Cannabutter Bulletproof Coffee for pain relief and sleep

in cannabis •  5 months ago

Instead of taking prescription pain relief for her breast infection, @luvbnamome would rather drink or eat cannabis infused butter.


Since @luvbnamome was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve been making bulletproof coffee every morning. Bulletproof coffee is delicious and fits the Keto diet.


A few days ago, we purchased some cannabis infused butter from a friend, and I’ve been adding the butter to our morning coffee.


I add more cannabutter to @luvbnamome’s coffee mug after I blend the jar of coffee.


We are fighting against serious infection and breast cancer, and it seems like the cannabutter has helped fight against the low grade fever, reduce pain and has helped @luvbnamome gain several hours of sleep.

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I’m @runridefly, and I’m all about a cup of coffee, and cannabutter bulletproof coffee takes coffee drinking to another level.

Please keep @luvbnamome in your prayers and thoughts.

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Highly rEsteemed!

I am sorry to read this. Hope your wife is well soon.

keep updating us. Great to find relief from pain.
Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza, I always tell everyone with health issues.
Google his name. The best to you guys.

So sorry for her illness but happy to see that cannabutter is already helping a bit.

Make sure she stays alkaline. Cancer can only grow in an acidic body.
A little baking soda in water, not tasty but works.
Love the cannabutter. Thoughts and prayers are with her for a cancer free body for life.