Mom Says Cannabis Oil Changed Her Daughters Life After Taking Part In New Study

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Laura Weightman has had to watch her daughter Abigail endure crippling seizures for the majority of her life because she suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy.

The family has tried at least 14 different medications in an effort to seek some remedy for Abigail from those seizures, but nothing has worked for them.

It wasn't until recently that Abigail became involved in a study on the effects of cannabis oil that her mother says she saw a significant improvement.

Laura now says that cannabis oil has helped to drastically change her daughters life, after she got involved in the study. She alleges that the oil has helped to greatly improve the quality of life for her daughter, when nothing else seemed to work for them.

It's estimated that Abigail has had between 8-10 seizures per month, but since she has been involved in the study that number has been drastically reduced.

After taking the cannabis oil, it's alleged that Abigail has since only had 3 seizures so far in 2018. And at one point has reportedly gone at least 2 months seizure free, thanks to the oil.

Laura is simply amazed at what the cannabis oil has done for her daughter, and she joins many other parents globally who have also found healing with cannabis oil or cbd oil, when they thought that nothing else would work.

The study that Abigail was involved in has been conducted at the Toronto SickKids Hospital and it's been sponsored by a medical cannabis company known as Tilray. The study had involved 19 participants who took part in a 20-week intervention.

“Mean dose achieved was 13.3 mg/kg/day of CBD (range 7–16 mg/kg/day) and 0.27 mg/kg/day of THC (range 0.14–0.32 mg/kg/day)."

The results from that study were recently published in Annals of Clinical And Translational Neurology.

Researchers concluded that there was significant improvement with regard to quality of life for those who were involved in the study.

Overall, it was found that for about two thirds of the children who participated in the study, they saw at least a 50 percent reduction in their seizures. This study is also reportedly the very first pediatric study in Canada that has involved a mix of both THC and CBD oil.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Way to go, Abigail!

  ·  last year (edited)

All this deserves more focused and faster research from the mainstream medicine community. After a while, they start to look overtly malevolent as cures for seizures and possibly many other things are kept from the public.
Thanks for the post.

really this information does not surprise me @doitvoluntarily I believe faithfully in this Cannabis oil I have an acquaintance who suffers from cancer and uses it and he says that it is the only thing that helps him with pain and so I have listened to many people, I am happy because they are already having a better quality of life thanks for this great information friend

Good thing that this beautiful girl has already diminished her seizures with this miraculous cannabis oil as well as there are many children, I really recommend that I have heard and seen through networks that is excellent, I even recommended it to my mom who has knee pains and I told her mother because I do not test with cannabis oil I have heard that it relieves pain

Man this is unbelievable. From up to 60 seizures in 6 months down to 3?

I like a little oil for entertainment but this is awesome news for child disease sufferers. I wonder how many other uses there are.

That's pretty impressive indeed, but wouldnt the child be intoxicated all the time , drowsiness perhaps?

Low level doses would work and CBD is not the mind altering agent that THC is. It took so long to shed the scarlet letter that they are going to have to catch up on the clinical trials in order to REALLY know what the doses and applications will be. This story just helps smash down the old white guy prejudice that it is evil.

Pharma industry and their billion different drugs are going to take a profit hit though!

For sure !! a few years back i remember watching a video of some Old people suffering from Parkinson taking medicated marijuana . They became normal immediately after inhaling it, i mean like no shivering thing at all. Do look that up

This story repeats itself over and over again in my chronic pain and arthritis groups.

"professional medical advice" is bought and paid for by the bad guys and not worth following for the most part.

@doitvoluntarily Cannabis oil has a lot of positive publicity from the relatives and relatives who have tried this medicine.
In Argentina, despite the fact that there has been a very important step in the awareness of cannabis as medicines, the doctors of the social works are reluctant to medicate this oil, despite the insistence of the relatives
Thank you very much for posting I wish you a great day

  ·  last year (edited)

This is a very good example of how people now taking cannabis as a serious option for medication. This is very important to break the stigma surrounding the cannabis and how over the years it has accumulated so much negative publicity. This rampant negative publicity has partially been from the artificially created opioid options by 'big pharma'.

When in truth, cannabis has been in use for medical treatment for thousands of years - since the time of ancient cultures.

CBD Oil ranges from 3mg to 50mg. If Abigail still has fits she just needs to go to the next level which is 20mg. We have found people with severe problems need a higher dose. Pills are NEVER the answer, natural cures are/

-“Mean dose achieved was 13.3 mg/kg/day of CBD (range 7–16 mg/kg/day) and 0.27 mg/kg/day of THC (range 0.14–0.32 mg/kg/day)."

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