Kitten Food Choices I

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Providing an appropriate diet for kittens is always a priority during the early stages of life. Likewise, an appropriate meal plan will need to be devised for the queen also. It is worth noting the differences between the various products on the market for cats and kittens. They are tailored formulas that are created to support healthy growth and living. While kittens require nutritious and protein rich meals during their growing stages, adult cats should be accommodated using a different meal stack. The high protein content of kitten food can lead to long term health issues for adults cats and should be avoided. As a breeder watches over the new kittens and the queen mother, it will be worth planning nutrition in advance to ensure that the highest quality foods are provided.

Solid food for new kittens is a milestone in kitten growth. It marks the end of the weaning period and calls for a strategic introduction to a gourmet lifestyle. Building habits from a young age is key when dealing with kittens. It will help establish certain behaviours early on, paving the way for easier and healthy living routines. In this case, it will be most beneficial to introduce a range of foods to the kittens to help broaden their taste buds.


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