Is it worth buying refurbished products?

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What is Refurbished ?

Refurbished refers to a reconditioned product. A refurbished product is usually cheaper than a new product because the most frequent reason is that the product has been returned to the store by a buyer for some reason.

I want to buy a computer. Is it a good idea to buy refurbished electronic equipment? What stores do you recommend? What should I consider to buy a reconditioned item?

If you have had any experience (good or bad) with the reconditioned products, leave me a comment at the bottom. It will be very useful for me.

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Hmmm. It really depends on the savings you will get by buying a refurbished product. As I was buying my Mac I also checked the refurbished products but saw I was only saving me about $50 USD (for a product worth $2000 USD). So my mind immediately turned to: "Better pay $50 USD more and you will get a really new one". Of course the products get checked and you basically get the same warranty and stuff but still I think it is not really worth it (at least with Apple products since you do not really save that much).

I would only buy refurbished products in stores that they have great technical support.

I have not bought any of this products because the stock is small, so it is difficult to find any that suits my requirements

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I haven't purchased any refurbished product myself till date but I feel they are as good as new ones. I know that big brands sell their refurbished products and are accepted well by customers. They even come with warranty like new ones.
I would recommend you to check Apple's official page to see their collection of refurbished products-

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I would maybe buy refurbished computer only if it comes with warranty and if there is really huge discount, at least 60-70 per cent price reduction would be my target.

i used some refurbished graphic cards for mining. all cards just dead in 2 month.

I'm a fan of buying new goods but then, it's mostly because I want to be the one to peel off the wrapper

My laptop isn't new and it's serving me well. But then, I don't expect it to serve me as long as a new one would.

Refurbished goods are good and can save you some cash, especially when you have your sights on expensive gadgets like a mac book.

Otherwise, I would recommend you go for new products. They've got warranty on them and (should) serve you better and longer

I would buy refurbished products like furnitures but not electronic gadgets like computers. That is because if the furniture breaks down, there is bigger chance of having that repaired. However for electronic gadgets, the possibility of it ending as scrap is bigger unless it comes with at least a reduced warranty. If there is no warrantyat all, I will not gamble my money.

I haven't bought refurbished computer but I coordinated a sale of bulk of it after our PC refresh program in one of my former employments. When I asked the buyer as to how they are going to collect their money back, they said they will take the parts and come up with something new instead of cleaning up the old ones and trying to repair them. They said they usually make more sales that way.

Yes it is worth it. I have bought a refurbished HP Stream when they first came out from ebay for a total of about $150. They were being sold for $349 + taxes at retail stores at the time. It worked great. I was tempted to buy a half dozen of them to resell but ultimately decided against it. The person I bought it from was listed as an official refurbished seller and sold laptops that were returns or has small imperfections that you or I wouldn't notice. Of course there is always the chance you buy a dud .... luckily ebay has protection for such a thing.

Bueno en la epoca de la bonanza del dolar cuando teniamos los cupos, yo me compre un celular reconstruido y hasta hoy dia me ha salido mucho mejor que los propios que son nuevo. es un blackberry 9111 excelente equipo. asi que yo puedo dar fe que por lo menos a mi me fue bien.

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