Five More Cat Breeds to Love

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Five More Cat Breeds to Love

Last week I went over my favorite cat and dog breeds; it was hard to narrow down to just five types of these silly, adorable, and amazing creatures. So here are five more types of kitties I am completely enamored by:

Scottish Fold

The unique ear shape of these cats makes Scottish fold kitties unmistakable and irresistibly cute. On top of being delightfully adorable, these cats are also extremely laidback.


Ragdolls are distinct for their vibrant blue eyes and silky, long haired coat. A truly beautiful creature, ragdoll cats playful and tend to be very attached to their human companions.

Devon Rex

There is something ridiculously cute about this cat’s oversized ears and eyes perched on top of a slender body. These cats are known for their high intelligence and mischievous nature. They are often taught tricks more common to dogs, such as fetch, heel, and leash walking.

Sphynx Cat

Say what you will about the unusual appearance of the hairless sphynx cat, but every “naked” cat I’ve ever met has been an incredibly gentle, affectionate creature. Perhaps these kitties are so cuddly because they are seeking the warmth of another’s body heat, but whatever their intentions may be, they make truly personable and loving companion.

American Bobtail

Who couldn’t love a fluffy cat with a stubby tail similar to a bobcat’s? While the myth that these kitties developed by crossbreeding bobcats with domestic cats is false, the reason behind the tall tale is adorable nonetheless. In truth, the tails in this bloodline are stubbed due to a genetic mutation.
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My sweetheart “ kanello”

Have a great day

Sphynx Cat? WTF. Hahahahahahahah. No way I am getting that as a pet.

What a bizzare cat breed. Hey...can you not see those eyes?

que bonitos animales, los gatos son todo un misterio de la vida.

All are cute.

Cool presentation!

Ragdolls are awesome... we used to have one some years back, and not only was it one of the sweetest cats EVER, it was also the only longer haired breed we know of that people were never allergic to!


This cats are very beautiful, very amazing but in third order is what is a cat? Because I saw this kind of creature for the first time

I love this! My tortoise shell approves!!!(2018-02-11 23-13-07)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4             (4608x3456).JPEG

hey @pinkspectre I found this post because I was checking what was trending under #animals I am an animal lover and I have 4 cats! =)
From your list I really like the Ragdoll, has same personality of Birman cats, I have two Birman mix. I love felines! Nice pics!

Cats are amazing, we have 3.

Very cute cats! Less or hairless. Very good posting I liked.