Himalayan Persians

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The showing of cats is a very popular goal for cat enthusiasts. Breeders will often aim to produce some of the best specimens possible and many avid cat buyers will seek these at a premium. As time has moved on, the recognition of exemplary aesthetic perfection has evolved over the years. It was thought that most desirable cats would hold a pure coloured coat without any shading, patterning or blending with colours. This of course would also reflect a pure lineage of the pedigree where the purest breeds were used. However, as time went on this perception changed and there were a number of breeds that emerged involving the introduction of patterning. This often involved the introduction of different breeds such as the tabby, variation in colour and other cats that would add unique characteristics to the gene pool. One other significant development is the breeding of the Colourpoint and Persians which gave way for the Himalayan Persian to emerge. This was a longhaired Persian cat that retained the patterning of a Siamese cat, a very unique result that had been lacking in recent breeding ventures.

The Himalayan Persian is a most beautiful cat that is very different to other Persians. Its fur coat will be of a lighter colour and distinct shading will be seen around its body. Particularly darker region will occur around the ears, legs and middle of the face. This gives a unique look to the Himalayan and the darker part of the face can often be seen as a type of mask. There are distinct differences in complexion between male and female varieties also, mainly facial shading and features. From a young age as new born kittens will have a very light complexion across their coat with a soft texture. New owners will definitely be tempted by the sight of Himalayan Persian Kittens.

Overall, the Himalayan Persian is a great choice for all prospective cat owners who have the resources and time to commit. The brilliant bold eyes of the Himalayan are probably one of the most unique things to see in the cat world and owners will feel much joy and pride in keeping their Persian – Siamese hybrid in pristine condition. For this reason, new prospective owners are advised to prepare beforehand and ensure they understand the high demand maintenance schedule that is required for these cats.


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Speaking of cat breeds, are a couple of the "models" we often see in your photos Turkish Angoras?


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