How to make cannabis oil from used/vaporzied weed + more tips

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How to make cannabis oil from used/vaporzied weed + more tips

Hi Steemians!
If you use a vaporizer to consume weed you maybe already asked the questions "What do I do with the brown, used weed after vaporization?", "Is it still potent?", "Do I have to roll it into a joint and smoke it?" etc...

In most times there is still enough CBD and some THC left in your weed after you vaporized it. Aside from rolling a joint and smoking it there are some other options to enjoy your used cannabis. The problem with smoking, aside from the health issues, is that it tastes very roasted. If you want to smoke it nonetheless I recommend to use "active carbon filters" because then the smoke is less harsh and the filters block most of the taste.


Through vaporization your weed should already be activated for oral consumption. So you can use it to make butter, cookies, tea etc. In my experience the used weed leaves a very smoky/toasty falvour in food. You can also fill it in capsules and swallow it. This way you can avoid the burnt taste.


This is one of my favorite methods - it's easy and has not many downsides. Buy a pocket bottle of hard liquor, preferably something with a strong taste like gin, tequila or rum and add 2 or 3 grams weed to the flask. Put it into the freezer for a week and give it a daily shake. Take 2-3 teaspoons of mixture for a nice afternoon :)

Cannabis oil / Dab

Making oil out of your cannabis has one major advantage: You know how much potency is still left in your material. The method I tried is very easy. You only need

  • Isopropanol (99%)
  • A small glass container for the weed
  • Bowl
  • Casserole or a similar container
  • Sieve
  • Coffee filter
  • And patience

First get a closable glass container, put your weed inside and close it. Then put it into the freezer for ~24 hours. I recommend to cool down your isopropanol, so put it into the freezer as well.
After 24 hours fill the bin of frozen weed with the isopropanol until everything is just covered with alcohol. Let it steep for 30 seconds and then give it a swirl for another 30 seconds. Then filter the mixture through a sieve into a bowl. Be careful not to take longer than a minute because the isopropanol could solve to much chlorophyll.
Now filter the mixture again. Pour the content of your bowl through a coffee filter. You can put the filter into a big drinking glass like I did:

It can take some time until everything is filtered. Occasional stirring helps to speed up the procedure. When most of the fluid is filtered you can gently squeeze the coffee filter to get every last drop :)
Lastly pour the filtered isopropanol into a casserole or another glass container. You'll have to scrape out the oil later - so better use a flat container. Then let the isopropanol evaporate. To do so loosely cover it (in order to protect the dish of dust or dirt) and put it outside for at least 24 hours or longer. Beware: Isopropanol is highly flameable! You can use a water bath to speed up the process but you have to be very careful.

After waiting you should have an oily paste you can scrape out with a knife, razor blade or a ceramic hob/cooktop scraper.
If there is still to much fluid left you can put the dish in the oven at 50°C for 20 minutes.

I used the blade of a ceran surface scraper

The yield was a bit low this time

Using the oil

You can orally consume the oil with food or vape it again. Smoking is not recommended because you will burn much of the product without effect. Better use the "sandwich method" and fill a layer of herbs (damiana, cannabis etc.) into the chamber of your vaporizer, then add the oil and lastly put another layer of herbs on top.

I hope this article was useful for you. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Do you have further tips for vaporized weed leftovers?


I'm curious about the alcohol method.
I make homemade tinctures (which is taking dried or fresh herbs, plants and/or leaves and soaking them in Vodka/rum/gin) and storing in a dark cupboard for anywhere from 2-6 weeks; depending on which herb/etc you are using.

So why is it recommended to put one with cannabis in the freezer?
Do the freezing temperatures keep some kind of potency level higher than room temperature?

Thanks for your comment. I honestly have no idea why I freeze it. I got this idea from a friend. I should ask him next time I see him... Sorry I can't tell you more at this moment.

That's ok. I was just curious if there was a potency retention of the THC percentage is all. Because if there is then I'd definitely want to freeze it. We freeze our liquor already as we rarely drink it and I've always been told freezing it is best way to store for longevity.

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