My Challenge to the 50/50 Crowd

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So, You want 50/50 Curation/Author Rewards because it will be more investor-friendly.


Code it or Fund it!

Maybe it would be a good first project to try to fund via the DAO or the Foundation. Or maybe one of you has the skill to build it.

I actually think it would be an interesting experiment, but doesn't help with onboarding, marketing or anything else that gains Steem visibility. So... if you want it, make it happen.

I will fully support you in asking witnesses to drop it.

This is a platform that needs people who are getting things done.

If you want 50/50 rewards like we want user friendly sites and SMTs make it happen and we will back you.

How will it get programmed? How will it get dropped? Solve those problems and you have my full support!
Get R' Done!



I am with you! You have my Steem Power behind you. Things need to start to get done to see their effectiveness as execution is key.

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If anything ever changed here, how would we recognize it?

I think before getting to work on 50-50, people who like the thought are running it though the idea mill to guage public support.

If anyone capable and trustworthy wants to develop it, i challenge them to name the amount of sbd steem or whatever it is they want. They will then give us a better idea to know if it is worth it.
It seems enough people like the idea. I suggested allowing a slider at least initially. That won't likely cause a hard fork since you can leave it alone at 25 or increase it to 50-50 or more.
Will it help onboard new people? I would give it a slightly positive for this. If a lot of people who already use Steem feel this is positive community back change, it will help retain people pr even may make them more passionate about Steem. There are a lot of people here who want some things fixed tweaked or changed before doing some on boarding. I think increasing curation to make circle jerking and bot farming / trending more difficult would be a good start.

You know what else would solve low-quality posts on trending? If the only ones buying votes were losing money on them because we have demand.. BOOM solves the problem.

The bidbots are buy pressure. People buy steem to bid on the bots and they lock up half of that for 13 weeks. That is not a loss. the problem is people who don't understand supply and demand have taught the community that having a valuable product with demand is bad, because a few people can't afford to buy votes or have a romantic notion that they would be acheiving a higher success with out them.

I was here before the bidbots, Believe me, we do not want them to go away, there was absolutely nothing you could do for visibility.

Right, that is part of the reason why I thought a slider would be good. If you are planning to use bots you would set it to low curation to reduce costs until you have figured out a new way, etc.
Now the only option to virtue signal or whatever is to turn off post rewards. Seems a little harsh. I use bots and I see their purpose. I don't want them gone, a ton of people buy Steem just to delegate and if the value of a delegation goes lower than 15% APR that could be bad.
I think for people who do not want to use bots, this would be better. I'd be willing to do at least 1 post a week where curation rewards are set at max and in general probably up curation to around 33%

"set it to low curation to reduce costs" won't work. Bot owners can just say "The post needs to be set to at least 25% curation to qualify for upvoting" or whatever percentage. They can even offer discounts for setting curation higher. In the end, giving users more option is better and I'm overwhelmingly pro-curation slider.

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yeah, it would be interesting to see who set the curation rewards at what.

However, I am more interested in bringing on new users when it comes to dev time, I think there might be better things to focus on.

This is why I liked the Merger Proposal. It has several different teams with a different focus, some people are just better or more interested in certain things. It allows money to be put in based on priority, thought and current ability to do the job.

I wish I could code so that I’ll make it possible and faster!

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🌹 🌹 🌹

Whip 'em up @whatsup! That saying 'be the change you want to see' certainly applies here.

I wonder who they think is going to come do their bidding?

anyone motivated to make sure passive investors who aren't adding anything stay happy?

That is a mature projects game... That can't even be bothered to throw a flag if they aren't getting paid.

They are getting exactly what they have earned.

Hahaa nothing from nothing equals nothing.

You see it all the time in all aspects of life though...'they should do this or change that'.

'I wish someone would do something. Why can't we get this right?'

If you don't like the way things are... change it yourself. Don't wait on the change fairy cause she's way too busy!

Should we get @jerrybanfield back 😂😂😂😂

Also, tons of crypto project market heavily but wonder why steem inc hides from everyone 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

Almost all of them have a foundation or DAOs or some type of organization.

Ours is coming!!!

help with onboarding, marketing or anything else that gains Steem visibility.

These are the only proposals that I'll vote for.

If all the investors would like that so much more, I'm sure they will have no problems coding it or hiring someone to code it. It's going to be great!

Yes. You never walk alone. Make steem great again!

I am assuming this would need a hard fork.

Therefore if it does not get into the forthcoming DAO fork, it could be many, many months before there is another forking chance.

Yes it would require a hardfork. And although I am not opposed to it happening, in fact... I think it could be interesting, it just seems like terrible timing and like it would only matter to those of us that are already here.

Well said! I do agree with this that those advocating 50/50 need to go ahead and do the leg work to get it done. However, I sorta think the witnesses have already decided on this and probably have some of the code already done, as they seem rather fervent about supporting it. That being said, I still support the idea of a slider to choose author payouts, and I think it's definitely something to look into developing! :)

No they don't have anything done. They want to pull SteemIt, Inc from moving forward to make this possible.

That is my point... They call themselves investors, but they are stakeholders at best. They certainly aren't contributing. They are just hollaring.

Ah, then that makes a lot of sense. Honestly, this seems like a petty argument to begin with. I honestly think built-in SMT's are far more important than the ratio of author to curator rewards!

I actually think it would be an interesting experiment, but doesn't help with onboarding, marketing or anything else that gains Steem visibility. So... if you want it, make it happen.

I will fully support you in asking witnesses to drop it.

This is a platform that needs people who are getting things done

My thoughts, although I don't like the idea at all. Join the RC that make a newcomer almost unable to interact, with now half of.the work placed in a post go away, while increasing the curation to... zero, because curation rewards are basically nonexistent while you don't have a decent amount of SP. Can't see how this can help anyone apart from large stakeholders.

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There is a slight chance it would discourage some self voting, but not much and not many... It's not worth it.

They don't like the bidbots because they can't control who is getting rewards. Actually though, they could control it if they wanted to use their stake... But they don't want to pay the costs involved.

So they are yelling for someone to fix it for them

The self voting part would be easy, if rewards were.reduced.for self voting. It kind of pains me to think that after someone had a ton of trouble producing decent.content, that half of it is taken away. Or another alternative is to make the curation % author

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You know what they could do if they are unhappy with trending?

They could flag it.

They could vote up other users.

They could hire this job out.

They want to be able to pour the inflation rewards back to themselves and not make any sacrafices along the way...

They may get there way too.

Let's hope they don't... would love to see Steem uptrending

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I was actually running the poll in preparation for the Steem DAO. I plan on making a contribution and if we have enough support then it will get funded.
Even with proper funding, this isn't something that can be done without the consensus of at least 17 of the top 20 witnesses. And I don't see that happening unless some minds change. So really this is all a moot point because it won't get pushed through even if I offered to fund it 100%, build it and put it on a silver plater.
I am looking forward to the Steem DAO, even if curation is never changed I think having a place where everyone can go to vote/donate and maybe inflation will also fund new innovations.
It's all about building things that don't need consensus on top of Steem to duck tape the flaws. Kinda like Steem engine, just more of it.

That's great. I have no problem with them wanting it and figuring out how to fund it.

Personally I would rather see the DAO fund projects that further Steem outside of Steem and that aren't focused on our own stakeholders most who have been here for 3 years and have already experienced 50/50 rewards.

We need to stop spending all of our energy on STEEM internal issues and work on getting Market ready! :)

I have no problem with it being discussed and to be honest it wasn't your post that triggered me at all! :) It's the stakeholder/witness that likes to log in once every few months and complain about what everyone who is here actually working is doing... :)

I'll support it.

Hmmnnnnnnn....WELL SAID... WhatsUp...So simplistic, and sound; therefore, it will probably be ignored by the decision makers :>|

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I agree that it should probably be something that is a adjustable by the witnesses and we can see how it goes without having to make drastic changes.
For me 50/50 is not just about increasing investment in Steem but about making it work better for those here today.
I have zero programing skills but would like to see the split broken down at the bottom of posts in plain view.

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There's already working slider allowing for authors to choose any curation percentage inside the corridor pre-set by witnesses on Golos.
It doesn't seem to be like some bid deal to import this feature.

I don't understand the investor argument :(

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