📸 Black & White Photography Day 8

in bwphotocontest •  2 years ago 

Throw-back Thursday to when we traveled through the USA in a 65 Mustang Coupe.

New ford mustang 331 pic2.jpg

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One of my most favorite cars ever! I've always loved.. LOVED the mustang! Not the new ones of course.. The ones from the 60s were the best. I envy you so much for this!!

Come on who doesn't love an ecoboost? Just here to push buttons Thanks for the support mate.

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Good post and i agree your Photo is perfect. I give you 100% vote. Follow me back help me as you can in steemit thank you.

Thanks for you support mate! I will have a look at your blog :)

A wonderful picture and I really love the car 😊
Upvoted. Have a wonderful weekend my friend

Thanks so much :) Its defiantly been a busy weekend!

Your welcome my dear friend 😊🤗
Would love to have a car like this.. Lol
So you've been busy, yeah that happens. Great job on your pictures. Blows me away.
Talk soon mate.. Lol 😉