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RE: Asking the Right Question

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For next time, consider making your post with Burn Reward option instead of Decline. You're more likely to get proportional attention to what your content is worth.


Ps: An alternative solution would be have more people interested in a view that only show Declined payout posts.


This would be far better for the Steem economy, thanks for mentioning it and for continuing to attend to improving this platform.

This is great information as I am on the Verge of looking for solution on how to Decline my payouts as well.

I know this is a bot, but when you reply to "SOMEONE WHO CREATED THE PLATFORM" I am sure they understand the difference between Decline Payout and Burn Author Rewards. Since they or someone sitting next to them made the options.

Transisto is not a bot. Steemliberator is a project built by Netuoso after Dan left. It includes features (such as Burn Reward) which the Steemit version of condensor does not have.

So only the curators will get the rewards?

Yes and it reduce the supply of steem benefiting every steem owner.
It also in a negligible way not competing with the voting power it's redistributing to other posts.

Oh, I have no problem with the suggestion, or if it was a true bot or not. It struck me as funny with someone suggesting to Dan how something on Steemit works or what it does.

Great Suggestion!

but the burn author rewards is not in my option it only power up, default and decline it because am using steemit beta?

No it's a feature implemented only on

It's simply setting the main beneficiary as NULL. It's not possible to set other beneficiaries from Steemit. (it is on

Also steemplus addon allows it.

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