Can you Buy Steroids with your Credit Card?

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Is it possible to Buy Steroids with a Credit Card?


As the popularity of anabolic steroids has rapidly increased over the last several years, which has resulted in millions of people all over the globe using performance enhancing drugs to improve their physiques and athletic performance. Buy steroids has become increasingly more easy over the last decade, with hundreds, if not thousands of online stores on the World Wide Web. The question that most people are asking are whether they can use their credit or debit card to purchase anabolic steroids and whether it is safe to do so. In this piece we will delve into this questions and look at whether using your credit card is a wise idea when it comes to buying steroids online.

You can buy pretty much anything online nowadays - including steroids - therefore those seeking to purchase these anabolic hormones are naturally curious as to whether steroid suppliers are able to accept credit card payment. Thinking logically about it the answer would be no, as which payment processor is going to allow a site to sell illegal products? None. That being said, there are numerous ways that steroid sites have circumvented the rules and actually been able to take payment by card without any issues. So, if you are looking to pay online then there is some hope for you. The number of sites that do accept this payment form are small in number so you will have to locate them yourself. Luckily - thanks to the inception of several steroid review sites - it has become easier to track down suppliers, therefore by simply going to the major steroid review sites you'll be presented with numerous websites. All you need to do is head over to the sites and see if they do indeed take card payment. Most won't - but some will. Before making a purchase there are several golden rules for purchasing anabolic online, and we highly advise that you follow these.

Rules for Buying Steroids Online

Although these rules aren't set in stone, we recommend that you do follow them as this will reduce the risks on your part.

  1. Do your research. Never, ever, buy on a whim. Just because you see a good deal doesn't mean that you should instantly make a purchase. Remember, steroids are a grey market product, and therefore aren't regulated, which means you should carry out full research on both the supplier and the UGL/brand before buying. Use steroid review sites such as eRoids and MuscleGurus to see what ratings potential sites have. Once you have established that a site is legitimate then you can go ahead and see if the UGLs they offer are solid products too. Using bodybuilding forums are perfect for this. Oh, and don't forget to check that they take credit card payments!

  2. Only use domestic sources. It can be tempting to use overseas sources, particularly if you live in a country with strict steroid-related laws, which naturally increase the cost of purchasing steroids. Although there may be some great deals to be had, importing steroids is an extremely risky business. If they get stopped at customs then your goods will be destroyed and your name and address blacklisted (and the DEA will be keeping tabs on you for sure). Always buy steroids from domestic sources as the internal mailing systems of countries are far, far less policed than international mail and package systems, therefore you have a far, far less chance of being caught.

  3. Online buy anabolics online. This may sound an odd one, but it is the best course of action to take if you want to reduce the risks when using your credit card to buy steroids. Buying online allows for a degree of anonymity, however in person you do not get this at all. If you get caught in person then you are bang to rights, whereas ordering online reduces the risks as you'll usually have your steroid confiscated and get a slap on the wrist.

  4. Always make a test purchase. Even if a steroid supplier accept credit cards and has great reviews that doesn't mean that you should place a $1000 order immediately. Always place a test order for the minimum order amount. This way you can see if the supplier delivers legitimate products on time, in addition to how efficient their customer service is.

We hope this guide to buying steroids online with your credit card helped!

Thanks for reading.


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