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I was ranking top 100 but then you sent me a shitty e mail saying I was cheating and you had 'concrete evidence'. I only referred 3 people! Not at all impressed. I hadn't even tried to cash out the huge 34cents!!! Are you now going to not payout all those people who were obviously watching ads like crazy?
As for the news, its all US news and how exactly do you earn points for reading the news articles?

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to me

Dear users,

We are warned by facebook and google that extremely abnormal activities are found among our users. We have concrete evidence that you or your referrals have bypassed our app to get the points. Therefore, we are not able to send you the payment. If you use our app normally, we warmly welcome you to read news and earn the points. If you agree we will clean your points and you can still cash out your future point if you use our app normally. If you think we are wrong, you can give us the following information, we can further verified it: 1. your referral code. 2. how you use the app to get the points. 3. how long you stay in the app for the past week.
Thank you so much for your cooperation!



Sorry this must be a mistake. We apologize for it. What's your referral code?

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I think a lot of work needed to be done before your launch because the encouragement and the prize you offered was a motivation to watch the ads which we did before you went on maintenance and then came back and changed the game. I too was sent an email when I was deflated and hadn't even login two days. I have just 2 referral by my last check and haven't even bothered to check after I saw the email. Worst of it is that I wasn't even in the top 100. Today should be the 4th day or so I last login in. You guys really deflated the motivation with which I started.

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Google and Facebook banned us from using their ads. Nobody saw it coming. Thank you for understanding.

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they also sent me this message, they didn't even answer me after providing the reference code

Send us your referral code again. Sorry about the trouble.

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this is my reference code B00000994

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