It's time to claim your reward!

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Dear BuzzBreak users,

It's time to claim your reward! We have listed the top 100 users (excluded spammers and abusers we have detected) in BuzzBreak. If you see your referral code on the list, please email us at to claim your reward!

#1, referral code: B00025987, Points: 3226038
#2, referral code: B00000571, Points: 138822
#3, referral code: B00000742, Points: 137847
#4, referral code: B00003233, Points: 81345
#5, referral code: B00000693, Points: 74860
#6, referral code: B00000719, Points: 63835
#7, referral code: B00062842, Points: 63607
#8, referral code: B00000483, Points: 56625
#9, referral code: B00004725, Points: 52855
#10, referral code: B00000587, Points: 49545
#11, referral code: B00000610, Points: 48029
#12, referral code: B00000602, Points: 47005
#13, referral code: B00007084, Points: 46750
#14, referral code: B00006260, Points: 42120
#15, referral code: B00000558, Points: 41652
#16, referral code: B00000632, Points: 41600
#17, referral code: B00000677, Points: 39515
#18, referral code: B00017135, Points: 38940
#19, referral code: B00000712, Points: 38895
#20, referral code: B00002322, Points: 37888
#21, referral code: B00001737, Points: 37722
#22, referral code: B00000652, Points: 36265
#23, referral code: B00008763, Points: 33720
#24, referral code: B00008170, Points: 33615
#25, referral code: B00000817, Points: 33560
#26, referral code: B00001495, Points: 32785
#27, referral code: B00001600, Points: 32615
#28, referral code: B00008639, Points: 32600
#29, referral code: B00001613, Points: 32599
#30, referral code: B00000584, Points: 32065
#31, referral code: B00000806, Points: 30700
#32, referral code: B00007744, Points: 29338
#33, referral code: B00005581, Points: 29100
#34, referral code: B00012573, Points: 28665
#35, referral code: B00005459, Points: 28650
#36, referral code: B00044558, Points: 28048
#37, referral code: B00018224, Points: 27251
#38, referral code: B00014900, Points: 26932
#39, referral code: B00002028, Points: 26206
#40, referral code: B00011294, Points: 26150
#41, referral code: B00007926, Points: 25700
#42, referral code: B00005751, Points: 25626
#43, referral code: B00001141, Points: 24745
#44, referral code: B00001061, Points: 24450
#45, referral code: B00001599, Points: 24355
#46, referral code: B00008115, Points: 23700
#47, referral code: B00001981, Points: 23650
#48, referral code: B00001037, Points: 23600
#49, referral code: B00002991, Points: 23300
#50, referral code: B00008019, Points: 23103
#51, referral code: B00003432, Points: 22550
#52, referral code: B00000770, Points: 22350
#53, referral code: B00000613, Points: 22001
#54, referral code: B00001230, Points: 21300
#55, referral code: B00000653, Points: 21160
#56, referral code: B00004168, Points: 21120
#57, referral code: B00105556, Points: 20486
#58, referral code: B00001004, Points: 20400
#59, referral code: B00001710, Points: 20365
#60, referral code: B00003567, Points: 20286
#61, referral code: B00000857, Points: 20165
#62, referral code: B00007154, Points: 20050
#63, referral code: B00001517, Points: 19240
#64, referral code: B00008237, Points: 19025
#65, referral code: B00006334, Points: 18980
#66, referral code: B00002406, Points: 18659
#67, referral code: B00003114, Points: 18656
#68, referral code: B00001346, Points: 18505
#69, referral code: B00000960, Points: 17596
#70, referral code: B00005404, Points: 17450
#71, referral code: B00004325, Points: 17300
#72, referral code: B00094854, Points: 17182
#73, referral code: B00003410, Points: 17150
#74, referral code: B00001634, Points: 16950
#75, referral code: B00028059, Points: 16949
#76, referral code: B00006596, Points: 16610
#77, referral code: B00002632, Points: 16450
#78, referral code: B00000883, Points: 16309
#79, referral code: B00010434, Points: 16062
#80, referral code: B00007907, Points: 15800
#81, referral code: B00009100, Points: 15770
#82, referral code: B00000570, Points: 15513
#83, referral code: B00075159, Points: 15493
#84, referral code: B00003856, Points: 15475
#85, referral code: B00004531, Points: 15225
#86, referral code: B00001638, Points: 15077
#87, referral code: B00002882, Points: 15024
#88, referral code: B00000102, Points: 14614
#89, referral code: B00008895, Points: 14260
#90, referral code: B00004834, Points: 14200
#91, referral code: B00021446, Points: 14183
#92, referral code: B00038698, Points: 14100
#93, referral code: B00000760, Points: 13880
#94, referral code: B00004574, Points: 13870
#95, referral code: B00003161, Points: 13860
#96, referral code: B00003035, Points: 13806
#97, referral code: B00000566, Points: 13600
#98, referral code: B00006229, Points: 13555
#99, referral code: B00005918, Points: 13508
#100, referral code: B00005125, Points: 13265

The rules are here:

Thank you so much for your participation!


Why i am not here. My ref B00000523
Proof and look at this

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Good luck to all buzzbreak users.

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Fantastic! I lost time behind your app, looking at advertisements, accusing me of abnormal activity and not replying to the email, I also had to dirty my profile to advertise you with this sad giveaway! ridiculous....

What's your referral code? We can look into it for you.

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this is my reference code B00000994, about 10 times I give it to you

I tried to talk to "Sida", you didn't answer me anymore ...

Really really sorry about it.

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Really sorry about the inconvenience. Your account is good now. You can enter your PayPal account and cash out!

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The problem is not cashing, I have 60275 points, I participated in the giveaway and I return to the top 100, always answer me like this, do the gnorri

According to your latest ranking, you are #9. We will make sure that when we send out the rewards.

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I hope it was a mistake, thanks!

By the way, do you use Partiko? It's going to enhance your Steem experience by a LOT!

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thanks ! :) ♥♩♬

sent email
watch out steem id not to miss spelling

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Will check today along with other people's emails!

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Email sent!

Will check today along with other people's emails!

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🎁 Dear @sciack,

SteemBet Seed round SPT sale is about to start in 2 days!

When our started the development of SteemBet Dice game, we couldn’t imagine that our game would go so viral and that SteemBet would become one of the pioneers in this field.

In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord


I sent e-mail.
Thank you!

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Congratulations @buzzbreak! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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#15, referral code: B00000558, Points: 41652
I rank 15....

Just sent an email
Thanks! 🙂

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Will check today along with other people's emails!

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Thanks! 🙂

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Thanks a lot! I received my reward🙂

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Hi @buzzbreak, I saw my referral code on the list and just sent an email but got an auto-response I am finding hard to understand.

buzzbreak reply.jpg

I don't know if the image is clear enough so I copied your reply as you see below:

"Dear user,

If you are asking about your payout, please reply your referral code to [email protected]
The reply to this email would not be received by us.
The payout will take 48 hours please wait.

Thanks so much!



I didn't ask for cashout, I wrote to the email you provided on this post to claim my reward.

I hope you can check and see if my claim is ok.

My code on your list details are as follows:

#69, referral code: B00000960, Points: 17596

Yeeyyyyyy! I just sent you an email.. thank you! 😀😊

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Just sent an email

Sent an email to the listed address on this post but all i got is an autoresponder response concerning cash out. What is going on

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No worries. We will respond!

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