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RE: Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome(CHS) is Azadirachtin Poisoning (@tralawar's post reminded me to post this. Ty tralawar)

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New Information...

Anti-Histamine use temporarily relieves some of the symptoms.... The last attack I had I used benadryl and it helped IMMENSELY with all of the symptoms.

This means it's an allergic reaction. Activated charcoal pills help remove the azadirachtin from your body. Start with 1 a day and max out at 2 a day, because too much charcoal is not good at all. heh


Thank you

Hey dude, I live in Brazil and am having a crises right now. I found this page during the crises wich started 48h ago. Thanks for colaborating with the anti-histaminic info. I´m on allegra and i´t did help immensely. I´m little worried though, cause I´m having to take double doses , cause if i take a regular dose my symptoms won´t go away. Another thing is Im affraid to take the activated charcoal and it removes the anti-histaminic i´m taking. I hope my crises stop soon. Is it normal that a crises lasts longer than 2 days? Thanks once again for your colaboration!! HCS symptoms are so horible!

A hot water bath/shower will temporarily relieve the back, gut and muscle tension pain. Take the anti-histamine, wait an hour for it to absorb, then take the charcoal. It should work without removing the anti-histamine effect.

Yes, crisis can go on and on until the aza is reduced in the system. I once spent 6 months in and out of hot baths all day.

I´m so scarred. Its been 5 days im going thorough a really severe crisis. Corticoids are the only thing that seems to bring relief. Im doind the activated charcoal in betweens. You went thorugh a 6 months crisis? How didi you manage to eat?? It´s been 5 days I havent eaten ANYTHING. I think i should go to te hospital and allow my body to throw up. It could be a way to spit aza out.

you went through a 6 moths crisis beacause you kept smoking or you stoped and the crisis simply dindt stop?

I went through a 6-month crisis because I was unable to source clean cannabis. Off and on, I would run into contaminated cannabis. Bad weeks I would be in and out of the bath 6-8 times a day or more. I have pain, seizure, autism and other issues so my cannabis use is constant. The issues stop when I have clean cannabis.

The hospital will have anti nausea meds which will help reduce your nausea. Eat cayenne and ginger with your foods. Have them test you for H.Pylori and get a treatment going.

Eat a LOT of yogurt. Find a plain version of Kombucha and drink a quart a day. Make your own (it's easy, lots of tutorials on the web) from tea, sugar and a bottle of plain kombucha. You can order a scoby online if you're unable to find a local bottle of kombucha.

Basically up your intake of pro-biotics significantly. It'll help.

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