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RE: My Challenge to the 50/50 Crowd

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I think before getting to work on 50-50, people who like the thought are running it though the idea mill to guage public support.

If anyone capable and trustworthy wants to develop it, i challenge them to name the amount of sbd steem or whatever it is they want. They will then give us a better idea to know if it is worth it.
It seems enough people like the idea. I suggested allowing a slider at least initially. That won't likely cause a hard fork since you can leave it alone at 25 or increase it to 50-50 or more.
Will it help onboard new people? I would give it a slightly positive for this. If a lot of people who already use Steem feel this is positive community back change, it will help retain people pr even may make them more passionate about Steem. There are a lot of people here who want some things fixed tweaked or changed before doing some on boarding. I think increasing curation to make circle jerking and bot farming / trending more difficult would be a good start.


You know what else would solve low-quality posts on trending? If the only ones buying votes were losing money on them because we have demand.. BOOM solves the problem.

The bidbots are buy pressure. People buy steem to bid on the bots and they lock up half of that for 13 weeks. That is not a loss. the problem is people who don't understand supply and demand have taught the community that having a valuable product with demand is bad, because a few people can't afford to buy votes or have a romantic notion that they would be acheiving a higher success with out them.

I was here before the bidbots, Believe me, we do not want them to go away, there was absolutely nothing you could do for visibility.

Right, that is part of the reason why I thought a slider would be good. If you are planning to use bots you would set it to low curation to reduce costs until you have figured out a new way, etc.
Now the only option to virtue signal or whatever is to turn off post rewards. Seems a little harsh. I use bots and I see their purpose. I don't want them gone, a ton of people buy Steem just to delegate and if the value of a delegation goes lower than 15% APR that could be bad.
I think for people who do not want to use bots, this would be better. I'd be willing to do at least 1 post a week where curation rewards are set at max and in general probably up curation to around 33%

"set it to low curation to reduce costs" won't work. Bot owners can just say "The post needs to be set to at least 25% curation to qualify for upvoting" or whatever percentage. They can even offer discounts for setting curation higher. In the end, giving users more option is better and I'm overwhelmingly pro-curation slider.

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yeah, it would be interesting to see who set the curation rewards at what.

However, I am more interested in bringing on new users when it comes to dev time, I think there might be better things to focus on.

This is why I liked the Merger Proposal. It has several different teams with a different focus, some people are just better or more interested in certain things. It allows money to be put in based on priority, thought and current ability to do the job.