Winners of the 11th weekly #Cartoon-off (Caption this!) contest

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Breaking news: @Curie is now sponsoring us, meaning that we will have increased prizepools and new categories starting next week! Stay tuned for a post explaining these upcoming changes!

Thank you for your submissions!
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Single Panel Winner


Well done, @crittercrats! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.

Multi-panel Winner

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Well done, @sidekickmatt! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.
(actually I accidentally sent the 3 Steem right to you, lol. Hey, only human over here. So, you can keep it, buy me 3 SBI works the same or go have a well-deserved beer =p)

Humor Winner


caption: Gelatones are hyper active at cool bright days. Some people say that gelatones share some of its cream whenever it feels immense happiness and pleasure.

Well done, @turtledancedaily! 3 SBI has been purchased for your account.

We have an honorable mention this week:

Well done, @hedidylan! 1 SBI has been purchased for your account.

Let's take a moment to thanks our judge, @arseniclullaby, who has taken the time to judge our contestants: never an easy thing to do! Be sure to follow his blog, and get an inside look at the personal life and creative content of a published cartoonist!
Starting this week, 1 SBI will also be purchased for our judge for every week that they are featured/judge


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@corpsvalues is a US military veteran who does artwork to promote discussion and healing to those involved in wars, and is an avid cartoonist and writer. He does all of his own artwork in his posts, which range in topic from comic to tragic. He firmly believes that artwork is for everyone, backed by studies that have shown how artwork builds and mends neural pathways in our brains. For him, this competition is a mission to bring as many people as possible into visual creativity and foster the continued work of those already doing it.


The weekly cartoon contest was started and sponsored by @corpsvalues, in the spirit of giving back to the Steemit community and fostering growth.
However, our amazing contributers have attracted the attention of @Curie, allowing us to increase our prizepool as well as our categories and diversity.

@Curie is a prominent Steemit witness heavily invested in building the quality of this platform by contributing to noteworthy communities and upvoting meritorious content. Be sure to follow them and give them a witness vote.


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Hello @corpsvalues, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Wonderful, thank you so much! Our artists appreciate it!

Congrats on the sponsorship!


Happy to hear @curie is sponsoring now! Congrats to the winners!

what! oh yeah, I submitted that, LOOOOOOOOOOOL


Congrats and well done. Go have a gelato =p

Awesome news! And thanks!


Well done and congrats!

Thank you @corpsvalues and @arseniclullaby yay I got honorable mention. Congratulations to the other winners and happy to know @curie sponsorship. I hope more Steemians will join and support this initiative.

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well done, and congrats! Feel free to spread the word! We need to show increased participation to retain this award.

so you won the sponsorship??? congrats! that is superb for your contest :)


Yes, it is! Now comes the hard work of making sure our pool of participants grows so that we retain our funding!

Woohoo! Congratulations to the winners! Thank you very much to @corpsvalues and @arseniclullaby. Congratulations on getting @curie onboard. Great News!


Thanks and congratulations! It is all of you great cartoonists who earned this increased prizepool!

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Hello @corpsvalues , I just want to let you know that the Devil#5124 was not found on Discord, I tried to contact with you for some business. My discord is Liam | EMONT Alliance#6588 . I look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day! :)


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