first taste of the Pink Kush...

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10 days ago, I cut off a small bud from my Pink Kush plants, and hung it to dry. I said in my post about it that it would be ready to test in a couple days. I decided to let it cure in a jar for a week after it was dry:


I trimmed off the "sugar leaf", and set that aside for making edibles when there's more:


This left me with about half a gram of a sparkly and sticky organic buds:


Once I hit the buds with my grinder, they poured out into a pile that had perfect rolling texture, and an incredible dank smell! The scent was like when they were growing - coffee and chocolate - but now with a hint of pine, and diesel. I was instantly excited and pleased, having spent many months caring for and loving these plants to see them through to this point. Smelling those terpenes and feeling the sticky dankness of that herb was a very rewarding moment.


This bud was dried and cured early (and more quickly then I'd do normally). It's meant as a test, to tell me if I'm harvesting at the right time. I can already tell the timing is just about perfect, but to be sure, I grabbed an organic rolling paper and twisted one up:


Small but mighty. You won't find the dankness like this in the "legalized" cannabis stores coming to Canada in 3 weeks! Not even for $25 a gram. Quality like this won't be available at any price in the legal regime.


Once @MediKatie (the designated target of this medicine) has sampled it tomorrow, I'll let you know what we think! And stay tuned as I finish harvesting, drying, and curing the rest of the Pink Kush girls!


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Congrats on your first finished bud!

Damn bro, we lit that joint this afternoon. What a pleasure to smoke. I was shocked how well it cured in just a week, especially since I almost overdried it in front of a fan. But no, it was dank and it was terpy, and ultra smooth. A very uncomplicated smell and taste. We're regular dabbers, we didn't medicate at all today until now, to see how it affects us. Definitely felt it after just a few tokes, so I'm led to believe we've got a good cannabinoid profile. Really pleased with my first grow in this location and with this method. Looking forward to improving in many ways in future crops : ) Thanks for your friendship and advice.

The first harvests are special, & small plants tend to have really tasty flowers, especially when they are grown without fertilizers, nice job.

I read a lot of forums on curing a few years back, & it seemed like the consensus was the slower cure the better for best possible outcome. Pretty true in my experience, the only thing I’ve done that really kills quality is jarring when too wet. Otherwise there is some wiggle room for preference or timing, which is usually the main factor.

Thanks! Curing seems to be a little bit if an art, and a science. From what I've experienced and what I've read, it seems to involve a balance between drying as slowly as possible in order to allow bacteria and moisture to break down certain sugars and chlorophyll, but not so slowly that you get mold. Hanging and then jarring seem to be a great way to cure and store buds.
I've also done "fast cure" methods in the past when on a larger scale (and using ferts). Such as trimming wet, then spreading buds on a screen with fans. Once they got half dried they went into plastic bags in a warm dark place, to sweat, and then back onto the screens. Did the whole damn crop that way in 3-4 days. I was just following directions back then.. long time ago. Maybe I'll talk about that someday at length.

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aqui mi visita @drutter para saludar y desear una noche feliz

It looks so cool ;)

a nice cure on flower is mandatory, but I also love a bud just when its done drying!! Congrats on your first grow.