Week 2 Of The Community Curation Project(Steemcurator04)

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Hello Steem! It has been 2 weeks since Canna-Curate was gifted the account @steemcurator04 for the month of May. The account was loaded with a 200,000 Steem Power delegation, and it could not be possible without the generous hearts over at @steemitblog. Again I will like to give thanks for the offer to curate the cannabis community with a nice stake behind me.

Curation report from May 7th-May 15th

I would have to say this past week has been a bit of a dissapointment. Posting has been low the past 7 days. Even on other platforms it has been a slow week in the cannabis community. I suspect a lot of people are busy planting gardens, and also getting stay at home order restrictions lifted in most places of the world, people are out taking advantage of not having to stay cooped up inside of their homes. Here in California they just let the eye centers open, and I finally got to get an eye exam, and some new lenses! Such a relief.

Screenshot (28).png

Last week's update we where at 142 upvotes, as you can see this week we are a tad bit under that. On the other hand we are spreading more love throughout the community, dishing out votes to 78 unique accounts, while last week we where at 53 accounts. Most of the votes this past week where on comments. Which I am more than glad to vote those, since interaction is going to be key if we are to grow the social media aspect of the Steem blockchain. With the boring stuff out of the way, there has been some great posts this past week. Let's take a look at some of the highlights!


[{New} Strain Info: Steam Engine.

Author: @a1-shroom-spores


I like to think of A1 as the alchemist of growing cannabis. He is always toying around with cool growing techniques, such as "Caveman" training, or breeding projects such as the one in this post. If you are interested in growing anything, check out his blog.


Cannabis Top Famous Tribute Art #4 Wiz Khalifa

Author: @geekzilla


A older account, who recently became active again here on Steem! I am glad he has, because he is little doodles he does is a very cool addition to the blockchain, and it is posted from APPICS! Go give Geekzilla a follow, and see what he draws next!


MK Ultra seedling 7 week update photo

Author: @drutter


Mr. Drutter always giving us that 200% pure effort into his posts! This post is no exception. His new Mk Ultra seedling is taking off! Knowing him, he will be documenting the whole grow on social media, and Steem is no exception. Thanks Drutter for giving us a Steem exclusive here, and everyone to see him making it it the finish line, go hit that follow!


BackYard Cannabis Farming 2020 - Episode 1 (Season 3 Debut): Transplanting Clones & Planning Your Grow Space

Author: @elamental


Elamental getting his outdoor grow going up in the PNW. Going to be exciting to watch this grow. I have had the pleasure of seeing his grow skills in person, at last years Canna Steem Fest, and he grows some monsters! I also would like to point out, Elamental has been a Canna-Curate supporter since day 1. Thanks man, and always enjoy reading your blog


'Support' Whole-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Author: @carolinahempco


Have to give Carolina Hemp another shout out! How many business you know who give Steemians a discount? I just know of one, and it is these guys! Enjoy 10% Off using code: STEEM10, vist their website today!


4x4 Tent Grow - Day 54 Update - Steem exclusive

Author: @rawpride


I love Rawprides titles. Steem exclusive makes it so easy to give out those 100% votes! Lately there has been an emergence of people using the tag #steemexclusive, which I can totally get on board with! Thanks Raw, and great job on your grow! Everyone go check out his page for more Steem exclusives.


Making Bubble Hash Round Two - Quebec Kush Double Filtered

Author: @mraggaj


Mr. Aggaj shows us how to make Bubble Hash. The post is well laid out, straight forward, and has great illustrations. Easy 100% on this one. Thanks Mr. Aggaj, I plan for myself to use your post to make some Bubble for my own personal use, ;) For more updates, and DIY projects, please follow.


Thanks for tuning in for this weeklys update. I expect to see a pickup in content creation in the coming week. If not, I will browse the #steemexlusive tag to use VP on. I do not mind voting on non-cannabis content, but I do hope to see more grows started up, since it is that time of year. I know life gets busy, but just know that there are people eager to see some great cannabis content. Please just do not forget the #cannabis tag, and for extra visibility use the #canna-curate tag. Many thanks, and have a positive weekend.


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Hi @canna-curate, it is already a second week and it seems you are as busy as before. I think with time a fine tuning of curating process will bring its result. I am glad that you still have enough active bloggers and people who you can support. Great job!

Thank you Stef. Yeah posting is down, but there are still gems to be found.

Thank you for all your great curation work.

The Steemit Team

Thanks for the big time support your throwing our way! I’ll never forget this.

Thank you Bro! You're the man!

No, thank you!!

You are doing a great job and we really appreciate your efforts and time!

Steem on

Thanks Dr. I really appreciate you man. You really have shined upon our community. I know things are not perfect, but with people such as yourself, it makes it worth while!

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