Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome(CHS) is Azadirachtin Poisoning (@tralawar's post reminded me to post this. Ty tralawar)

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UPDATE!! This post was 2 years ago and I have met several people with true CHS since then. I've run across at least 3 people. My estimates are about 90% of the CHS symptom suffering population have issues with aza/neem. SO, Clean up your cannabis and see! No point in continuing to suffer, or suffering without cannabis, if your problem is entirely neem/aza related. (1/18/2019)

Azadirachtin Was First Synthesized A Little Over Ten Years Ago

It took me over three years to figure this out, I hope to help you prevent CHS in your house.

Man has used cannabis for thousands of years without a single sign of CHS symptoms. Azadirachtin gets OMRI certified for sale and BAM! Cannabis users suddenly start coming down with CHS. The labeling is for fruits and vegetables you can wash off, says you can use it up to the day of harvest and cannabis growers are using it that way. ARGH!

Azadirachtin Is Used in Many Products for Insect Control

  • Azatrol
  • Azamax
  • Aza-Sol
  • Align
  • Azatin
  • Turplex
  • And More (Check Labels)

CHS symptoms include:

  • Persistent morning nausea
  • Recurrent episodes of severe nausea and intractable vomiting
  • Abdominal pain (LOTS of abdominal pain)
  • Temporary relief of symptoms by taking a hot bath or shower
  • Cessation of symptoms when Azadirachtin use is stopped

Cannabis WITHOUT azadirachtin in it helps alleviate these symptoms to a great degree.

@tralawar has a post up about their experiences with CHS, worth the read.

But What About Strains?

There are folks who will tell you it's "the new cannabis" being "Too Strong" which is causing CHS. I'm here to let you know that's not the case. This issue is strictly azadirachtin related and here's why.

I Used ZERO Pesticides/Organicides for Almost 10 Years, Before Using Azadirachtin Products

and ended up spending a significant amount of time in misery, and taking hot baths. I couldn't eat anything without nausea, not eating anything still caused nausea. The intestinal pain is intense, feeling like fish hooks were dug into my side, pulling backward, toward my spine. I had severely increased muscle tension, all over my entire body which pulled on painful areas of my neck and spine.

I ended up in the emergency room three different times for this. The more processed food I ate, the worse the pain and nausea became. I lost over 20 lbs and was unhealthy skinny for too long.

Life was AWFUL and I went through a massive amount of hot water, raising the gas and water bills quite a bit. Worth it for the relief, when you're unaware of the source of the issue.

I Actually Did Side by Side Testing, JUST to Make Sure

I treated one plant in the root zone with a root drench on the first day of flower. I sprayed 2 plants, one the first day of flower and one 2 weeks into flower. These plants all caused CHS with me and mild discomfort in others. Apparently I'm fairly sensitive to aza.

The CLEAN plants in the grow provided nothing but relief. Continued use of the clean cannabis made the CHS much more tolerable. I've continued to use clean cannabis and no longer suffer from CHS. The only time I have nausea and other CHS issues now are when I use too much cannabis from other growers, including dispensaries.

Raise Awareness, Spread The Word! Azadirachtin is Organic POISON for Cannabis

Cannabis seems to be a very good accumulator of azadirachtin internally. Once in the plant it doesn't seem to break down very quickly at all. Please let everyone who uses cannabis know about this.

Thank You for Reading!!!

I know this information helped me significantly. I hope it helps you or someone you know stop CHS or prevent it in the first place. Cannabis is AWESOME! Let's keep it clean. :)


GREAT ARTICLE - Need to start growing my own Cannabis! The crab that is around is deadly.

Is There A Link Between CHS and H.Pylori Infections?

It might just be possible. It may just be possible CHS only shows up in people who are sensitive to azadirachtin AND have an H.Pylori bacterial infection in their digestive system.

If You Have CHS

and you continually have digestive issues which linger between azadirachtin poisoning, please get tested for H.Pylori and let us know the results here.

Thank You

Glad you saw value in it. Rock on! :)

Followed you for future posts hopefully on Cannabis - Cheers

This is really interesting and something that I will definitely look more into.
I have a friend that is dealing with CHS and he could benefit greatly from this information.
I was under the impression that continuous consumption of high doses of cannabinoids caused a down-regulation of cannabinoid receptors that were regulating abdominal function and pain, but this would be extremely interesting if true.
Thanks for sharing! Sorry I'm late to the party! :D

Hope it helps your friend. :)

When it's aza poisoning, even small amounts cause CHS. As far as I can tell, the "high doses of cannabinoids" thinking came up because most of the problems showed up with people dabbing. Cannabis with a very low aza content will cause very mild symptoms of CHS, which are often mistaken for other things. When the same cannabis is concentrated into dabs, people are taking big hits of aza and the CHS hits them like a hammer.

Makes sense when you take a minute to think about it. :D

Besides, I have zero issues with cannabis without aza and can use as much as I want. lol

Thanks For sharing this!! Im going through a HCS crises right now. It started 48h ago and I´ve been taking anti-histaminics since yesterday (before I was controlling the symptoms with hot (almot boiliing showers in the bathtube) and a hot water bag on my belly (wich ended up with 2nd degree burnt). I hope it goes away....Im worried cause I dont know if im supposed to take as much anti-histaminic drugs as I am (120 mg of Allegra every 9 hours). If I take 60mg only (one pill) the symptoms wont go completely away. I´m taking almost double than what the medice leaflet recomends. I´m afraid thats a problem. I thik I gotta go see a doctor! Do you know if a HCS could last more than 2 days? If I keep taking the anti-histamincs , will my HCS crises symptomes eventually go away? I´m worried and very scared!!! Tanks a lot for sharing this!!! I had other crises in the past and withou the information I found here I´d be in hell right now! :)

Oh! You Found Hot Water Already

oops. Ok, so see if you can find some Cymbalta. It's a nerve pain and anti-depressant medication. It'll dull the pain, but I have no idea how it will affect your psyche. :(

The anti-histamines only help relieve the symptoms, the symptoms won't go away until your body gets rid of the azadirachtin. On it's own, the body doesn't get rid of it very quickly. The charcoal helps.

Don't Quote Me On This

but I personally believe alcohol helps. Vodka. Probably absorbs the aza, helping the body process it out quicker. I really have no idea. It sure helps with the stomach pain though. lol Downside is it's alcohol and the rest of your life kinda goes to crap, when you have to use excessive amounts.

Definitely see if you can talk to a doctor about that level of anti-histamine. It may be just fine, not sure. Glad you found the info.

Be Awesome!

I´m still going throug the crises and am going crazy looking for tips to releife the symptoms. I´m on corticoids now, since the anithistaminic worked well for the first 16 hours or so than it started losing its action. Corticoids are working fine, bu it´s a heavy drug, though. It seems like topical capsaicin helps reliefs the symptoms (if not resolute them) . Here is the link of the study:
Im going to the pharmacy right now to get one for myself. I hope I can aplly it to my belly skin, since it´s already burnt out beacause of the long time exposure to hot water bags. I ´ll let you guys know about my experiencewith the topical capsaicin!


I haven't heard about the capsaicin before, I sure hope it works for you! Excellent find, thank you for posting it up. :) I'll have to pass that on and ask others about it. :D

how are you? find relief?

I was severely poisoned by several brands of bho extracts as soon as I moved to Oregon six months ago. As someone with a history of almost 30 years of daily cannabis use on top of ten more years occasional use who was making alcohol extracted hash oil back in 1983, I knew something was seriously wrong after setting up my new e-nail and taking my first legal toke of legal bho and spending the next hour with the sweats, chills, and vomiting.
My online research introduced me to the term "cannnabis hyperemesis" for the first time. "Shit, that would suck." I thought to myself, wiping my puke from my Being the good stoner that I am, I took a few hits of Golden Pineapple flower at 30.09% thc and the nausea slowly subsided. Something just didn't make sense. How could one hit, a single hit of Hush 78% thc extract make me sick, but three hits in quick succession of 30% flower make me well.
Although I don't know what the response to a sensitivity created by long term use might look or feel like, I do know what poisoning looks and feels like, and my response just a few seconds after use sure did feel like a poisoning.
Further online research yielded info that products sold by ANM, Inc under the Hush brand had been found to contain almost 50 times allowable levels of certain pesticides(spiromesifin and others). As far as I am concerned, the entire concept of cannabis hyperemesis is a fraud and there is an enormous public health danger in the form of pesticide poisoning looming over the entire industry and all consumers. Theses acute poisoning symptoms may be just the tip of the iceberg. There is literally no way to know how months or years of exposure to these chemicals will affect health.
Since my own personal discovery I have occasionally searched for others online who have been poisoned and came across your post.
AMEN AMEN AMEN Please feel free to contact me.


I've been having issues with this since I hit California in 2007. Massively happy I could help you out with the information. :)

Should You Have

continuing digestive issues, when not exposed to contaminated cannabis, please go get an H.Pylori test done by a local physician. I, and many others, have had H.Pylori blooms in the digestive system which may have been triggered by the azadirachtin use. I've had digestive problems since 2007 and after taking the double antibiotic + Priolosec (nasty stuff for me) treatment, my digestion is back to normal. Seriously thought I was going to need surgery.

Be Awesome! :D

It really is a shame. Some of us have fought for all our lives to make our medicine legal, and to see too many of our otherwise good brothers and sisters choose to cultivate in anything less than the safest of ways. We have no excuses. As consumers we must insist on clean growing and only support retailers who sell ONLY clean products which I am finding almost impossible to do. There are but a few dispensaries that only sell their own grows or those of select clean growers.

In Their Defense

, at least for Neem/Azadirachtin contamination, there's a long history of safe use of neem and aza products with fruits and vegetables. This history says root drenches do not work, because the plants do not uptake neem/aza through their roots. Well, cannabis does which means the studies of them being safe products are wrong, when it comes to cannabis.

Many of the producers of aza contaminated cannabis are otherwise exceptionally clean, organic growers. The only thing missing is their education on cannabis being a hyper/dynamic accumulator and not a fruit/vegetable.

And Yes,

it's a travesty there are so many people growing disgustingly contaminated cannabis in general. Many people attribute the health and other issues from the contaminates with the cannabis it's in/on.

This too will pass, go be awesome! :D

Thank you so much for the info here. Some gross stuff is on the market these days so it's good to get a heads up of what not to use. Side by side testing was a great idea. I'm currently testing with Dynagrow vs Advance. So far, Dyna is a big winner for our strain (Pineapple Express :D ). Cheers!

Should you happen to run across an easy home test for aza/neem, please be sure to share! :)

this is a great, informative article ..thankyou #staydanky

New Information...

Anti-Histamine use temporarily relieves some of the symptoms.... The last attack I had I used benadryl and it helped IMMENSELY with all of the symptoms.

This means it's an allergic reaction. Activated charcoal pills help remove the azadirachtin from your body. Start with 1 a day and max out at 2 a day, because too much charcoal is not good at all. heh

Thank you

Hey dude, I live in Brazil and am having a crises right now. I found this page during the crises wich started 48h ago. Thanks for colaborating with the anti-histaminic info. I´m on allegra and i´t did help immensely. I´m little worried though, cause I´m having to take double doses , cause if i take a regular dose my symptoms won´t go away. Another thing is Im affraid to take the activated charcoal and it removes the anti-histaminic i´m taking. I hope my crises stop soon. Is it normal that a crises lasts longer than 2 days? Thanks once again for your colaboration!! HCS symptoms are so horible!

A hot water bath/shower will temporarily relieve the back, gut and muscle tension pain. Take the anti-histamine, wait an hour for it to absorb, then take the charcoal. It should work without removing the anti-histamine effect.

Yes, crisis can go on and on until the aza is reduced in the system. I once spent 6 months in and out of hot baths all day.

I´m so scarred. Its been 5 days im going thorough a really severe crisis. Corticoids are the only thing that seems to bring relief. Im doind the activated charcoal in betweens. You went thorugh a 6 months crisis? How didi you manage to eat?? It´s been 5 days I havent eaten ANYTHING. I think i should go to te hospital and allow my body to throw up. It could be a way to spit aza out.

you went through a 6 moths crisis beacause you kept smoking or you stoped and the crisis simply dindt stop?

I went through a 6-month crisis because I was unable to source clean cannabis. Off and on, I would run into contaminated cannabis. Bad weeks I would be in and out of the bath 6-8 times a day or more. I have pain, seizure, autism and other issues so my cannabis use is constant. The issues stop when I have clean cannabis.

The hospital will have anti nausea meds which will help reduce your nausea. Eat cayenne and ginger with your foods. Have them test you for H.Pylori and get a treatment going.

Eat a LOT of yogurt. Find a plain version of Kombucha and drink a quart a day. Make your own (it's easy, lots of tutorials on the web) from tea, sugar and a bottle of plain kombucha. You can order a scoby online if you're unable to find a local bottle of kombucha.

Basically up your intake of pro-biotics significantly. It'll help.

Wow had no idea. I remember the Paraquat days of the 1970s....

Good Artical. The ones in charge will try to pollute the market with zombieweed from monsanto pretty soon. Only way to make sure is to grow it yourself. But that's not always allowed. Like where I live (the netherlands) it is forbidden.

Thank You

And you're correct. See my blog post about micro growing, it's how I started growing when it was illegal here. :)

I can't wait till I can grow my own legally over here. I had two female white widow plants 2 years ago that where beautiful but I don't want the hassle.

Check Out My Post on Micro Growing

and you may change your mind. :) You'll be amazed at how small a space you can have a grow in. :)

This wonderful plants doesn't need much , when it becomes legal over here then Jetz gets lose.

Excellent that you're reading up on it now. I imagine quite a few people will be glad for it, when it does become legal for you.

Be Awesome! :D

I will start making oil like a madman.

Interesting, thank you for sharing!

You're welcome, hope it helps you or someone you know, at some point. Definitely a condition to avoid. :)

We really need to get this addressed by the newly emerging cannabis press before big canna makes all of these new rags too fearful of revenue loss to take on the issue

Doing My Part to Raise Awareness

I've been data mining growers/consumers for several years now. I get a lot of negativity from organic growers who love neem/aza. Upvote my posts and comments where you can, it helps me keep the information flowing. :)

Bring it up in conversations, especially in cannabis friendly states. Most people haven't heard of this and it needs to be fully explored and fixed, as quickly as possible.