Byteball problems... Some things you DON'T have to do!

in byteball •  4 months ago

It seems that is has become a frenzy and unfortunately a scam battlefield as well.

Be careful!


It is quite easy and fast to request your airdrop that is provided by byteball. You'll find many articles of people that will "help" and that will HELP! you. In general it takes 5-10 min time if you follow the steps of people who know what they are doing.

The effort is worth it!

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

Those helping you will get THE SAME AMOUNT as you
(75% locked for a year)


NEVER share your recieve address in a comment or on a chat where someone else than the one who is helping you can read it.

Download the wallet only, either from the link the person helping you is providing or the official link in the announcement post of byteball. If you do the latter, make sure it is a SINGLE ADDRESS WALLET. (click settings and put the button of the "Single address wallet" to GREEN)

Let you help by someone you trust. It is a lot of money involved and a lot of money means that some people will do anything to take it from you.


  1. There are recieve-address snipers around, sending you the needed funds while taking away the ref-reward from those who really want to help you.
  2. If you download from a wrong link, and forget to switch to single address wallet, you will NOT get the airdrop. I heard stories that both, the ref-link provider and the fund provider recieved the airdrop but NOT the one newly registering! Too many cooks spoil the broth!
  3. If you trust the wrong person, they will send you the 2 Cents needed to activate the wallet and verify your steemit account, but they will not help you. I had to help several people, who were left alone while already having the funds but no idea how to proceed. It sometimes ended with them getting nothing (downloaded/activated multi wallet )or me getting nothing (as the fee already was payed).


There are some trustworthy people around, able and willing to help.
If you trust me, I am also willing to help, just contact me on discord (Pollux#3889) or on

I will spend the money that I earn with this project for my mentorship program
@jacksonoskele // The Mentorship Post
@segunreus // The Mentorship Post
@themonkeyzuelans // The Mentorship Post


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Thanks god I find the right person to get my byteball reward just within 5 minutes.

All you wanna say that to find a trustful person and get your reward.yes we need to be carefull.

Yes man people maybe can take advantage of this situation so we have to be very cautios in the moment to follow the steps and follow them by the official page and official wallet. Regards

Well this airdrop got the hit to many Steemit users !

While keep up the good work of yours and yes I have seen many claiming having difficulties hope they get the right way !

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Awesome! Always loaded with vital and genuine information...I will trust you till thy kingdom come.. and also Thanks for this vital Information

Helpful and informative post sir.Thanks for sharing it

I have already collected the rewards. Thanks though

I always knew this would bring in more thief and fraudulent peeps, thanks for pinpointing this out

thanx for this guide to all of us but i am a bit confuse that if we lost our computer or uninstall byteball from our system ..... is there any option to login to another computer if we want? bcz they said they will give us other 50% after on year


You can save the wallet information in a crv file. (there is a button to do so in the settings)

With this file (keys) you can access the wallet from any other device.

yah we really need to be careful, now adays. thanks for the information :) more power.

this is so helpful to everyone @pollux. many thanks

bro thank u so much please tell me how will i convert it in steem coin please sie


you can use Bittrex or upbit as exchange