UK Holding Its First Medical Cannabis Conference Later This Year

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In many places around the world cannabis still remains illegal and the UK is one of those places. Despite being illegal in the country however, it is still widely used and many people there are hopeful that one day they might see it legalized; as it has been in other areas like in the US, Canada, and Uruguay etc.

Regardless of the calls from many to move in that direction though, the government has insisted that it has no intentions of making cannabis legal anytime soon. And so for anyone who gets caught carrying cannabis in the UK, they could face prison time up to 5 years and if you're caught producing that class B "drug” then you could be facing more time; up to 14 years behind bars.

There is already widespread civil disobedience taking place in the UK, as thousands of people consume cannabis ”illegally” on a regular basis. And there have been many who have called on their government to make a change and allow them to decide what they will do with their own body in the way of consuming cannabis or not. Patients want to have the freedom to choose cannabis as a remedy for their symptoms.

The UK government insists that there is substantial evidence to show that cannabis is a harmful substance and that it can damage human health--(despite there never having been one overdose as a result from consumption of cannabis and thousands of deaths from overdose to prescription medication).

They insist that they can't take the risk of offering cannabis to their citizens, along with all the other approved drugs that have been known to provide an array of potentially negative side effects. Perhaps things soon might change, as the education surrounding cannabis increases.

Later this year, on October 25th – 26th, the UK is going to be holding its first medical cannabis conference in London. This conference is going to host a variety of researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and others in the industry, who will be sharing their knowledge about the cannabis industry which is what many have referred to as the “next gold rush.”

It's alleged that current interest from UK investors for the cannabis market is at an all time high.

Right now, the cannabis market is credited as being the fasted growing market in the world. The research and development in this industry is progressing at an impressive rate. Perhaps it won't be too long then before UK lawmakers seek to take advantage of the opportunity and move to embrace a little bit of (heavily regulated) “freedom” by making changes to allow the people there to access cannabis.

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"The UK government insists that there is substantial evidence to show that cannabis is a harmful substance and that it can damage human health"

What about cigarettes, alcohol, McDonalds..

Upvoted! Good news! Just wrote an article today about cannabis myself. Viva la revolution!

Sad that many people are forced into cages for trying to fix their health. This alone proves that the state does not want a healthy population!

When was the last time the government cared for the well being of their citizens? If this was the case, they would stop putting poison in our food and approving prescription drugs that are making us sick.

My biggest complaint about UK is its kind of hard to find any without asking sketchy people if you don't know anyone. I'm sure it's easier if you live there.

Interesting thanks for posting !

That is good for the UK! In Germany the health insurance must cover the cost for your medical cannabis. Hope they legalize it one day in the whole world.

Why the people want to make it legalize, don't they understand the health issues created by it? People rather should try to find some good alternatives or practice some meditation while the urge to take these drugs arises inside them.

Good movement by the government.

ayee thats wassup, I hope all goes well. Its god gift after all

i like your post my friend

The UK government used to be so ademant to ban cannabis before but at least they are starting to open up and accept it.
Marijuana has some great use in the medical field and I think Medicinal Marijuana would be amazing.
The Labour party have said that they would legalise it for medicinal use as well as the Liberal Democrats wanted to legalise cannabis for everyone.
Let's see what comes from these talks @doitvoluntarily

В Израиле каннабис прописывают при сильных мигренях или посттравматических последствий после боевых действий но чтоб получить от доктора выписку нужно пол жизни потратить))

I think it's way better to use cannabis than alcohol in many aspects but it's legal to get drunk then drive and god knows what it's all wrong hopefully things will change everywhere, I'm very high on IV morphine right now lol

Plant medicine should never be illegal... and wow 5 years of jail time for carrying cannabis ... that's just insane. As it comes to our health they should inform the people, rather than criminalizing cannabis. I get where the unhealthy claim comes from since most people smoke it and often add tobacco too.

Most likely UK will have 4:20.

Not thousands of people, millions of people. It's unusual to find anyone in the UK who's not smoked weed for periods of their lives in my age group. Yet the UK government is massively behind when it comes to legalisation.

There's a mindset in Britain that if people don't like something there will be calls to ban it and politicians are happy to oblige, as an example it's recently become illegal to use sexy women in advertising if the advertising standards agency doesn't like it.

If the bicycle was invented tomorrow it would be banned here. It's odd because when I was a kid the UK was very pro personal freedom and nosy and controlling people were mocked.

IMO more and more countries in Europe will do some baby-steps soon towards cannabis being available for the public. Sure it will probably be heavy regulated as you mention already but it´s just too much money out there willing to be spend on this market accompanied by huge tax incomes of course...