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Here's a few random previously unpublished spider photos for #butterflyday and #insectpub by @whatisnew

Here's a lurking bathroom spider I found in the bathrooms at the Chiricahua National Park in Arizona. These guys are known as flatties since their bodies are kind of flat. I personally call them face huggers since they resemble the critter from the movie Aliens. They look scary but aren't dangerous and can even be handled if you can even catch one (they are fast).

Here's another Arizona spider, just a giant crab spider from the family Sparassidae. People who grow up in Arizona get used to these guys being everywhere, I used to catch them all the time growing up and watch them come out at night to hunt. They are pretty docile and can be handled gently my nephew is following in the Arizonan tradition catching this one. We used to bring some of the ones we caughtto this guy so he could sell them to spider enthusiasts lol http://www.kenthebugguy.com/

Here's a similar spider as the one above but she is the Illinois version. This is a fishing spider, they can be caught and handled as well. Also pretty docile. You just put your hand in front of them then touch one of their back legs lightly and they will crawl onto your hand. I have a picture of my fiance holding this one somewhere. She loves spiders even more than me.

Here's another wolf spider I found near the bathrooms when I was camping in Michigan this past summer. These guys always like scaring campers who are groggily trying to find the bathrooms at 2am in the morning with their flashlights.

Here's a little cute phiddipus audax i found in my condo randomly. Fortunately i was raising hornworms for my tarantulas at the time and I put one in front of this guy and he instantly pounced on it.

Here's the little guy hanging out on my hand. I kept it for a while the let it go near some shrubbery outside.

Unfortunately after raising a batch of hornworms the spiders only ate a few and were good to go for another month. This left many hornworms open to hatching into hawk moths. Here's one of the ones that hatched. Darn thing pooped on my hand lol.

Another problem with having moths around is they start escaping when you open the container. This one escaped and landed on an oil painting my fiance was working on. It seems to add to the composition nicely but she had to fix the little moth footprints on the painting later lol. That's it for this #butterflyday

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Thanks :-)

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You and your spiders. LOL! It serves you right that the moth pooped on you! What a great photo of it and I am so happy that you shared this with us. Your fiance's oil painting is beautiful and it looks like she has moths on her mind. Thanks for using #butterflyday tag @sketch.and.jam! : )

The moth was trying to fly into the painting's mind :-).

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unusual pets tarantulas... What do you do when they misbehave? :-)

Evacuate the building lol.

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Haha 👍

Me gusta ver los ojos de las arañas. los vi en una sola foto. Cuando vi la polilla en el cuadro, pensé que era un adorno. saludos.