Five-Things to do less to get more out of life

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Like anything worth pursuing, positive thinking and living a happier, more fulfilling life takes work. But what if you could do less and be even happier?
Well we can. It's all in the "what" you do not the "how much" you do:

  • Complaining:

Sure. Sometimes merely airing a grievance is all we need to feel a little bit better about things, but seriously, no one wants to be around someone that is constantly talking gloom and doom. Next time you find a whine-fest coming on, stop before you start. That old adage about "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" holds true here.

  • Judging:

We're all guilty of this one. But before you rush to judge someone, pause and try giving them the benefit of the doubt. In the words of Ian Maclaren:

"Be kind. For everyone with you meet fighting a hard battle." We could not have said it better ourselves.

  • Blaming:

It's time to take ownership and stop blaming others when things don't go our way. But on the flip side, be kind to yourself and be sure to take responsibility when things go right, too.

  • Worrying:

Most of us have a seemingly never-ending list of things we're actively worrying about, but how much good is that actually doing us? Probably very little. Sure, worrying does allow us to process different scenarios and mentally act out how we'd handle them, but chances are most of the things you're worrying about aren't worth the mental space they're taking up. So let them go and reclaim some of your sanity. Feel that? It's a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

  • Over-thinking:

You have made a pros/cons list. Perhaps a spreadsheet. You've polled your friends and family and still haven't made up your mind. Sometimes it is the best to go with your gut and save the hemming and hawing for truly important things: like what flavor ice cream to go with. Or should you make it a two-scoop

Please, Need your time to read the text below, it can always change in some points and its that has made this community understand and help each other. I would like you to pay close attention to what is written in these notes. Try to really follow what I ask of all of you who are a few months old with me contributing meaningful comments and we have built something really good here along with people who have a positive mindset and we have managed to get more people together like that.

First of all,
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I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a busy life but I will try to do my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am really grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, more and more upvotes each others and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can Resteem...!!
You all know the goal! We can reach: More and More Upvotes each others!

I am reading all the meaningful comments from the posts.
You will receive my upvote in all material and brief comments I will do this in all the posts I am following very closely and I can see what the people who are generous and contribute to this legacy that I am trying to build with all of you can become reality in a short time.

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I am very happy to have many friends in Steemit and many experiences and challenges that face this blog. we have a lot of patience to get votes from the curator or from the seniors, and thank you for being included in this community I hope you will continue to be enthusiastic.

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thanks you to Dear @f21steem

Very true..

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