12th Weekly #Cartoon-off Contest, Guest Judge: @arseniclullaby!

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9 SBI prizepool for THREE different categories: single frame, strip (at least 2 frames) and humor.
Contests will be announced on Sunday, prizes from the previous week handed out on Monday.
If you are interested in being a judge for this contest, donating, or sponsoring, then you can post in the comment section or else DM me on Discord @ Devil#5124
SBI shares give you a share of a cascading reward pool that will upvote your posts according to how many shares you own! This is adjusted according to your posting frequency, so no need to feel pressured to post every day, just at least once a week. Over time this pays off to quite a lot more than a plain 3 SBD prize, but please let me know what you think in the comments!
You can read more about this initiative here

Submission guidelines

  1. All content must be original. If it turns out your work is plagiarized, you will be banned from further participation
    upvote and please consider a resteem
  2. Post a link to your cartoon at the end of this post for the following week's judging and use the hashtag #cartoon-off in your blog post. Please, one comment entry per week. You can use #cartoon-off as much as you like so that everyone participating and following this contest can enjoy your work!
  3. You do not need to choose a category for your submission. We will choose which category to place you in. For example, a multi-panel humorous cartoon could be awarded either the multi-panel or humorous prize but not both.
    Until further notice it can be content that you have previously posted in your blog- just re-post with the #cartoon-off tag and link to your post in the comments.
  4. for this twelfth edition, please have all submissions posted before this coming Sunday 10/7, as prizes will be awarded this coming Monday 10/8.


Judging guidelines

  1. All skill levels are welcome. We will not be judging technical expertise but instead cartoon originality.
  2. This is not a fine art competition but a cartoon competition - that is not to say that a cartoon cannot demonstrate high levels of technical skill, but what is most important is its stylistic originality and the strength of its message.
  3. Cartoons can inspire all sorts of emotions from outrage to laughter, but do so because they have a narrative. The manner of presentation is simplified to where someone with zero background in either fine art or your subject matter can gather and take away your message: how will you do this with your cartoon?

For this twelfth week, our judges will be @corpsvalues and @arseniclullaby!!


@arseniclullaby has agreed to judge for us a second week and we are honored! The images in this post are taken from his very active and amazing blog (with his permission), and I highly encourage you to follow him and read his posts,which give a rare peek into the personal life behind being a published cartoonist as well as plenty of his gritty, satirical, and often hilarious flavor of cartoons!

If you know of someone who you think is willing to take the leap and try their hand at making a cartoon, then be sure to give them a nudge, because despite there being 3 prizes awarded, this is actually a judgment free zone! =D
We look forward to seeing your best cartoons!
Good luck!


The weekly cartoon contest is sponsored by @corpsvalues, in the spirit of giving back to the Steemit community and fostering growth.
@corpsvalues is a US military veteran who does artwork to promote discussion and healing to those involved in wars, and is an avid cartoonist and writer. He does all of his own artwork in his posts, which range in topic from comic to tragic. He firmly believes that artwork is for everyone, backed by studies that have shown how artwork builds and mends neural pathways in our brains. For him, this competition is a mission to bring as many people as possible into visual creativity and foster the continued work of those already doing it.


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heres my entry also, thanks :3
Contest Entry Oto's Rest Day.jpg

and heres the link:https://steemit.com/steemit-webcomics/@t1ntaliri/rest-day-by-scenemakers


Thanks for your entry!


i wish i could draw like this :(


=D Thanks for your entry!


this is so amazing, you got skills

Hello Everyone!
here is my Entry.
Read more here:


Thanks for your entry!

Hi, @corpsvalues, this is my entry:
My stile is a bit different, but hope you like it. ^.^


I remember that movie, hahaha... the martian movie where the martians got defeated with high pitch sounds....hahahah

i love contests, going to try and start making more time to participate in them :)