Adopting an adult over a kitten.

in cats •  6 months ago


We've spoken a little about taking on cat's which are feral and some of the associated things to look out for when doing so, and of course, that means you'll be caring for a cat that is already mature and missing out on seeing it grow up, shaping it's personality as you go along.

Some people might be turned off by this but there are some positive things to come about it as well. For instance, a kitten has a higher chance of having health issues particularly if you picked it up from somewhere or someone who doesn't have the resources to give it proper health checks.

An older animal will also be more settled in it's ways and will have a more stable and established temperament. Something people often emphasise too much is the looks of the cat, and not enough emphasis is placed on the temperament and personality. Of course, a cat with a bad temperament which came from an environment where it was unhappy can improve if you give it better circumstances but you won't have the fresh start with a kitten.

You'll also have to deal with the males sporting some battle scars if they have only been recently neutered.


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