Do You Want a 50/50 Circle Jerk or a 25/75 Circle Jerk..?

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The debate is... do you want a 50/50 curation/author split on reward or leave it as it is as a 25/75 rewards split.


I personally think it would be pretty interesting to see 50/50 split, but I don't think it changes anything meaningful it just changes the hoops that stakeholders have to jump through to give themselves back the highest value of their inflation.

I am for the change because maybe it will stop some stakeholder complaining but at the end of the day Steem is a very tiny community with less than 2500 accounts that hold more 5000 Steem. The debate is internal. Those who aren't here... Don't care about our Math and we don't have enough here to make enough difference to me anyway. People didn't NOT come here because of our Curation Rewards. They didn't come here, because they haven't heard about us and will likely never find us while we fight over things internally. Those that did come here left because they didn't like our tools or felt ignored by the community.

Let's make the change or not make the change, but then can we start focusing on actually attracting some people to Steem? Can we market and improve our user experience?

Tron, EOS, ETH they have apps, but they do not have a centralized place to talk to those users. We have a community, our games are more fun because we know each other. I don't want to play Steem Monsters because I've been dying for a digital card game. It's fun because we know each other and can compete. Same is true of Drugwars. There is no way I would go to Tron to play either of those games. I play because they are a part of my community.

So, go tell the guys which percentage you prefer so maybe we can move past looking at our internal struggles and look outside of Steem for new users and investors.

Use this link to read more and vote

I only call it a circle jerk because this only matters to people who are already here... I'm not interested in Marketing to our 2500 stakeholders. I'm interested in Marketing to 2 billion people who use social media.



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I don't think it's a good time to go for a curation % debate! It's better everyone focus on Mira and SMT news and updates! Coz that's the place that we really boost up! And people will heard more about us as well!


Maybe it's time to forget tinkering and go full bhoona. It had been suggested before so it's not my idea but how about some kind of decaying vote strength if repeated. Eh, you vote for an author two posts running, your vote is ten percent less effective. If you leave a gap it resets by +10 % kind of thing. This would be to stop repeated circle jerking.

Something like that.

People say there would be ways round it but hey there are ways round everything.

Tinkering won't fix things. Change will fix things

I have friends that like to read and invest, not many of them but they all could easily buy 20 -50k of steem. None are interested in blogging. Guess i can tell them to sell votes and read stuff for free. Edit: 50/50 circle for me. P.S sent you SBD not interested in helping bot curators, They didn't help me find this post lol

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People didn't NOT come here because of our Curation Rewards.

This is true, but people didn't come here to post something and receive 0 votes... So, you can look at this from different angles... If I am a newbee, I even don't know how rewards functioning, but I first thing that I can see on the platform is upvotes and value that I see under my post (number of votes, value, etc)
Just my 2c...

I wish to be circle jerked at 25/75 please.

@demotruk has an interesting proposition regarding reward splits:
a custom reward split slider

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I couldn't care less about the fundamentals of rewards like you said it only matters to the people who are here. Its a case of thinking that steem/steemit will remain like this forever which if it does I think most of us would leave.

Focusing on rewards is spending time and energy focusing on the minutia. I'd rather focus on improving the user experience, acquisition and retention with less focus on the money to begin with and not make that the be all and end-all of why everyone is here.

The only focus is to get more users not just on steemit but any dapp that uses it. STEEM is ot steemit and this debate has gotten old and it was pointless from the begining. Just my 2 steem on the subject

Hear hear

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but I don't think it changes anything meaningful it just changes

Upvote for this :)

Steem(it) mindset = economy of redistribution = everyone become equal = equally poor

This cycle has repeated countless times.

Until those few realize that they need to attract real money and let the best authors thrive, there is nothing that can help.
(Note: the best authors are not even registered to Steemit...)

The greatest blunt, RT joined Steemit, and Steemit is not capable to make a buzz out of it?!

I mean, censor-free platform for independent media, recognized by one of the most influential .... with XXX... viewers in YYY countries.

Is it so difficult to make a clear message for media (for example) and a decent landing page?

Well I only half agree. We don't need great authors. Social Media is about networking and friends.

There are NO successful models of Authors Sites.

It is about connecting people with people.

We agree on every other point.

Hmm, Patreon, Youtube, Twitch, these are all super successful "author sites". It's obviously not what they're called, but at the end of the day, that's what they are.

It's a bit different from social media ie Facebook or Twitter, but of these two types, Steem is more the former. Best example is, we make posts on Steem, but hang out on discord. A Status update or tweet style post is generally referred to as a shit post here. It's all about the UI/UX. I think Steem COULD do this, but we haven't really yet :/ I think it would work best with an SMT to be honest though, so that the faucet sites aren't full of "tweets" They aren't really designed for that.

We don't need Authors. We need networkers and creators. :)

Is Angela Lansbury still kicking? Murder Shteem Wrote anyone ?

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Lol even if JK Rowling exclusively published her next Harry Potter book or EL James published 50 shades on steemit it wouldn’t do tits to move the needle! We’re a well kept secret for a reason! Poor marketing and poor user experience! I am hoping the steem alliance will make this the first point of order

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I’ve expressed similar sentiments since i arrived. Well kept secret is a very very kind way to put it. All this talk of tens of thousands of daily users yet I feel like an elite steemian if I earn a dollar, and for good reason. That’s quite a minority, even rarer a wild homesteader
that organically became a minnow in just a few months. That’s seriously one in a million, and his model cannot be followed as it’s a niche market. However this does show potential to develop communities. We shall see where the alliance takes the torch...

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what's with that inage anyway, I don't get it. They're not 50 I think. haha

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It is becoming boring this subject of 50%/50%...

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That last paragraph says it all, really. I'm not bothered which decision they make. Like you say, make it and get on with things that will make Steem more attractive and useable. If we're going to start using crypto as a currency, then everyone needs to be able to access and use it. The huge pass keys are daunting for most people. Even banks don't make things that difficult, or how would they get everybody using them? Loose your key here and you can't access your money. How many are going to take that risk? Is it any wonder only 2500 people in the entire world hold over 5000 steem so far?

And I agree with Galen; that picture with the title is so disturbing!

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I think the author should be rewarded higher than a curator. This is just common sense for me. I don't think 50/50 is a good idea. I agree with the part that we have to attract way more users. In the end it doesn't matter that much if we don't have curators and authors.

That image is somewhat disturbing.

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lol, it was meant to be! :)

Freaked me out...Please don't repeat. That image and the words, circle jerk... Unpleasant mental image. 😳🤢🤮

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haha.... Perfect, that means it worked!

You're evil...🤣

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All it takes is that one good dapp on Steem, I’m patiently waiting 😬

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I think we need a circle jerk meter. The more circle jerking you do the higher your score.

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Here's how I voted on that poll:

Voted for

  • No

While I do think that curation rewards should be increased somewhat, I still hold the conviction that an author holds the right to reap the greatest reward from a post as it is their content they created and own. 75/25 is, however, maybe a bit much for the author. I might suggest 60/40 or 55/45. Or like @demotruk just asked about, maybe introduce a slider to allow authors to decide how large the curation reward should be. Because I firmly believe in the right to choose, I support this option the most!

I'm curious to know what you think of this slider for choosing curation rewards on individual posts? How does the idea sound to you? To me, it would be the best of both worlds as authors could choose their curation rewards and curators could check what their reward will be before voting a post (if that's seriously what they value most...). Although I'm sure there's a few salty individuals out there who would ensure this idea is viewed as making "no one happy" cause they didn't get their way...

Great Article,

I upvote all your quality Articles, but I don't understand.

50/50 means what for me?

I'm for a sliding scale based on SP. So when you have less than 100 SP, you receive almost all your author rewards, but once you're an Orca you're at 50/50, but yes you're right. This is not what we should be focused on right now. How about we make something people want to use first.

I don't think it should be 50/50 as it is a lot harder to create content than it is to click a button...


I read every post, that I vote on. So do some others.

the ones who don't have autovoting turned on anyway.

None of it is going to matter. We need new people not to make these guys happy with how they hand themselves back the rewards.

Well I agree we need marketing to get more eyeballs. More people would probably attract more investment because of eyeball count.

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I want %0 curation reward and %100 author reward.

🙂🙃😊 did you mean something ironic?

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I don't think this will solve all of the problems this platform has but giving a larger stake to curators is a small step in the right direction. Let's face it those making the most off this platform are in the buddy system of the upper echelon, those who have managed to create enough sock puppets to upvote their content....therefore they don't need curators or a audience to converse with..along with the fact most also don't want your opinion if it don't align with theirs. Then there are the authors who publish their own articles for gain and don't engage what so ever with anyone who does take notice and comments on their stuff. Don't get me wrong I agree more than disagree with this authors stuff but Dan Dicks would be a prime example of a author who I have never ever seen respond to anyone, he is purely a selfish taker, if he wants to play that way then it would be a good idea to up the rewards for those who spend time listening to his stuff. Caitlin Johnstone is another one though it's rare she will on occasion reply back.

In all reality though what the biggest issue facing this as a platform is that it takes curators to get four upvotes to make a penny...a penny, think about that...most people think...a lousy penny, now if they have a view that a penny is lousy just think of what they think about getting rewarded one quarter of a penny. So let's say that when people who think about joining can move past all the flagging censorship issues and talk of being a pyramid they literally (as I did, laughed and joked about for weeks) fall out of their chairs laughing at the prospects of earning one quarter of a penny for the time they spent reading then engaging, maybe even researching a post and commenting. Then...wait for it, wait, wait...if that quarter of a penny doesn't meet up with 7 more additional votes it turns to dust. So if you are not graced by the good graces of someone with a high enough power to grant you your two cents worth you have to take and invest in something like dustsweepers to come along and save the worthless upvote(s).

I could many good articles but my take is that I am not putting forth that kind of effort for a minuscule to no reward. I'd rather wait until I can earn something of meaning for my effort, it don't have to be a lot but it has to be a whole lot more than dust, penny, nickle or a dime. Why give away my best stuff for nothing, sure you can claim that stuff will eventually get me to my goal but if you abide by the rules of the platform that will takes years upon years given that I have no power to attract or compete with those capable of giving better rewards for participation so it's no wonder people choose a path to cheat their way up, which incidentally I will probably have to choose to do after I somehow manage to get a slide bar whereas I can upvote my stuff then bid it out like everyone else.

Um...a 50/50 circle jerk? Cuz it sucks being the person with only 25% of a jerk. How are you supposed to get off on that?

In truth, it's only part of the problem. The value of a post doesn't do much to help people find it, because trending sucks. Steem's current implementation just doesn't work. We have to come up with more ways to find "good" posts that people find value in, to ensure they get rewarded.

Sure, we shouldn't have a bunch of shit here that really only has value according to some unnamed metric...but it still would be pretty cool if we rewarded people for making awesome art and posting about cool experiences. Right now it's just broken, and has been for pretty much as long as I've been here. Curie did give some nice rewards for a time though.

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Clickbait, I thought this post was going to be about soggy saos

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