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I have realised through a new idea that I have, that there is no need to filter user signups, one way or another.

There is another, more difficult puzzle now to solve. How to stop an explosion of new accounts.

The simplest way is freemium method. Given enough time, a user can earn enough stake to lift the limits. The primary limit has to be they can't have stake delegated. In fact, this may really mean, that stake delegation should not exist.

I am thinking through this, and I will have a definitive answer in the next day. I will be posting as @calibrae about Calibrae from now on, and I will not be posting, or voting, as l0k1 or elfspice anymore.

Please click here to go to the new calls for expression of interest post, where you just vote to indicate interest.



am announcing the Initial Public Offering for the Genesis Blocks of Calibrae. Comment in this thread to have your Steem Balance copied and converted to it's equivalent as JUICE and Stake on the new chain, which will be under your control, via your current password, when it goes live.

Make sure, if you comment and want to be added (and if you are a known preminer, or look like you might be, based on your balance, you will be deleted from the list) that you put aside your username and password as valid last night, somewhere safe, for when the network goes live.

Note that simply opting in by saying so in a comment here is no guarantee you get your account copied into the new chain.

Every opt-in account will be verified to make sure it cannot be easily connected to a preminer account. If you have a big balance, basically, you will be investigated.

If you want in, you can also help get the initial membership grow faster by resteeming this post

To explain how your initial balance will be calculated, it goes like this:

  1. All Steem tokens are based on a primary token called VESTS. Steem and SBD have a momentary exchange rate to VESTS, that can be determined based on the current state of Witness price feed configurations related to the current Steem exchange rate. This will be frozen as of some time last night, at the point my node has synced to. Later on, I will make this snapshot available along with the script I will be using to extract all the user logins and account balances, so anyone can also verify that the calculations are faithful and correct.

  2. All Steem in accounts that will go across to the new chain, will be converted to their underlying VESTS, at the block that this snapshot has encoded in it, and the new version of VESTS is called JUICE.

  3. All SBD in accounts that will go across to the new chain, will likewise be converted to their underlying VESTS, and this balance will be added to you account balance of Juice.

  4. All Steem Power in your account, will be also converted to its underlying VESTS balance, and this will become your Stake balance in the new system, and this balance you will be able to draw down by the new Stake withdrawal rule of 1% of remaining balance per day, paid out at the time you set the draw-down.

  5. To repeat, make sure you save your password that was current as of last night, as you will need this to access your new account, when it goes live.

  6. Your reputation score will also be migrated to the new chain, as will all other accessory data. Your original account signup date will also be added. (note that I will be merging my accounts l0k1 and elfspice together in their totals into a new account loki, and the largest reputation of the two will be my total, even though I have earned some amount more as elfspice). Note also that reputation scores, in Calibrae, will be scaled based on the highest reputation account, and their proportion of this will limit your stake in its voting power. If your reputation has been abused by preminer accounts, we can discuss resetting it to the default initial value, or what it was before the attack.

I have got a bit sick of the people who seem to think that it is a productive use of my time, to listen to nonsense about how we can "work within the system". If that was gonna work, don't you think after a year of people fighting this, that if that was an effective strategy, we'd still be here lamenting what an injustice this all is?

So, if you want in, make it known in the comments.

Your balance as at last night will be migrated to in the genesis blocks, and your login will be the same as it was last night.

I don't see any reason why to continue trying to fight against an incredibly corrupt, and corrupted system, nor, to have this system weakened by people who come in, at the beginning, with their asses spiked on the fence. You are in, or you are out.

We can at least then have better discussions without these wishy-washy people, about what we want to do.

I know there is gonna be more than enough people to run the network, as per the specs it runs with now, with the consensus rule changes I have proposed.

It does not matter if we are not legion. We just need to be tight, and strong. If we are right, then the people who come to sign up after we get this running, will be probably worth having onboard.

Why not an ICO?

Because until it's live, it would be illegal to do this without registering Calibrae Stake as a Security with the Securities Exchange Commission for users in the USA. I am not based in the USA and I do not represent any legal entity in the USA, and I am not going to put this into their juridiction. If someone else wants to do this, that's their business. Even if the ICO was primarily Juice tokens, to create the account, there has to be the minimum account fee, which creates a Security asset called Stake.

Because you will pay nothing but a little of your time and attention for your stake, it is not a true public offering of a security, and thus, it is none of the SEC's business. Only juice can be traded, and Stake is not being offered for sale, it can only be bought with juice. I believe, but I can't be certain, that means that it is not a security. Also, this may be the loophole that the preminers will get get out of jail free cards for. But the morality of their premine is highly questionable, even if it skirts the law. It makes me realise that probably there is no scope for SEC prosecution of Steemit, but I don't answer to human law, only the law of this universe, anyway.

So if I profit out of this project, I'm free and clear, because of the value I have provided in doing it, to those who participate.


As at 21:37 Bulgarian summer time, August 7 2017, we have 73 :) All names in the list have been added to a spreadsheet and will be updated as more shows of interest are made, and this will continue until Day Zero.

Note: the flag on this post is from @sneak

opt in......thank you.

@elfspice, I've sent you some Steem to help you build. If everything you do attempts to put the community first and communicate any difficulties you encounter, even if they are terminal, you will gain my trust for what it's worth. I agree that a forking was inevitable.'s comms and handling, the abuse of premine stake, the technical issues, the pace of development have created the perfect storm.

I intend to do a post to highlight your attempt and explain my position...I feel I owe it to my followers, the minnows and you.

I know it feels good to stick it to those that mocked and shunned you, I would feel the same. I sense in your updates that your jubilation is being tempered by the hard work you are doing and gravity of the situation...I'm grateful for comes across better.

This is all about utility and trust....can we use it as we need to be able to? Can we trust it and the token? have squandered some of the this point, they've blown it for me. Whatever the cause, incompetence, greed, whatever, they had no competition to galvanise their approach, now they do. Clearly it remains to be seen if that will help Steem, I hope so.

However, some issues are so big, if you can make a stable alternative, I think there is a chance calibrae could do very well. I think you understand very well that the value of a token is in the distribution. So I wanted to clarify the it only those who comment here (other than premine) that will receive their stake at genesis? If so we need to makes sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to make that choice.

Best of luck with your work, I hope you are getting sincere offers to help. Later.

Big thanks for the donation, it will make it so I can easily pay my next 3 months rent (€450). On wednesday I finally will have a Net1 55mbit connection hooked up, so I will have less hassles with dealing with upping and downing necessary large files. I have the snapshot I will be drawing data from and later today I will have a steemd instance running on my computer and start adding the list of usernames the migration script will use.

I don't regret being somewhat inflammatory in the terminal phase of my discontent at the situation with Steemit, Inc, I had been raising these issues since November last year, when I started dealing with steemd and its problems were obvious to me back then. I had been, since almost the beginning, making posts with improvement suggestions, and almost none of them have been adopted. So I had reason to be angry.

But I have now moved on from this. The sense of ownership I got when I finally made the fork repository, was like a chilled carafe of the sweetest springwater after two days in a desert at 40 degrees. I am feeling very upbeat and happy about what is happening now, and as I work through and refine my management and PR strategies, it is moving from palateable to delicious very quickly, and everyone is giving me so much joy with their enthusiasm for the project.

Note that the fork, and the consensus rule changes and token changes, are just the beginning.

Once Calibrae goes live, I will be shifting from managing the rollout of the fork, towards building go-calibrae, which is going to be a full reimplementation based on SporeDB, which throws out most of the outdated, and inefficient canon of block log format replication, and will use far more efficient, low latency validation and replication algorithms. In theory, go-calibrae will have a sub 1 second transaction clearance time, for one thing.

The other thing that is a central to go-calibrae is that the codebase itself will become a vote-monetising scheme for funding development. It will operate like github or gitlab, but with a decentralised architecture, and this is where I developed first the idea of making reputation scores, specific, in this case, to the code repository, as a coefficient to mitigate abusive voting, and this concept will also have a massive effect on shutting down the explosion of bots on this platform, that is part of how the chain has grown so goddamned fast in the last two months.

I hope that this serious threat to their userbase does drive Steemit towards upping their game, but they are so far behind the 8-ball that it's not gonna be fun for them, for quite some time. I don't have a huge amount of stake in Steem, but for what it can do for my day to day existence, it is very big, especially if Steemit was managing the platform well. I might be a little minnow again, in terms of my Steem Power, but in Bulgaria, this small stake is enough to cover 6 months rent and utilities bills, even at today's price. So it's not a small thing to me, and that's why I make such a big deal about it. Their mismanagement is threatening to lead me back onto the street, a place I do not want to return to, especially not with autumn just around the corner. Last winter was brutal, -15°C - it is only on account of the community spirit of the Bulgarian people that it was not as bad as it could have been.

Your donation is a really big deal to me, and I am extremely grateful for it. I will do my best to make it work for you as well.

Yes, we are getting serious offers, I now have someone talking about fielding developers and developing funding schema to pay the developers for their work, and as such, I have set up organisation, and a team: so that interested people can request to join the team and get to work on the many tasks that lay ahead of us. There is now also a chatroom that you can join, at

Count me in, but wasn't the idea actually opt in just anybody except pre-miners?

You can volunteer to write the code and/or manually comb through the whole chain and try to pin down where the money went after they exchanged it and then put it back in again, somewhere else...

This is just a lot easier for me, I got enough to do just doing the rebrand and quite intricate bit of code deleting and a few actual code changes.

bleujay would like to opt in.

I am opting in! Here in Colombia we also take beautiful pictures of hummingburds if you ever run out!

Love to be there! I sent 7.530 STEEM for your project and I dare anyone else to do the same. That's right a little from us all will go along way.

Ah what the Hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway.

I can't write code, but I have about $25 loose SBD to donate if it's of any help.

Count me in.

Big thanks for that... I feel good about having people donate to getting this off the ground. If there is too much it will be moved into a pool to start paying devs to speed this process up. I don't need much to be able to do my work, but I can only do so much and as people can probably see, I'm a little bit of a hummingbird with my attention... So having more focused people will help a lot. My fluttering attention has its benefits in that I spot things that others might miss.

Hey at this point, SBD is almost like pretend money anyway. ;-)

I've got a couple of double digit payouts coming, maybe I'll send more.

Hey my friend - I'm definitely in!! You know that. tty soon.

@elfspice ¡¡Opting In of course!! :)

This Tucusito who comments here now, is gonna resteem this post right away to spread more awareness about this promising project all over around. And hopefully, invite and also recruit a good army of new species of clever Hummingbirds & Chrysolampis Mosquitus to suck & taste the sweetest VESTS nectars of Steem JUICE.

And btw, regarding the depiction of the Meme in your post above, certainly you are not the only one nor you are alone on this fair crusade mate.

So, add me to your early script and Let's...

Count me in.

Count me in.

I'm a curious chap, can I be counted?

You just got yourself counted :)

Tomorrow, once I have the legacy steemd build fully working, I will start adding all the usernames to a script that will start generating the necessary data for the genesis blocks. Everyone who has commented, and indicated the desire to join, will be added, so long as their account doesn't smell like a preminer.

I opt in. Cheers!

What would you advice someone new'ish who is still a Red Fish repairing damage done to Reputation pre-reading the "White Papers"?
As well, the account set-up here for my wife is over 3 weeks waiting (b.s. auto-response from [email protected], and still no info after contacting timcliff a week ago). New account set-ups will be available when the site goes live, or is only being offered to initial existing steemit accounts?

Here is the evidence of your pre-preminer-flag reputation:

It was about 39.84. This will be restored.

Please reply to this post with the username your other half wants :)

Thank You!
If possible it would be great to use the same user name my better half tried to sign up with here.
@tradetheart (trade the art, all run together).
You rock m8, here's to a successful launch. Salud!

We can discuss such matters, of course. It would have to be looked at who flagged you, what your rep was before, and such, and that could be changed in your account initial reputation. We have time to do these things in this sort of case. You would be a clear example of why we are doing this, on the face of it, don't you think?

Also, for a new account setup, you just signed up for one for your lady, I guess. Default initial configuration, name of her choosing.

Most excellent, thank you for the info.
Would defiantly like to opt in and have my better half set up as well. Just let me when and how we could pass info to get this party started.

Another user has expressed interest in seeing some new users added in this as well. What I can do, easily, is just set a baseline so that every account has a minimum of the equivalent of the initial 25 reputation, which will be perceived as a fair amendment. If you can justify it being higher, provide evidence. I think can show you your rep history prior to the flagging, and I'll base it on that.

Regarding these new accounts, I have a script tucked away in my Google Drive somewhere, that you can download and use offline to generate the public keys that will be required. Stay tuned, I will be publishing a link to it in a near future progress report. It will be added to the repository in the 'transition' folder.

I'm opting in. Out of pure curiosity. I'm a newbie, a noob, a minnow without much coding skills. But I've seen enough on this platform to make me doubt the direction it's taking. I applaud the efforts for a fresh perspective, but to be honest I've got also some doubts on the Calibrae project.

  1. Will you have enough lasting resources with your team to keep up the necessary efforts required for a smooth and fast flow of transactions on the blockchain, and the flow of the blog interface?
  2. Won't the principles on which you build Calibrae be exactly the same? Isn't it prone to fall into similar pitfalls?

From my point of view Steemit isn't a finished product. Looking at the top left of my screen, there's a constant reminder that this is still BETA. I think features and improvements will be rolled out in the future. Probably the rewarding system itself is also still under construction. We already see that discontent over it's current state of affairs leads to disappointment and ultimately abandonment.
What do you think your chances are at creating a better, more balanced, more encouraging, more rewarding experience for everybody to end up with a platform that ultimately brings Internet's finest content?

I really believe it's the quality of the content in the posts by the members and how that's rewarded that will prove to be the ultimate deciding factor for becoming a leading platform. The concept of a blog post site on a blockchain, rewarded via a crypto-currency token system is a true gem in my opinion. It was only a matter of time until this brilliant idea lands on multiple new initiatives.

Don't want to sound to negative here. But just please be 100% sure about your base principles, about your vision, about your abilities and about human nature in general. If you are going to do it, do it right. And for what it's worth, as a minor minnow, you have my respect for embarking on this adventure.

Since at no point you will be paying anything into this, until it's running, there can be no ironclad expectation of anything at all. But having said that, I take this stuff very seriously. People say I am too salty, is that not a good thing for someone leading a project like this?

Already only 3 days in and I have received a donation towards working on this projeect, so I expect that given a few weeks there will be more than enough funding to bring it to a full public release.

I also have a very hostile attitude towards the elitism displayed by the development team here at Steemit, they don't even release binaries for the steem server, steemd. This is not the way you get people to run your network. There will be binaries, and simple, easy to follow instructions, and the whole thing. Steemit especially neglects those who provide the ability to write applications for the platform. This will definitely not be the case while I am at the helm.

This fork is a transition towards a more advanced distributed database application system that I have planned for the next phase of development. Pretty much the fork will be fixed, the rules refined, and I will personally be seeing to it that the next generation of server back-end will be developed within the next 12 months.

You can't stay still in any industry, most certainly not IT. What I have planned is ahead of almost every operational distributed public network that now exists. It is probably more advanced than even the stuff that big corporations are doing, though I expect that they are making such systems already for private use.

Thanks for your elaborate reply, much appreciated. If it wasn't clear from my comment, I'm opting in :)

Optin. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more!

I'm very intrigued, so count me in!

I am opting in as well, I think but I would like a clearer definition of what that means. I don't want to leave my steemit account at this point, or power down everything. I want to support people on this platform still, and I have vote support here. I will use my little influence to support Calibrae though, which I am already doing by informing people, and resteeming.
I will be active on Calibrae once it's up, and invite people over.
I don't think that qualifies as sitting on the fence. Or what do you think?

Nope, you are in, by the sounds of it. I want to support the people here too but it's too much work for little old me to do such, while also implementing the proposed consensus changes I have discussed.

No need to abandon steem just yet either, but I think you can see well enough that it's now really the 11th hour for saving the platform. I wish you all luck with it but why not start a fresh fork, with a set of reasoned, potentially very important rule changes, and a mechanism of governance that surely will help it grow beyond.

I just want to get it up and running, and stop this mission creep, make the changes that are absolutely necessary, and give an easy path for existing steem users to join up. Their STEEM and SBD will be converted to the VESTS equivalent of JUICE (Juice is vests), as at the moment of snapshot, according to the witness median price feed, and their Steem Power will become Stake, denominated in JUICE.

How will you deal with SBD balances?

As at the non-updating state snapshotted last night, these SBD balances are backed by a balance of VESTS. These underlying VESTS will be counted and added to the VESTS behind the Steem, and become the new JUICE balance.

The Steem Power will also be counted as of their VESTS value, and converted to Stake, which has the same denomination as JUICE. It's a massive simplification of the Steem currency system, that I think should have been done a long time ago for Steem.

It is in some senses, like a premine, but I know that none of these people premined their stake in Steem, so it was earned, as far as is possible, honestly. They either bought in, or earned it, whether or not the rewards that contributed were assigned by premined votes, does not matter. You have to draw some line. The public offer is now on, and you need only signify your interest to buy in, based on your share already existing in your steem account, as at last night. There will be no ICO, this is going to be the IPO for Calibrae. It is open, in a limited sense, to Steem account holders, but the likely situation is that maybe 100-200 people will sign up, and they will have their VESTS converted to Juice and Stake. From there on, once it goes live, everyone will otherwise be on the same level.

That makes sense, @andybets is in. Are reputations to be preserved?

Good point. Yes, I will add that to the head post to make sure that it is clear.

Can you briefly explain what exactly the seed nodes do, and are they the same as p2p nodes?

I want to help bring these issues to light, but still need a few gaps filling before I feel I have sufficient knowledge.

Other than seeds, how far wrong is this picture?
mydiagram (2).png

yeah, that's pretty much the structure, except I do intend to quickly move it towards where you cut out that steemit part between the clients and the rpc nodes - the RPC nodes will directly serve up the web application, as soon as I can make it that way.

There will then be many possible web access points, anyone can run, simply by hosting a simple, easy to install interface, and this interface will basically just keep a cache of all available RPC nodes, that are kept up to date, and randomly assign them (or maybe, better, chosen by the client side according to the RPC with the lowest ping).

There will never be a Calibrae corporation registration. RPC operators will, however, be free to run their own cluster systems, and register corporations, and get banking charters, if they can, so they can become direct fiat gateways.

Calibrae will remain fully decentralised, though as an organisation, centering around the database it lives on.

Count me in

@elfspice I took a lil' while to catch up to the posts and threads prior to this.
YES, please accept my request to subscribe to Calibrae 👍

I'm upvoting and resteeming this - Cheers!

Cool, I am hoping for and expecting somewhere around 300-500 initial accounts from Steem members, this is what we need. I will add a brief comment about resteeming also, though I don't think it needs to be emphasised that much, just maybe people might not think of it unless it's suggested.

Count me in.

Opt in I guess. I'll give it a try. When will it be online?

I can't put a firm estimate on that, I would guess somewhere around 6-8 weeks from now, depending on how much help we can gather on this. We are doing this 100% open source software dev strategy, and an open attitude, and no corporation or closed licences. If I was doing it all by myself, I'd say 3 months, but I think 6 weeks is a realistic target.

We'll do our best to make it ASAP :)

count me in.
seems like the only way to get anywhere on Steemit is to lick some megawhale ass which I'll pass on.
is the snapshot already taken definitive? some of my buy orders on polo just triggered, I'll only bring the steem over if there's another Calibrae snapshot. if not I might just resell them.

Yup, that's because all the megawhales are 99% aspartame, and will give you cancer if you lick their balls.

The snapshot is definitive. The snapshot will be available via bittorrent soon, as well as easy to run binaries and configuration scripts that you can use to check up what they are, and dig around in them, if you have a giant server box to play with, or don't mind waiting a week even with decently fast gear, you can do the intensive forensics. At some point in the near future I will try to put together a pre-processed shared_memory image from a fully replayed fully tricked out RPC, complete with matching binary. I have got about 3 weeks left on a server, that should be enough time to get that image made. It will make it a lot less painful to do the forensics on it. So you can trust that snapshot I made, also, I will build something that lets you take a current up to date one and compares it until the snapshot ends, it should be 100% identical.

Your project sounds interesting. I am really new to steemit, and had a couple questions before I decide what to do.

  1. My steem account is not worth much since I am new, but if I opt in, will my assets be split in half, divided between the new platform and the old one?

  2. How will the new platform know what my password from the old platform is? Are the passwords secure?

  3. What is a "preminer" and how to do you know if you are one?

Sorry for the newbie questions and thanks for your time.

  1. No, it is like the BTC/BCC change, you will have the equivalent assets duplicated to the new system. The new system works from the base, hidden underlying currency on Steem called VESTS and will be renamed to JUICE. The values will be identical from this underlying base from Steem.

    SBD is being removed because it is complicated and confusing, and may do bad things to the supply parameters. The conversion rate is frozen as at around midnight 5 August 2017.

  2. The password is actually the secret key, the blockchain stores the public key. It's like a key and a lock. You hold the key, the database holds the lock, and if you have the key, you can unlock the lock.

  3. Preminers are the people who were mining steem before it was publicly accessible. It was publicly accessible, but only to people with high level technical skills, and only advertised in a small, limited forum (bitcointalk). They basically generated about 8 billion Steem tokens, and they have been using this to manipulate the forum since anyone could sign up and post.

    It was thought by the Steemit Inc people that this would be a suitable way to fund development, but most notably, users like berniesanders/nextgencrypto/randowhale have used this power abusively, to manipulate people, and indeed, most of the preminers have abused users this way. It also has allowed them to basically fleece investors who have bought into the platform, they buy in, the price goes up, and the preminers then sold, price goes down.

Thank you for answering my questions. I kind of see what you mean about the manipulation. I'm also not sure I liked the fact people were buying votes and use of bots instead of real users giving the vote based on quality of the posts. I am hopeful that one of the systems will try to mitigate these problems.

Please count me in!

With 200,000 SP, your account smells very preminer-fishy to me. I will be looking very close at your account history.

Why are all those minnow boosting accounts sending you such large amounts of steem and SBD?

You aren't gonna just waltz in and be a fancy whale in Calibrae without a really thorough investigation.

I recognised your name but don't recall it being a positive recollection. I checked your wallet and your transaction history stinks to high heaven.

So everyone else can see it:

I joined Steemit in May'16. I wrote articles that did very well and bought Steem and have periodically bought more Steem. At least half my Steem was effectively bought, maybe more.

I delegate to the Minnowbooster project because several people I follow (like @lukestokes) mentioned it and I took a look. Here are the details on Minnowbooster.

Nothing fishy here.

Additionally, I make it a point to use my influence to speak Truth to Power. (and a month ago on Tezos)

Ok, that sounds reasonable. I got into a financial position to be able to do this project, albeit a much smaller reward, by the same mechanism, by being favourited by some premined whales for a while.

In any case, if you misbehave on Calibrae, high reputation accounts, like mine will be (I have decided that I will copy @l0k1's reputation, which contains the bulk of my historical earning of reputation, that even had a huge chunk taken out early on by berniesanders, and it is higher than yours), so I will be amongst those who will have the reputation chops to put you in your place if you are misrepresenting yourself. I will be looking closely at the reputation effect and if it's biased towards stake that will be changed for sure. Reputation is a type of non transferrable, nonmonetary capital, and it should have a powerful influence.

I just skimmed that post you made, and I am happy if this is the type of thing that is normal for you, no, I am very happy. This is the the kind of ethical creatures we want as whales in Calibrae. This will ensure that pigs who show up with scammed cryptos and buy in don't get an unfair advantage.

count me in if i'm not too late ;) p.s. love your handle 'loki'

heh, you were already in, I think, the spreadsheet said so.

This sounds very intersting. Was led here by @drpuffnstuff. Count me in!

Count me in.

You have another rather fat wallet, I would like to hear about exactly how you got that.

I can see your introduction post from last year, but I would like to hear more about how you came to amass such a large balance of steem power.

I opt in.

No idea if this is still what you're doing or if there is another way to get into calibrae, but count me in.

Opting in.

Add me please. I was hoping to get my 2 adult children to open an account (in fact I was just about to e-mail them about it) before you had your site ready, but I guess I'm too late... you are moving real fast with this. Now I don't know what I should tell them.

Don't worry, I'm not moving that fast. I'm in the midst of still wrangling the repositories and setting up some legacy stuff so later on, everyone can look back at it with fancy database forensics tools, as well as digging out everyone's account from the snapshot who has indicated interest.

This is just the initial 'show of hands' post. You can indicate in a reply to this comment, the usernames of these two new accounts that are wanted.

Tomorrow I should have the legacy steemd repository fully functional, and once I have a steemd instance running on my machine that I can query the snapshot, I will be creating the list of users whose accounts will be pulled out of it, as well as creating a list of desired new accounts related to them, like you are requesting.

Ask your kids what usernames they would like, and I will add their usernames to the list. I have written, previously, and can dig it up in my l0k1 account, an old script I wrote, which hopefully is on the chain, that is a webpage that runs a script (without being online) that generates a set of keys to create the account. I will also add this to the repository, and when it's ready, those who have requested friends or relatives to have new accounts, who have got these relatives or friends to confirm their interest, I will notify you all and provide the file you need to generate your keys, and then you can send the generated public keys the script makes, and this will be added to the genesis blocks.

I just remembered, actually, that I stored that script on my google account. So it won't take me long to get that rolling.

OK, thanks for the quick reply. I will send them an e-mail and see what they say. Thanks for doing all this extra work!

Ok count me in, thanks!

I want tobopt in

bilbop opts in.

Of course you do!

It reminds me there is a number of people who I want to give a shout-out to, that haven't weighed in yet. Well, only one springs off the top of my mind. @xanoxt. I am chatting with him now to brief him on the situation.

Go on then, put me on the list ;-).

I'd like to opt in, please.

I'll take it!

Yup, migration is nice. Two chains is better than one chain.

I also talked with my friends and they said I should ask you to include accounts of our projects, that is @rusteemitblog and @blockchained, one of good things that we can bring is an eventual gateway to Bitshares DEX.

I will finish reading, probably reread and contact you. But I'm mostly in, I just want to know the details of the changes, I have no questions at the moment, because you might have already answered them.

If you are in, you are free to put forward counterarguments about points of disagreement, indeed anyone can put points out there, but if you are taking this seriously and want to have an account at the beginning, then you become a bit more important to me.

The change list is here:

I will be making posts about the project with this image attached to them:

I'm in if you let me. I said that you are boring and lazy but what you are doing is very exciting and not lazy at all. I didn't know about calibrae and judged you from your appearance and view about what I do and your drinking and that you didn't support my work and said that I would pester the people. I think you know that I am busy and am doing this to help everyone on the planet to have enough money to survive and not be poor. I do not get enough support on steemit and am fed up with the ignorance of the rich on steemit.

Intrigued, by this Project. As long as it doesn't affect my Steemit account count me in.

The offer is to have your account copied, as it was in its state late on the 5th of August, when I stopped my lightweight RPC node and backed up the state to prevent the work it took to get it synchronised beinglost.

Then count me in

I am in, interested to see how this progresses!


Искаш ли?

I see your account has been flagged pretty hard. Which preminer did that? Or what did they say you did?

По-ходу кому-то критика не понравилась,в принципе я догадываюсь кому,...да черт с ними...,...)

Они свободны трахаться сами :)
(apologies if that's terrible google translate russian - I recognise a lot of the words from my bulgarian and serbian knowledge)

Does it in anyway affect our current account on Steemit? Sorry not a tech guy..

No, not at all, except if your support attracts the rage flags of butthurt preminers ;) Of course that nonsense won't be migrated across, as it's frozen in its state as at last night.

If I have nothing to lose, count me in haha. More of a curiosity thing..

Sorry man but I did not understand a single thing from this, explain like kid please

Your account's vital statistics will be copied, with appropriate and necessary conversions, from the state it was in as at last night, if you want, just say you want in.

Or, you can wait until later, pay for an account (this depends on when there is an exchange method to get Juice), or get a free, freemium account that is like a not paid for WoW account (you won't be able to have it receive delegated Stake, and it will have more restrictions than a free Steem account).

@elfspice I'm in

Edit : and what about delegated/leased steem power because I have them both..

They won't be included in the copy of your account, obviously, since they are not your account's assets.

But with a relatively small set of users, and better reward allocation parameters, your votes will probably be more substantial, in terms of the platform's base currency. Whether that turns out to be worth something in exchange, all depends on how the market perceives this platform, once it has listings on exchanges.

i had to go through the comments to understand some more. although i'm optimistic of steemit's future, i'm curious to know about your project.
count me in!

change is good. I'm all for it. I'm curious what kind of change this will bring to steemit as well.

Opt in please. Thanks!

Please count me in

I'm in :)

Count me in, thanks.

I'm in. Let's do this!

Opt me in.

I know nothing about the technical end of things... not a developer; I'm a writer and content creator only, but always interested in pursuing potential new platforms for what I'm doing.

Calibrae needs content as much as infrastructure providers and developers :)

Count me in.

Your logical reasoning in your arguments along with the bloat of the blockchain is my reasoning :)

Hope you can get it all fixed up!

Cool :) I am gonna start putting together the list of users who are going into the genesis blocks right now.

You should change your image on your profile to something like this:


Please opt me in.

I'm feeling froggy, so I'm jumping in!

upvoted, resteemed, etc., etc.

I would like to opt in if its not too late, and your talking about our steemit password is what we will need to get on the new chain?

Yes. I will make this big so other people notice it:

Do not forget to save your password as it was on the 5th of August 2017, this will be your account password on Calibrae.

So does steemit change the passwords? Or will I need to manually do it once I move over to Calibre?

No, just make sure you have the one that is current as at 5 august, that will be your password (same username, of course), stored somewhere safe for when it goes live, so you can join the party! If you change your steemit password, the new one won't be valid for Calibrae.

By the way, it's kinda cool that you misspelled it calibre. I wouldn't have minded using that as the name but it was impossible to find a domain name like that. The word is pronounced like 'kalibri', exactly how hummingbird is said in russian.

count me in :) @feedroh

Interesting to see what comes of it, may help both platforms. In.

Till when we will be able to opt-in? Project looks very interesting. :)

You opt in by posting here that you want in. I will go back through this thread when it comes to creating the initial chain state and add everyone's account at the beginning.

Getting a sign up in the initial time between it going live and the first exchangers operating to pay for a new account may take a little while to organise. I will be designing a 'fremium' signup account type, that hopefully I can put in the initial state of the system, that will have a special flag that indicates it has certain limitations, like not being able to have Stake delegated to it, and other features, which are yet to be determined.

We don't want to make it easy for the trolls to get in and not be subjected to the community opinion about their activity on the new platform. Trolls who attract flags from other users, in this platform, will have their vote power limited by their reputation being hammered down. This is a anti-troll countermeasure that will be in the initial rollout.

Okay elfspice! Keep us updated please! :)

I will opt-in later.

I'm putting you on the list anyway. Don't throw away the password you used to log in as at 5th August 2017

Okay :)

Can we be at Calibrae and Steem isn't this just another opportunity to earn more and network with people?

Of course. This is just so you can be in calibrae, the easy way, from the start.

Then count me in what's the url?

If you want to contribute to the development process, there is - there you can find calibrd, shimmer and calibr-js. If you want to join the calibrae organisation and work on the code, either doing rebranding, code changes, or whatever...

I am starting today with finishing the process of creating the legacy steemd for parsing the old chain, extracting all the data for the users signing up, and also converting the chain to json so it can be analysed using other database applications.

I opt in. Interested to see where it goes.

Please count me in 🙂

Please include my profile. I'm in.

I would like to opt in please

This sounds interesting, I am up for it.

I'd like to be in.

You are not very clear with these new thing u are doing, or new coin, i cant tell if i want in or will be accepted in, u still remember me right?

they are talking about copying a block like bitcoin did. So you would have all your SP here but you would have new SP on a new blockchain. like when the bitcoin split, you still got you bitcoin, but you also got bitcoin cash. This would work the same. And I hope they accept you, you have became a much better member of the community! I vote for them to let you opt in if you feel like, I dont see any reason they could deny you. You didn't premine so you should be all good

Damn straight I remember you. We found you with an algorithm searching for accounts with the biggest self-voted rewards.

You aren't invited. I don't see why you would want to be when self voting is not allowed.

lol , it is what it is.

I would like to opt in please. Thank you.

Okay, that would be the greatest thing. When can it happen?

The current timeframe is sitting around 4-8 weeks depending on how much coding help is provided.

What can one to to heighten the chances of being selected. I would love to be a pioneer that gets to help others and make an impact on a new platform

There is no selection. Just say that you want to be in the new platform and you'll be added.

Cool, done that. Are you part of that project?

As one of those "preminers" who has been supporting Steem since its infancy, I certainly agree that some large holders have abused their stake. I've not seen evidence that most have done so, and I'm patiently optimistic that those who are abusive will be dealt with increasingly effectively as development progresses and the community grows. It's well known that such abuses are detrimental to the long term value of the platform, and I strongly doubt that stakeholders too ignorant and shortsighted to recognize that reality hold a controlling percentage.

I wish you the best in your efforts (and respectfully opt out), but I don't think your generalized hostility is doing you any favors.

I wish I felt the confidence you are about this, but I have been watching it too long and seeing over and over again the same wishy washy bullshit about dealing with this.

That the founders and dev team still don't see it as the problem that it really is, is why it's going to hell in a handbasket. I read the latest steemitblog about what they are doing, and it is the most 'rearranging the deckchairs' nonsense I could have imagined them doing. Like I say in my comment on it: "Like adding engines and bilge pumps when the hull has been breached"

The chain grew 50% in the last 6 weeks, from 14gb to 23. The ship is taking on water very fast and the measures that have been proposed will achieve nothing to stop this growth rate.

Everyone now knows that this is a platform for scammers and spammers and trolls. They are getting rich off your lack of spine.

Troglodactyl is the single best username I've ever seen.

I would like to opt in. Thanks!

I would like to be added. Thank you!

I know you're very busy but just wondering in you have a minute to give a brief explanation of how the same password will work on your new site? I know passwords aren't stored in clear text on some database, so I guess there is some sort of public/private key setup and whatever you are forking over has the public information that can be combined with our private password we enter when we sign in, to verify that it is indeed us signing in. Thanks!

No problem, every issue raised is important to others also.

The front-end will be the very same web application. The public key is stored in your account record and the web app uses the password stored in browser secure memory storage to sign transactions. So, yes, you got it in one :)

Oh, and 'signing in' just means to show it as though it's yours, which includes things like who you have followed, who you have blocked, your user settings and exposing your details in the wallet. It does not cause a transaction to occur. The information shown when you are signed in is public information, it just configures the key to be the one used when you attempt to post transactions.

Oh, and yes, it does verify. I'm not sure how, but there is a function that generates public keys from private in steem-js so I assume it just runs that function and compares to the one on the chain.

Thank you for helping me understand this, much appreciated!

I would like to confirm I am opting in. Thank you.

Count me in! Wow man you're doing a lot of work. Keep it up

➫ I would like to opt in: @SoundDrGenie

Calibrae Genesis.jpg

I'm relatively new to Steem and I don't know about
all the issues with the platform are but your offer sounds
appealing & refreshing nonetheless. I just followed,
upvoted and resteem your post 😉 count me in

----------------------------- #CALIBRAE -----------------------------

Upvote Follow Resteem.gif

I would love to be part of this. Thank you!