thought to be developed to protect from harsh winters and this can be seen in main semi-longhair cats in general.

The semi-longhair cat is a most beautiful cat that will give owners endless hours of enjoyment when treated as expected. Their coat of course gives a massive layer of padding as they have thick fur, especially around the chest area. This creates a very attractive and grand looking stature of a cat that can appear as sturdy and stronger. Owners should be aware however that cats are just that and not treat them any differently as they are often similar in body metric.


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