Combating Garden Piracy At Any Level Of Grow

in #cannabis3 years ago

Is it even possible?

Or, do each of us just take our chances from one grow to the next?


Accepting loss as another evil pitfall of growing.
Even though everyone could grow their own in a legal Country or State, there will always be those who take what isn’t theirs to take, without being offered.

I have decided to table this topic for open community discussion because of @kimmysomelove42 ‘s recent experience of having her entire 2019 outdoor grow stolen, despite having a 5 foot fence securing her garden and a canopy tarp overtop.

Please take a look at her recent blog post, if you haven’t already:

Her grow was gorgeous.

Squandered at the hands of idiots.

In my area (eastern Ontario, Canada) this is our first full outdoor growing season, since the entire country was thrown all at once into legalization.

Starting about 10 days ago, cannabis garden robbery has become a regular occurrence.

Folks are reporting the thefts to the police.

The police aren’t doing anything about the crimes because ownership of flowers is a tricky thing to prove.

I took the stance that I wasn’t going to hide my plants.

I don’t hide my rosemary or my oregano.
We need the herb (cannabis) to be treated exactly the same and normalized, if this bullshit is going to stop.

Brazenly, I am growing in the wide open against the urging of my seasoned grower friends. Many of whom, think I am foolish for not installing a 10 foot fence and securing my perimeter.

I understand that the easiest measure to take is simply to keep your mouth shut.

I have taken other measures that involves the use of infrared.

I also have motion lights (just so people can see what they’re doing and won’t turn around and sue me for negligence lolz).

I was also thinking of signage that reads something to the effect of:

Welcome to a medical cannabis garden. We aren’t ready to harvest until October. If you need some or want to learn to grow, contact me. Use this QR code for further directions.

Alternatively, a one-sided paintball game with frozen paint balls, may just be the ticket.


Still standing, but know that I’m taking a risk every time I leave my Queens unsupervised.

Have a look at Kimmy’s grow. She did everything right and if I could give her an award from one grower to the next, I most certainly would.

What does this community say?

Can we stop Garden Piracy?

~ Rebecca


We hope you'll be okay. Good luck! You have a great garden.
Around here rippers get dealt with pretty harshly if caught. But it still happens.

Yep own a dog. Mine is worth his weight in gold.

Next up? Video surveillance. Plenty of veterans needing work. Best security I've ever had.

Marine scout snipers onduty with thermal imaging and night vision. Oh yeah they are killing it. From a tiny dream to a full blown company with serious contracts.

Make examples of those caught. Then these crimes will slow.

Voting and going to the link and throwing a vote and share out.

Thieves suck.

That’s a fantastic story and a great solution @ganjafarmer!
Filled with love and opportunity. :)


It's really shitty when someone puts all the work into growing the plants and then someone else just comes along and takes them.
I'm thinking a big dog in the yard may provide at least a warning that someone is out there messing with the crop.
Frozen paintballs does seem less damaging than lead...but would certainly get someone's attention if hit with them.

What lovely ladies you have! Yes indeed the topic of security, feeling secure, secure the perimeter, secure my dream time now, mmmmm do we ever feel secure what makes the energy calm and trusting, green goddess Earth magic that's what.. So a friend says, for 15 bucks you can go to Harbor Freight and get a mini alarm system that will go off in your bedroom and wake yo arse up. I like the idea of a motion sensor too if it's an app thang especially when you are gone... another neighbor mentioned string a line of fishing hooks all over the fence LOL!

I have a fabulous cat Sir @Obie1Kanobie, but as a guard cat not going so good.. I'm considering switching to a mini grow tent indoors, nothing like growing outdoors for flavor and energetic s, to be determined.. I like your paintball idea, and what about a camera that takes a million pics per second and actually catches them

Thanks for the solidarity and keep growing the world needs more green [email protected] !

The theft of your garden was a trigger. When something has been taken, something will be given.
The resistance has lifted from my kundalini @kimmysomelove42.
(This process is re-writing my neuro-circuitry.)
Keep day and night dreaming. It’s how we bring our thoughts to fruition while we are in biological form, on earth.
The silver lining in your recent experience is new and strengthened relationships with other souls who are a closer match to your own frequency.
I rarely do this because it’s often used out of context but in this circumstance,
I see, recognizing and feel your light.
Lots of love to you.

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I remember when humbolt county let residents grow 99 plants if you had medical card and during thos time indoor grows where in 1 out of 5 homes. So there would be people from the citt go up there a home evade a random house since chances where good they woukd hit a grow. Well unfortantlty nany non growers got hit, such a shame. Theivery is the only thing i worry about even with a small grow. Just as gf said, a dog is a great line of defense. Also maybe some barb wire wraped aroubd the stalks? That woukd teach those dirybags a real leason.

Did it eventually stop?
This random home invasion BS trying to hit a grow?

That's just so messed up! Man, it's gonna get rough if you have to hire a security guard. I like the idea of @ganjafarmer..fence/dog/vet...nobody gets in, nobody makes off with your grow! I do also kinda like the frozen paintball idea lmao

Hi @tamaralovelace!!!

Today was the day to go salvaging for scrap metal.


See all that wire. It’s spring stainless steel. My guess for separating curd from whey from a cheese factory.

Or, a lifetime supply of dart shafts...the blow kind.


Oooo, careful, that could tangle a foot or something :)

Or something.

That's pretty cool!
Now you just need to get some poison dart frogs... :-)

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