Pewter Persian

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New cat owners will enjoy looking around for their first cat and will often be enticed by some of the exotic breeds, especially in the long hair range. There is much to think about when starting off in the cat caring hobby and this extends beyond the physical needs of nourishment, there are many factors to think about as a new cat owner. Accommodating the cat, its habits and other requirements will need to be worked into the lifestyle of not only the owner but also others in the house too. A number of pre-emptive precautionary measures will also be prepared beforehand to allow efficient response in emergency situations.

Analysing the situation at home is a big part of preparation and owners will benefit from understanding the needs of their new cat. This includes things that go beyond physical necessities and will need to consider the temperament of a cat and its development in a social environment, this will contribute greatly to the psychological development. A new cat will become part of the family and will bring many years of joy as bonds strengthen. Once a prospective owner has a deeper understanding of what is involved in cat care, they may wish to opt for a more demanding breed of cat. Though new owners who are able to accommodate and devote time will find much reward in the deep end as their cat grows. The longhair cat is a most rewarding and beautiful specimen but new owners should be advised to understand the commitment required to provide adequate care, this also extends to financial situations as care does not often come cheap.

The Pewter Persian is another breed in the Persian Family and share an uncanny resemblance to the silver Persian. They do however pertain some very distinct differences in their appearance that give them their own right to be called the Pewter Persian. They have orange eyes which the Silver do not and have a deeper extension of their darker patching towards they legs. This cat being part of the normal Persian lineage is a very docile and calm breed. They will benefit from a quiet environment and will react to bouts of playfulness when they feel the need. The grooming requirements are a little toned down for the Pewter but a daily grooming regime should still be followed.


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