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RE: It's time to claim your reward!

in #buzzbreak4 years ago

Fantastic! I lost time behind your app, looking at advertisements, accusing me of abnormal activity and not replying to the email, I also had to dirty my profile to advertise you with this sad giveaway! ridiculous....


What's your referral code? We can look into it for you.

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this is my reference code B00000994, about 10 times I give it to you

I tried to talk to "Sida", you didn't answer me anymore ...

Really really sorry about it.

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Really sorry about the inconvenience. Your account is good now. You can enter your PayPal account and cash out!

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The problem is not cashing, I have 60275 points, I participated in the giveaway and I return to the top 100, always answer me like this, do the gnorri

According to your latest ranking, you are #9. We will make sure that when we send out the rewards.

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I hope it was a mistake, thanks!

By the way, do you use Partiko? It's going to enhance your Steem experience by a LOT!

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with this first beginning... however I will provide! ;)

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