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Hey hey hey everybody!

Yesterday was truly a revolutionary day on our farm, Tapalou Guilds.  We harvested our first hemp crop, a variety called BaOx from Centennial Seeds in Colorado.  Wow.  What a gorgeous awesome plant.  This variety was bred to be high in Cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound that has tremendous medicinal benefits without any psychotropic effects.  Can you say miracle plant???

The more I learn about hemp, the more I am amazed.  The uses of hemp and cannabis are awe-inspiring, from medicine to fuel to food to fiber, just crushing it along the way with its beauty and elegance.  I'm telling you that going out to the field and wrapping my arms around these plants created a strong sensation of euphoria that really brightened my days.  I am sorry to see them cut down, but this is the cycle of life, and they will be used with the respect they deserve as their healing energy finds its way towards those who need real medicine from the bountiful Earth.

I'm looking for suggestions for processing ideas.

Ben, my partner in this endeavor, and I are likely to sell some of the dried buds once they have cured, but we also want to take some of the harvest and experiment with it and work towards developing a strong product.  So I'm curious about what you all might think about extraction methods and or value-added products.  In the mix right now are infusing coconut oil, butter, and honey.  Let me know if you have any thoughts, whether from practical experience or from whimsical input via the universe. 

It was a gorgeous Vermont autumn day, culminating in a Full Moon last night.

I started in the morning with my camera set up on a tripod to take some nice pics of this year's crop on its final day in the field.  A couple quick corrections from the video:  These were started on March 6, so harvesting yesterday, October 5, put them juuuuust shy of seven months.  Also, we started with 56 seeds and then selected out the males as they exhibited their sexuality, leaving us with 27 female plants.  The girth of the stalks is remarkable for an annual plant over one season.  Once the plant has dried and we strip all the buds and leaves, I am planning on using the stalks to make some biochar.  I have a feeling that I could make some beautiful char that will then become a soil amendment for growing other crops.

It is a wonderful thing to grow something that has multiple output streams - medicine, soil improvement, joy.  Hemp lends itself to versatility and creativity like no other plant I know of.

Well, I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this photo collage.  Enjoy!

Ben and I in our hemp harvesting uniforms. Color coordination is important!

You know we didn't plan that, right? Cannabis on the brain leads to unintended synchronicity.

My favorite pic from the day. I feel like I could step into a Jim Henson story.


Using the hay loft door to bring hemp into the barn for drying

Yes, it's me! Thanks to all of you who create and consume content on this amazing platform. Keep spreading truth and love for a more just world!

All images taken by me or my team

Logo created by @loughneye

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Those look amazing! I LOVE CBD products! There is a vast amount of info out there on how to do things regarding extraction and concentration... and then making it taste good. 😉

Have fun harvesting! Seems like you may be doing it for a few days. 😁😍

Very cool, thanks a lot! Following you for sure!

Wow! Beautiful! Let us know how it goes- I will follow along!

HAHAAA!!! WOWWWEEEE This is the best post ever!!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing the joy with us @anarchrysalis xoxoxo :)

Of course Lyndsay! It's a beautiful thing and I tell you this bonus fact: now I can go upstairs in the barn and take a "hemp shower", just walking through the hanging plants. It's amazing!

I envy you...

That's a wonderful post and I'm sure it was a lot of fun. I applaud you for the biochar idea! I personally would definitely go with the coconut oil and saturate the heck out of it. I would love to do this, but the laws here prohibit the whole plant.

It's completely and utterly insane that this is a Schedule one plant. "No currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse" from the DEA website. I can show you lab results with basically no THC in this variety. It's like if Lavender was a schedule one drug. The absurdity is just overwhelming.

Thanks for commenting! Hope laws relax for you or, better yet, disappear altogether!

Fantastic post @anarchysalis!
Being as you have a large yield, I'd decarb your buds after you cure them and make a concentrate. 10 grams of bud will produce about 3 grams of concentrate. If you decarb first, it can be used as an edible, vaped or smoked. If you don't decarb first, it can only really effectively be vaped or smoked.

Thanks for that important tip. How do I do that? Do you have a past post where I could learn more?

We wound up with about 270 pounds of plant material right now, so it would be awesome if that dried down to somewhere between 20-30 pounds. I think I ought to look back through some of your posts and see what I can learn! Thanks very much for checking it out!

Good going! Keep us informed. I'm sure there will be a good demand for your products. In particular, I'm a fan of coconut oil, so would be most interested in CBD infusion of that.

Thanks very much! I will continue to post updates.

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Resteemed for CBD love! I am having much better time with high cbd sativa. If I have high thc indica I am a lazy mother funking monkey. Steem on gorillas.

Steem on naked ape. Thanks for the resteem!

You should have been in an episode of Weeds!

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog sir!! I'm honored and am using your blog and the knowledge I am gaining from you to work towards massive profits and support activities like this on my farm until they can become economically viable on their own.

Just to be clear - this is legal hemp and not psychoactive! Just made a batch of infused coconut oil today and it looks promising. Thanks again Haejin.

I see! Awesome! If you have any crypto analysis request, please don't hesitate to ask.

You bet! Just rolling with you for now...


Hey, just saw your comment on youtube and sent you the link to this post but I guess you already made it. Thank you!

I did! , I did! yes, love what you are doing here. Will be keeping an eye on things <3

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Very nice grow! I like CBD Strains alot!

If you like cannabis and blockchain, then you should see this: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@neowne/this-will-revolutionize-the-cannabis-industry-and-you-can-support-it

Cool, thanks, I will check it out!

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Peace in Blunts Fam 🔥💨

I am planting medical hemp sometime next year on some acreage I have in Arizona. I have lots of experience growing medical marijuana, looking at the medical hemp looks to be about the same experience. I do have a few questions which at present have been unanswered, how many pounds average per plant did you yield? Did you ever have it tested for CBD content, if so what were the percentage? And have you ever taken your flowers to a professional extraction lab, turning it into CBD isolate? If so what was percentage of CBD per ounce or pound? And, if you took your medical hemp poundage to a professional extractor, what was his fee, what was his percentage? And, did the extractor offer to buy your flowers?

So very cool...but...are you sure this is actually HEMP?I would say its marijuana. Hemp does not have THC nor CBD and does not make big buds like that as far as i know.Anyways nice harvest, i smell it from here(Montreal,Quebec)

Hemp grown for fiber would not look like this, but hemp grown for CBD does.

Both THC and CBD are present in the cannabis plant. Hemp is what we call cannabis that has below 0.3%THC content. Marijuana is what we call cannabis that has a higher than that content, but more realistically it would need a THC content in the multiple single digits.

What a cool post. Loved the view of what you have been growing and learning about your joy for sharing this amazing plant. Look forward to knowing more about your products. I'd be willing to try your CBD out!

Thank you kindly. I will keep you posted as to what a final product may look like! Thanks for your interest and appreciation!

Great! I appreciate it and also just made sure I followed your feed. I have been looking for something to help with ongoing pain after my sternal reconstruction (healing from stage 4 cancer that is no longer present).

Congrats on kicking that cancer and I will surely keep you in the loop brother.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great post. I've been involved with Phoenixtears for about 8 years now and am currently working on my second long-form film on the subject. My first film is called "Healing Cancer with Cannabis" and there 2 short film called "Canada's New Oil Men". They are all free to watch online. The word is spreading.

I very much look forward to checking those films out and am following you now. Have you read Hemp Bound by Doug Fine? Great great book with loads of info and lots of humor. There's so much promise here, I mean, this plant alone could help shift us away from the pharmaceutical-military-industrial-petro-chemical complex! True power!

I absolutely agree! I haven't heard of that book I'll look into it for sure. Thanks!

Keep growing!

You know I will!