My Trip To Portland, Oregon (Canna-Steem Fest Part 1)

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What's up my Canna lover's of the block chain! Well for those in the know, Canna Steem Fest went down over the weekend in the lovely city of Portland. I had to get a rental car, and leave my town of Salinas, Ca on Friday, and come back home Sunday, 12 hours each way. So my stay was basically just for one day. But that one day did not disappoint. I got to meet some amazing people. Here is a little glimpse into my day, before the Canna Steem Fest, which will go down as one of the greatest Steem meetups in the history of Steem. But don't worry, this will be the first of many!


Represented Canna Up in lovely Weed


image0 (8).jpg

Dodge Hemi Charger

A few days prior I prepaid for a rental, in hopes I would get a electric compact. But as soon as I get to Hertz, they informed me they had no compacts. To my surprise it was a Hemi! To me this a a total dream car. But not a type of car I wanted to drive 1400 miles in! But to make it to Canna Steem Fest, I had to accept, and move forward. Surprisingly I got 28 miles to the gallon on avg. Spending a total of 180$ in gas. Not cheap, but not bad. Damn was it a fun car.

image0 (2).jpg

Mt. Shasta

Dan's house

image0 (1).jpg

@qwoyn, creator of @hashkings

I arrived in Portland at Midnight. As soon as I unloaded my luggage, Dan and I enjoyed a couple beers at a bar down from his house. I am not much of a drinker these days, but it sure was nice. Thanks for having me Dan, your hospitality was wonderful!

Dan's wife made me a sandwich that was fucking delicious!

Dan's auto flower, which he say's he will never do an auto again, I don't blame him. I really don't see what the fuss is either with autos. It sure does look cool though.


@elamental's house

image0 (6).jpg

image0 (5).jpg

@elamental's back yard garden. Check out his most recent post here

On Saturday I had some time to kill. So I decided to go hit up Mr. @elamental and @hempress. It was about a 30 min drive from Dan's house. I got greeted to a few bowls of some of his outdoor. I highly enjoyed it. It's been awhile since I have had some good outdoor, so it was a nice treat. Also the hospitality they provided was amazing! I don't know if it's a Portland thing, or a Steem thing. Much appreciated guys.

image0 (4).jpg

Not only can this guy make beats, he also can make a killer breakfest!

image0 (7).jpg

@hempress laughing it up!

I do have to apologize for my pic taking abilities, I was so stoned, and a little awkward, lol.

So as I was sitting there smoking on a bowl, I was going to get up and head to Gresham to see my brother in law. That was until then that Saas informed me that @alchemage was on his way over.

image0 (3).jpg

@alchemage getting some kief packed up

Yeah I was very surprised on his arrival. He even gave me a special treat, which I shall do a whole post dedicated to it.(Hint: it is a cannabis product) I do have to say up to this point, I was already happy with my trip. Only thing that really sucks, is it was short lived. Thank you so much for accepting me into your homes, and lives for a short time. I will remember this for ever! But there is more to this trip. Canna Steem Fest actually took place a few hours after these photos. Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip to Portland. In the mean time stay positive, and have a great week!


Canna Steem Fest 2019


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Oh man, i love that car. Wish weed can rise as high as 5 steem so i can buy one

Sounds like a good time!

Hell yeah man I had such a blast! Glad you made it down dude.

Totally dude!


looking good champ...bomb T-shirt!

Sure you had an awesome time,,,Is that street named Weed? beat me!loool

Thanks man! It is a town in North California.

The car was cool, Mt. Shasta looks amazing, great pic on a clear day, but the winner of all (for me) is that sandwich!! Looks like pulled pork MMMMMMM!!!

I'll be back to catch the 2nd part. Glad you had such an epic journey... <3

Yeap pulled pork! Thanks for checking out my post!

@elamental .... that your bus?

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Sounds like a good time, looking forward to part 2 :)

Thank you

Sweet! I keep saying you guys needed a dedicated photographer so next time I will have to join with my camera.

Yeah man to bad you did not come. I was so stoned i did not get all the pics i wanted. So you better not be talking shit, and come next time ;)

Growing weed in home garden? here it is enough for a life sentence...unlucky me..🙁

one day my friend, one day you will get your chance.


Yeah man it was!

So cool to see how people actually look like! Great post mate!

Thanks bro!

what was a fucking cool car man!!
nice plants also 😎
is it legal to own plants where you live?

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has anyone asked you about the shirt yet when you're out and about? love the design! great advertisement ✌

Lol yeah, but my answer goes a little something like this” it’s a upvote, crypto, a whale, and fish, uhhhh it’s cool!” Lol

Great post! Glad yo hear you had an awesome time. Seems like forever since i stopped by to say hi! I hope i don't miss part two of your adventure. Stay cool & Steem on Jon 😘

Great post about the whole day of the event! Thanks for the shout out about my breakfast manifesting abilities. So great to kick it with you and everyone FINALLY! Bless up bro.

Yeah man, so much fun in a little amount of time. ONe thing for sure, is we would be idiots to not have Canna Steem Fest 2! This time we will promote more, and I will save up so i can fly this time, and get to explore the area more.

Oh yea, I think we should do a more "invite only" exclusive approach to promoting #2... I think that will be most effective. Exclusivity is always popular.