Meet my kittens :D

in cats •  10 months ago

I just got back from my recent trip from my hometown, am a bit exhausted but happy to be back with my two babies and my partner in crime. More importantly, my favorite restaurants... And yay for Starbucks!


Some cat owners say their cats don't really know how long you've been gone for. As if time doesn't exist in their own world. I just think cats are selfish jerks :P But, I love 'em all!

Oreo and her stuffy friend, Olaf

My first kittens name is Oreo. At the time, it was my favorite snack. And of course, she is black and white! When we got her, she had very bad anxiety, and would hide most of the day. This took years, and thousands of kisses to correct. Now, she trusts us- And is the best snuggler.


We got Bacon about a year later. We figured it would be good for Oreo's anxiety to get a friend. When we got Bacon, we kept her in a different room, allowing them to just sniff each other through the door until they were comfortable. Oreo HATED competition and would hiss and sneer often.

Bacon, messing with my book!

After about a week of having them separate, we decided to put Bacon in a cage, and place them in the same room together. Oreo was cussing up a storm! Shedding a ton of fur, and pacing back and forth. I know this was very stressful for her, but we relented. After about 30 minutes, we opened up the cage to allow them to wander around each other. Bacon, being so sweet and reckless walked right up to Oreo's hissing jaws and started purring at her feet. Seconds later? Oreo was cleaning her and taking on 'motherly duties'.

Bacon's 1st B-day

Getting Bacon actually triggered a false pregnancy in Oreo, as she didn't go into heat for months after this encounter. This was fine with us, (If you ever heard horny cats screaming, you'll know why!).



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I like this type of cats . Happy New Year to you and your nice cats 🥂🎂☃️🌹

Your cats are very pretty, I know they are glad that you are home. I had a cat when I was younger, I have a dog now. He used to bring very big rats and lay them on my neighbors door step. I come to find out later that the neighbor was feeding him fresh liver and I guess this was the cats way of thanking him.


thank you, Mark =)

I think that's sweet of your cat, you gotta love animals. =) My cats don't go out at all, they're scared of the outside world, lol I don't know if it's a good thing but at the same time, they're lucky to have a home =)

How was Christmas?


Had a good Christmas with my mother. I'm going to see my daughter and grandchildren in Oregon in about 4 weeks.


Very beautiful cats!)This is my cat;)Happy new year!



Very nice

They're both sweet too.. Oreo always licked me everytime she wants to eat ,hehe .They knew I'm their nanny when you two are gone for vacation .hahaha. I miss you both Bacon anf Oreo and I missed you too ate @purepinay .. thank you for the short vacation,. Love you 😍😘😘


That's their way being sweet and thanking you for babysitting them haha...

I miss you all, I'll call home soon. Me and Rob rented a house up on the mountain for new year. 😊

Hain kamo hit New Year?


waooo, i think both of them like to eat pretty and cute girls.


wow, i love this...i love cats..

they are so cute..

i want to mee my cute cat blue..

she's very cute too..



Oh wow, I didn't know you own a cat. She looks like Oreo, even the eyes are the same. Bacon looks more of an Asian cat lol

How old is she?


she's 1 year old and 2 months right now.. ^_^

Hi Gil, I can see you getting easily distracted whilst studying. However, I believe cats create a magical atmosphere of peace in the room. Usually, as long as they are not having their crazy five minutes.

Just like you, @purepinay , I am an absolute animal lover ❤️ !

Please tell us somewhere anecdotes about your little companions. I love cat stories !


miss u sis:)
super cute nila!!
@enjieneer eto yong sinasabi ko sau.
ganda nila, pareho ng pusa mo.


Miss you more sis!

How was your holiday?

I have pages piled up and more steemians to reply on some comments. @gerel and @micch are still in the province and the mobile internet there is horrible, Lol

I'll talk to you soon. Have to get some sleep. Good night!
TC always
Love you! 😘


ama good sis. back to ofw mode tau para sa ekonomiya lols
take ur time sis. how's nana? and ur loved ones?
nasa bundok ako now, pero may wifi wala lang cel signal hahaha

have a goodnight miss yeah


good morning sis!

kape tayo?

how long was your vacay?

buti pa sa bundok may wifi, ang bongga! hahaha

Nana is good, she's better than the last time I saw her. Everyone is doing well, my mom better, thank you for thinking about them.

How's your family?


sis vacay is over, ofw ang peg ngayon, kayod na ulet haha
good to hear everyone is doing well.
we good, keribels lang!

Hiiii my lovely friend @purepinay, wellcome back to your home, i hope you enjoyed and celebrated Christmas at your home town very well.
very nice to see your lovely post with cute pics of kittens "Oreo and Bacon". all the pictures are pretty much specially Bacon's first Birthday pic, you always posted unique stuff.
my best wishes always for you. my tiny support for you as UpVoted with full of love

Happy New Year, in advance.


Hello there friend! Thank you, I had a wonderful time with my family during Christmas.

How are you?

Aw! Thank you for the advance greeting. May you have a joyful, healthy and magnificent New Year!

❤️ @purepinay


hi my dear @purepinay, thanks for sweet and supportive comment.
now a days my kids have winter holidays (10 days) from school, and i also got 3 days leave from office and plan to meet my younger brother's family at Lahore city, all the children's of both family enjoyed and excited to each other. best wishes for you and your family.

--i love cats--

thanks for sharing..

they always bring us happiness and our stress will be erase..

i'm a cat lover too just like you..

^_^ @purepinay


Cats are jerks. Here is a proof:

Good day @purepiny. Steem On!


Lol cats are so funny!

Thank you for the video 😘

I love kittens and my entire family love too except my wife. She disturbs and don't like them. I few years back I had a pair of kittens for my kids and they were very happy but soon due to my wife I had to leave them.
Anyways your kitten are so sweet and anybody can fall in love just in 1st sight (Like me :P). Bacon is looking so sweet at 1st B-day. And I would love to see a small kitten after pregnancy. can't wait that time. I request if you could get a chance then please share pictures once you get a small kitten from them in future. I will wait at that moment.
All the best for your good work, and All the best for sweet kittens and All the best for your Education project in Philippines. Keep smiling and Stay Blessed dear @purepinay!

Super cute ng mga baby mo ganda lalo n si oreo😍


thank you ganda ^_- how are you?


Your welcome ganda!😍
Eto medjo busy lang dito ganda sa house ka darating lang namin galing marikina nakipaglamay at nakilibing narin... 😔

I love Bacon’s motherly affection for Oreo, despite Oreo’s attitude! 😸😻 Would you get more cats?


Probably not till I settle down, it's hard to travel a lot and leaving the cats home. I'm miss them easily.

I have over 20 cats, and they're all Persian. I miss one of my first cats though, it was Siamese too. You've such cute cats :) We sell the kittens when the cats bear some, so if you're interested in getting some extra fluff, you can contact me too hehe

Beautiful cats


thanks! =)

I like you. Maybe i love you but 250+usd for catpics is to much. Flag.


Haha! Who doesn't love cat pics? Upvoted because you made me LOL. :D


Hi @purepinay,

There is a very famous quote by Albert Schweitzer :

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats"
It is a matter of affection that you are showing diverse respect and love to beautiful KITTENS you call them Oreo & Bacon. No doubt East or the West, Home is the best.
After reading your blog i came to know that Humanity is alive yet. There are many selfless human beings who do care for the pets and consider them as important as their kids. This is something really beautiful at your end #purepinay.

By using your psychological approach you managed beautifully to bring Oreo and Bacon close to each other. It also shows how caring personality you are. I had a glance on the picture of Bacon's 1st birthday and feelings of respect came out of my heart for you.

Doing a fantastic job and representing humanity in a very religious way.

You earned my respect for this great deed.

Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed.

My Best Wishes are always with you :)


thank you for the beautiful message, do you have any pet at home? You sound like you can be a great counselor =)

Hope you have a joyful New Year and throughout the year!


Thank so much for the compliment @purepinay :)

Yes you're are right i have a Dog ( whose name is Prince) a faithful creature and source of happiness for me. He always takes good care of my land when i go outside.

Wish you too a very successive year ahead, Party Hard Beautiful Soul :)

Pretty Kitties.. I like how they match in their fur colors. Glad they started to get along!

Cats do seem to make the world a better place.

Our cat Burton, seems to only care about acquiring and consuming food... as if my sole existence was meant to be reaching into a bag to fill his food bowl with kitty food.

Burton 2.png

We did at one point have another kitten in the house, and after a few days they were playing with each other as well.. he was pretty sad when we had to move her again..


That's like Bacon, she won't stop eating until she pukes lol! Oreo, on the other hand, she is more the conservative type and the more behave one.

Cats are amazing, how much happiness they can bring to us. =)

That's sad am sure he really misses his playmate =(

what kind of food do you feed them?



My brother brings his girlfriend’s kitty over so he still has little kitty interactions.

Your cat is very beautiful. And remember your cats I remember about that cats. I had a pet cat The cat was a cat cat I used to love her a lot. One day the cat grew up. One day that cat was lost. I have a lot to find.


Thank you.

Am sorry to know you lost your cat, I'd be very sad that happens to me. :(
Maybe you can adopt another kitten?

cute cats!!

Lovely feline! I’d like to express my heartfelt thank you for always upvoting my post. It means a lot! May God give you more!


you are welcome, dear! thank you for always Steeming!

You're doing great, keep it up ^_-

I used to have a cat named Oreo! It's one of my favorite names. I think cats know how long you've been gone... That's why they get so excited when you come back! Well, as excited as cats get...

Nice cats. The name Oreo fits him pretty well.

They are the cutest :)

Really cute cat you got there... I love the staff toy though OLAF 😍😂

Wow beautiful cats . :) I want to have cats like yours.

Ahhw such a cuties! I like the names haha, oreo and bacon


thank you, @xsasj =)

I named them after my favorite food during the time I got them ^_-

how's travel life in the Philippines? Looks like you're having a good time, I hope you are ^_-

thank you for the visit


Two gorgeous cats! I also have two of my own, and they're some of the best companions you could ask for.

Gusto pud ko nga naa koy iring pero dili sila mama. =(

Your feline babies have some personality up there, it was rather amusing to watch though. Cheers!


Thank you 😊



lol wish my cats can do that, I won't have to pay a tailor to repair my clothes lol

your cats are so pretty..Wow you really enjoy the company of pets, welcome back home, am sure your cats are so glad that you are around.. i also have a dog at home, i just miss him alot.

I love their names! They are two cutie pies. My son's 2 Siamese cats are with us at the moment, so there is never a dull moment!

aww....they are so cute... and their name is so perfect. Life is better with cats. so keep calm and meow on.

i used to have a ragdoll colour point blue too, she was super cute and would just come and scrunch up with you on the sofa and relax. i love that about cats, used to be able to pick her up by the neck and she would go limp ;)

very cute Kittens,A kitten’s life is all about playing and having fun ;
Kittens are adorable and it is tempting to take one home without thinking of the consequences

Wow beautiful your cats,these cats looking so cute like you image

Thanks for sharing the experience of your trip. I love the pictures you posted. I follow and upvote you.

You AND your cats are supercute :-) And the cats look very special!

wow..there are so very cute..^_^

Hello sa mga cutie cats mo. :)

Beautiful cats,are they house cats and easy to train?

Their eyes are

Love the cats! Fun post even if my allergies were acting up while I read it!

really very cute and beautiful ,i also have a kitty looking same like yours

They are so cutee. I have a cat also, and its the laziest cat ever.

So cute. Your kittens are adorable

Lol.. bacon n oreo...

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Wow very nice ..cute kittens...nice pics.. @purepinay

ohhh! the kitties! i love siamese cat and i had one...

You have another quality, I am getting to know you day by day, inch by inch. There's no hurry. Slow but steady wins the race. This is not a race but knowing someone better takes time and I am ready to take that time.

For the pets, I have no words to describe. Even though I don't have any such pets at my home but I'd love to have puppies if I make my mind up someday. Cats are ok but as you rightly said: "Cats are selfish jerks"

You have got all my admiration for the person you are @purepinay.

Happy cat, I also want to have this so cunning pets.

Puurrrrr puuurrrrr.. cat lover spotted

I realize they are glad that you are home. I had a cat whilst i was more youthful, i have a dog now. He used to deliver very big rats and lay them on my friends door step. I come to find out later that the neighbor turned into feeding him fresh liver and i wager this changed into the cats way of thanking him.

it must be mine

Pretty cats. I had one siames cat. That was enough for me.

omg they have such pretty eyes:)))) how are you? i hope all is well. i love cats so muchhhh

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Cutie Bacon and Oreo for sure Ate Gil, na miss ka nim mga babies 😊😊😊

your kitties are soo cute!

even cat has their own funny attitudes...who can tell that of an ant

Siamese cats are so cute

Felicitaciones están hermosos tus gatos, sigue cuidándolos mucho.

Cute cats!

Cool kittens. My moms favorite dog is named Oreo and boy is he a handfull lol.

Very sweet: D

They're adorable! #CatPerson

So cute cats😍.

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Your kittens are so cute. I actually really love their names.

Have never had a pet before,but i know it will surely feel good to own one

Beautiful kittens

I've never seen a rare beauty of a cat like yours

The average litter of kittens is between 2 - 6 kittens.

Animals are comfort for us. Unconditional Love.

they are beautiful

Very cute!

What a wonderful and impressive story of these two kittens Oreo is more beautiful than Bacon. I also love kittens ....

Many cats love their owners just as much, if not more, than we love them and they like to show it. But how a cat shows their love and gives affection is very different from how humans show it.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful article dear @purepinay it is really well described

Beautiful blue eyes has your kitten

lindos gatitos .dios los bendiga

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I like yiur post friend g

soo soo soo cute!!!! 💜

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Both Oreo and Bacon are adorable! Love the cute accessories! I used to have a beautiful cat some years back but she went missing sadly. Your post has tempted me to get another one :))

this breed of cats are considered vindictive, is it really so?

Oreo is very cute. Dont eat the new Orea ;)

Probably your DNA might be realated! You both look cute enough

OMG.. how cute they are <3

Cute kittens...

How do you handle two cats ?

they are so cute :D

Wow really amazing keep it up. I am new here so please guide me follow me.

17-11-19-22-43-18-630_deco.jpgThis is my cat, her name is Capuccina, the siamese cats are very smart and loving.

lovely kitten...can i have one?