Action responsibility

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Hello steemians, when can we say that someone is responsible? What are the criteria for attributing responsibility? We have just seen that the basic sense of responsibility includes the idea that the subject carries out an action, which is attributable to him / her. The question now is what conditions must be given for the action to be imputable and the subject considered responsible for the behavior.

It can be said that someone is responsible for their behavior when these three conditions are met:

to. The subject acts freely, without coercion or manipulation.
b. He is aware of his behavior.
c. It does something or it stops doing something.

We could also say: (a) freedom, (b) intentional behavior and (c) existence of action or omission. Let's analyze them separately.

a) Freedom: The first condition to ascribe responsibility is that there be a free act, without coercion or manipulation, so that the behavior comes from the subject, their qualities or personal characteristics. In other words, that it is a work of his own.

In the background is the concept of freedom. He is responsible only for free actions. Now, freedom is usually conditioned to some extent. Almost always there are external factors that limit our freedom in different ways: the scarcity of resources, for example, prevents us from some tempting options for vacations; the discomfort of the heat makes it harder for us to sit down to study; the invitation of the friends pushes us to go to the pool instead of helping the parents in the care of the little brother; If I act honestly at work, I may win some antipathies. Well, for there to be responsibility, it is not necessary for freedom to be full. Normal conditions do not eliminate the agent's responsibility with respect to the action and its result as long as it is.

It seems, then, that the fundamental thing is the decision or, perhaps better, the control: to conserve the decisive weight or, as we would say, to maintain the frying pan by the handle with respect to what is executed.


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