The best of Flora Photography from a novice

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Floral photography is something that will always end up making you feel good about yourself. Reason being, flowers are always pretty, and they don't move while posing. No matter what camera you have, floral photography will give you confidence.

Steemit has developed many skills in me in the past year. Steemit gave me the chance to experiment - I experienced that i can do memes, i can do photography, i can do writing and i can make friends too.

And now there is a new skill that i am going to develop just for Steemit and that is- How to do Videos.

Out of all the skills i have developed photography is my favourite and floral photography is one theme that i feel i am able to do ok with.

Here are some of my finest floral pictures for Flora Photography Contest by @the1ramp.
Here. Also they have a cool app altogether which you must check once Check Here









I love how all above pictures are of different shades.


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Very cool macro photos. Excellent entry for the contest! Good luck! 🙋


thank you for encouraging me :)


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Welcome to helpie! Your photography is beautiful! Enjoy the sweets! ❤️❤️❤️
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wow thank you @paintingangels.
This also clears my concept as on what needs to be done :)

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Hey @vibesforlife check out on @flamingirl contest about #flowerpower might you love to take part in it. Started today so you still have good time to take part in it...

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oh yes, I will make my entry for this tomorrow. Thanks friend, you are doing a great job on your blogs :)

Lovely pics!

I sincerely believe you will excel in your new love for video too. Videos are the in thing and seems to be essential to draw attention and engage your audience. E.g. Karma app has given a high importance to videos on their platform. Of the two kinds of posts allowed there (photo & video), videos shares the 95% of author reward pool.

So yeah, learning to make video is the best decision you have taken at this moment. My best wishes for your newly found passion!


Yeah I am working on what to speak in my first video. What is the Karma app though, is it steem related?


Not exactly. It's the first social media dapp on EOS chain that rewards KARMA tokens.


oh thats different than steemit, is it worth trying?

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