Lyft Launches 4/20 Campaign In Multiple Cities

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Tomorrow is 4/20 and there are going to be a wide range of cannabis celebrations taking place worldwide. And to help cannabis users in a number of different cities get around town, Lyft is offering a $4.20 discount to prompt users to opt for ride-sharing instead of driving on their own if they're impaired.

In the United States and Canada

The 4/20 Lyft discount is reportedly being offered for not just Colorado, but other regions like San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Detroit, Ottawa, Las Vegas, and Boston.

The discount scheme is the result of a partnership with Lyft and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, among others.

From partnering with Taco Bell to help riders stop for tacos on their way home, to partnering with a police association and others, to offer a 4/20 specific discount on rides for the holiday, Lyft has been trying multiple efforts to cater to the cannabis crowd.

I'm sure there are plenty of riders who will opt for a Lyft ride that day that will appreciate the discount.

Find your 4/20 discount code:
The Bay Area / 420BAYAREA19
Boston / 420BOS19
Colorado / 420CO19
Detroit / 420DET19
Las Vegas / RIDESMART420
Ottawa / 420OTT19
Seattle / 420SEA19
Toronto / 420TO19

Together, both Lyft and Uber hold at least 98 percent of the U.S. consumer ride-sharing market and Lyft has been growing fast in the past few years, some reports suggest that they're growing much faster than Uber.


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Lol that is hilarious! Hope the drivers aren’t getting screwed by the big discount.

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wonder if despite that discount they'll make more $ than usual because it'll be so busy?


I was reading somewhere that Uber drivers make about $0.06 per mile they drive after all expenses... I don’t know how that compares to Lyft but I’m honestly wondering how it’s sustainable with them (at least seemingly) not getting paid what they should.

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This is an interesting initiative from Lyft. And I gotta say I like what they are doing. This initiative might even be the impetus for other companies like UBER to follow suit.

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I saw a driver today lol. That ipo didn't do so well

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I heard Carl's Jr is doing a CBD burger for 4/20


love carls jr, i think they are grass fed burgers too arent they?