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As an artist and a sailor I often sit and watch the sun go down after mooring up and when it is mid tide, that is at the stage when it is neither going out or coming back in, often the water can be as still as a fish pond or should I say duck pond to be on the money. And the light that spreads across all the surfaces reflecting the last of the days brilliant tones in a spectacular display of bouncing light and shadow slowly shifting into a muted silence of colour as the light starts to dim. For those few moments when the sun is at its lowest and yet seemingly most colourful and brightest the pure beauty of nature and colour come together and in so doing inspires the arty side of my brain. A camera never seems to capture that perfect moment that only we can try to remember and hopefully achieve some semblance of the atmosphere at a particular moment in a day in our life on canvas. I have tried to show the progress of this picture clip by clip and although a lot of blending of unusual colours together I think it captures my feelings. I used a bright brush several fan brushes and a selection of pallette knives to achieve my desired effect I have included some closeups to try and give an idea of knifework on the colour reflections and rocks. Chemicals used. Artist thinners purified linseed oil and oleogel all at different stages. I also toned the whole picture down once dry to try and show thr effect of fading light and colour as described earlier. Paints are Micheal Harding range. Hope you like the picture!
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Every single photo I could see as a painting itself. I believe it took you a lot of time and effort to create this. It's an amazing mixture of colors and shapes. It's interesting to see that something what started as light blue ended in these dark, deep colors :)

I agree with you in regards to the photos. It is almost impossible to capture the right colors with the camera. But artists like you can do it with their brushes! :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely start of the week!

You're very kind thank you. And yes this painting took me about a week to complete. But over the course of a month or so between layers that needed to be dry before moving on in the process.

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It is a good post art, your technique is very good, the way you prepare the background and then make all those strokes, incredible. I congratulate you, I am also in the art magazine and I would like your opinion, in this way we will support the group that is the goal, to be all of us and to support each other to grow more, greetings.

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