Are You An End-User That Wasn't Into Crypto Prior To Steem?

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If you learned about Crypto and how to use it because of Steem, I am interested in your story.


I want to make a case that we can use the Steem Blockchain to onboard MainStream Users to crypto, even without being designed for it.

Share your story with me and the rest of Steem.

It is my opinion that to be a truly successful cryptocurrency we have to reach past developers and the original crypto-geeks and talk to mainstream. In order to do that, we could pitch a likable people who can talk to mainstream users, in a language they can understand.

First though, I want to test a theory that we have in fact attracted and retained people who did not have any crypto experience prior to finding Steem.

This is what I am interested in:

 1.  How did you hear about Steem?
 2.  When did you join?
 3.  Why did you join?  (What was the attraction?)
 4.  Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.
 5.  How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?
 6.  Are you holding or investing  (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

I'm not overly concerned with how you format this as I would rather get a feel for numbers at this point rather than perfectly created stories.

A few paragraphs or just simple answers will do. If you want to write your Steem Story let it flow.

If you would like to turn this into a post that is great, place the link in the comments and use the tag #mainstreem (two E spelling)

Please resteem and help me to collect feedback from as many users as possible.


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I joined Steemit in August 2016 after listening to The Dollar Vigilante and how he had joined. It took me another 9 months before I finally learned enough and was motivated enough to start diversifying into other cryptos besides Steem.
I told my story here:


And without all that free delegation you'd be an even bigger fucking nobody whack job...and I'd doubt you'd still be here today.

It's quite apparent why you had issues keeping your kids, you're a goddamn halfwit and shouldn't even be allowed to raise a cat.




Spreading ALL the love...


And without all that free delegation you'd be an even bigger fucking nobody whack job...and I'd doubt you'd still be here today.

It's quite apparent why you had issues keeping your kids, you're a goddamn halfwit and shouldn't even be allowed to raise a cat.

Whats that saying...what one person says about another tells more about that person than it does about the other person being talked about.


Dude.... lol. Linda hasn't ever had personal trouble with cps, just encountered people who have had such problems and it led her to take up the cause. Her own children are quite well taken care of without any reason for interference just FYI. Not all of us care about the issue because we had a problem like that- I certainly haven't, those cps asshats wouldn't 'dare bother me ;)

You have a heart as your avatar, haha, my god you crack me up! If she actually was a halfwit, maybe I'd be offended for my friend, but instead I'm just entertained by you as usual lol!


Thank you!

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

  1. I heard about Steemit the front end (rather than Steem) from James Corbett who I’ve been subscribed to for over 10 years now – the most trustworthy researcher I know of: @corbettreport

  2. I joined in Aug 2016 like you.

  3. James made a good case for it being a new and uncensored social media that could have payouts.

  4. Hell yes, at one point at the start of 2018 we were holding 24 different cryptos. All my interest in cryptos started because of Steemit

  5. A sort of rabid obsession

  6. Holding, but if I could go back in time I would have sold the lot in Jan 18 like I did with Bitcoin (thankfully) in Dec 17, and just held on to enough Steem (1000SP – 500SP to keep my slider and a bit extra for bots and stuff) At this point I would be thinking of buying if I wasn’t already holding.


Thank you and nearly... Me too.

I joined June 2016 and built my crypto portfolio through my rewards! I am a “cryptomaniac” since then but never before. I have learnt so so so so much about blockchain and projects, how to create wallets etc.....It’s been an amazing journey for me meeting the most interesting people like you 😘🥰

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Thank you and good to see you!

  1. How did you hear about Steem?

I heard about Steem from @juliank who I met at university studying computer science.

  1. When did you join?

Just over a year ago.

  1. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

Mostly out of curiosity since he mentioned he was earning money with his photography and I could possibly do the same, but with programming.

  1. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.


  1. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I am mostly interested in because I think it has the potential to be a great project, which is partly made possible by Steem. Aside from that, I think there are some great people on here who will always have my interest, but as for general crypto stuff there isn't really much interest from my side.

  1. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

If I had withdrawn any STEEM or SBD when their prices were high, then I'd probably invest a little bit. Currently I can't afford to do that, nor does the current state of affairs really give me any confidence in doing so.

.1. How did you hear about Steem?

One of my brothers told me to try it.

.2. When did you join?

January 2017

.3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

My family was in a very bad financial position due to the care of our daughter and I was willing to give anything a go. I still haven't used a dollar of crypto.

.4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Yes. I have diversified through trading into other coins and I am looking to leverage what I have learned on Steem in the real world through my career options. I even used it as a selling point in my recent interview and there has been interest from colleagues about building future applications.

.5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I am interested just about all aspects of it and wish that I was more technical so that I could delve deeper. There is so much running parallel to real life here that understanding how this community works and solving its problems over time will go a long way to easing other issues in the world.

.6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

I am holding and developing my holdings through posting, trading and buying-in with fiat. While I might take some out at various points, the long-term of it is holding for years.


I did not have any crypto experience prior to coming here. And like you it has become a huge part of my life. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this up.

I agree that we (crypto in general) need to branch out beyond crypto-nerds and get rich quick hustlers. The general population (that we need to make it all take off), is just not interested in technical hurdles and the decentralise everything idealism...

I learnt about STEEM when it first launched, but I was completely uninterested by the concept of a social network. I use FB very sparingly and tend not to look at it as I find it a sickening place of name dropping and humble bragging (musicians are really terrible for that sort of thing...). However, later, the concept of blogging was getting interesting to me, and the semi-anomymous (pseudonym) account was also interesting as I just did not want to be hearing about work colleagues or people that I knew in real life.

I joined in December 2017, but I bounced off it in the first month and only started seriously around the end of January 2018.

The concept of just writing and blogging was very interesting to me. It helps me clear my mind and I find it quite relaxing. However, I have stayed a little clear of the music scene here (I am a professional violinist), it is something that I don't think really seems to be particularly discerning about quality in general. However, I do my little part by running the @classical-radio account.

My crypto life behind STEEM, well... Steem wasn't my first dalliance with crypto... So, yes?

For Steem (and crypto in general) to survive, we do need expand beyond our original audience. dapps on Steem get the sort of usage that any other chain would kill to have, but Steem is still thought of as a blogging social networking chain. We tend to evangelise about Steem to ourselves...

Crypto in general... Well,it is too hard to tell. But I do know that we can't pick a fight with the established order and expect to win. Entrenched user base and sheer size is completely against us. However, the melding of the centralised and decentralised systems is going to be the way forward. I really think that (at least in the short to medium term) people in general do like the security of a central authority to fix mistakes. I do think that as a nenabling technology, blockchain could be instrumental in getting other technologies into the realm of feasibility (automated cars, supply efficiency...).

Holding and investing. For Steem specifically, most holding. That said, if the price of Steem gets high enough, I would be using it again to reinvest into other chains.


Thank you for taking the time to share it.


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and also spreading the word.

I had heard of Bitcoin, been told it is a scam, and I am not really a risk taker and have never been interested in stock shares and the like. So that’s me In BS 😉 (BS - Before Steem)

  1. How did you hear about Steem?
    I was at a workshop for women helping out a friend man her booth. @bitrocker2020 was part of the line up to share. In that 30 minutes, this stranger tells us that we can do what we are doing with social media and be be rewarded. Questions about where the cash comes from and if it was legal popped up. Right now I remember him saying, that when we do want to cash out, he will help. I signed up within days but was sceptical and didn’t post until a few weeks in. I wanted to google it first to see if it was a scam. Haha

  2. When did you join?
    Signed up December 2017, two weeks for the first post which was a YT video I had done a couple of weeks prior (didn’t know about recycling stuff or that steemit was a blogging site), got my first curie vote on the 5th post which was over 100 in payout (the good old days haha), attended a local Steem meet-up and paid for the yummy burgers with Steem and felt like it was free, met other Steemians and one day I woke up and realised there was no going back ... I was hooked

  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)
    I didn’t have to do anything I was already doing ... content wise. And the friend I was helping out also signed up. @bitrocker2020 was very relaxed presenting, no hard sell, he presented and then left the ball in my court. There was no pressure

  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.
    -I have only invested time, lots and lots of time but not fiat though I think about it a lot. That’s only for Steem. I tried weku for a bit and then whaleshares but I already struggle with time o. Steem so only really on Steem I ‘d say

  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?
    Because I am in communities and the engagement league, I have gradually started consuming information about Crypto and Steem as I look for content to engage with. And also because I want to know more about this beast I am dealing with so I know what I am talking about when my friends ask. I can say I believe Crypto is coming whether we like it or not. Just a matter of time. I want it to be Steem. I feel good about it because of the people I have met in the platform. Would I invest in other Crypto’s... not convinced I know enough to and financially too.

  6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)
    Cashed out the minimum in the early days to make sure it wasn’t a scam: and since then have HODLed and Powered up as and when. Only investing within the platform

And that’s my story 😊


Thank you

I never heard of it until a friend told me to join over 2 years ago. The whole place scared me. I didn't understand anything. Took me months to understand how to cash out.

  1. How did you hear about Steem? Facebook, dollarvigilante post
  2. When did you join? August 7 2016
  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?) Making money for the work I was doing for free.
  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem. Not much, BTC, Dash, ETH, EOS
  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general? Alternative way to earn money by doing something that can change the world for the better.
  6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value) Holding with intent to sell at some point for future plans in the real world. I don't play markets.
  1. Through my now brother in law here in Asia that is friends with a very prominent figure here on steem. Almost simultaneously a facebook friend also told me about steem. This was probably 18 months ago.
  2. I didn't join until October 2018
  3. To be able to post and say what I want without being censored or judged by real world friends n family.
  4. No, in fact I really don't exactly know how to go about powering down steem or anything of the sort, nor do I care, I'm not here to enjoy the economy 😂
  5. My interest in crypto is quite high, after arriving here I discovered I could learn a great deal about not just blockchain but technology in general..
  6. As mentioned before my lack of awareness and also lack of time (desire) to navigate any crypto beyond steem makes me a holder. If this comment earns me a thousand USD worth of steem I'd reconsider. But, having survived flag wars and witnessed witnesses and the like bid bot their shit posts into trending and earning more in one post than I have in three months leads me to not give a flying fuck about taking this place seriously.

It's mostly for my own entertainment and to give some of these circle jerks a reality check. That reality check is the real world is also far far far away from giving any fucks about this blockchain. Not that I don't agree that it's the best place for eccentric internet dwellers to dream it's just not anywhere close to accessible for non geeky crypto human beings that have actual established lives in the grind house of real economics.

When I first arrived I had time to figure things out, once i did I was totally disenfranchised and fortunately am blessed to be pursuing a life that is owned by the machine of global economics as at least out there people don't pretend the system can be fixed with a hardfork...


Thank you what a great job everyone is doing!


No problem, I’m here so I’m happy and somewhat obligated to contribute to any causes that have potential to evolve the blockchain. This data is vital for growth and planning where we’re headed, so thank you for compiling this very important information.

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It's a selfish mission. I also got involved in crypto due to getting an easy onboard via Steem.

  1. How did you hear about Steem?
    a. My wife told me
  2. When did you join?
    a. Aug 2017
  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)
    a. She told me it was a lot different than FB, YT, and all the other social media outlets that we had been through over the last 15 years. That is what attracted me back to social media.
  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.
    a. I have not purchased any cryptocurrencies, I have bought some steem monster cards. I have looked into other blockchain social media outlets and am currently in the process of evaluating another new site.
  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?
    a. For crypto in general I have not seen a reason to buy any others. For Steem I would like to increase my holdings of it, I do see it as a possible retirement supplement in 7 years or so.
  6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)
    a. Currently powering most of the Steem up, using some for rewards, and card purchases, but since I have no knowledge of how to withdraw and convert it to fiat, and have no desire at this point to learn I see myself as a long term investor power-upper. When the time is right in 7 or so years then I will learn how to convert.

Thank you

I knew nothing about cryptos before Steemit. Just that there's something called Bitcoin too technical for me too understand.

  1. I think it was an Anonymous post on FB that mentioned Steemit as a platform where you can make money from posting.
  2. June 2017.
  3. As a former journalist, writing is something I enjoy, it's something I'm used to and I do need to earn something. I did think it might be some scam, but since no one asked me any money to join I thought I'd give it a try. Took me a while to understand it is not a scam - all the people talking about imaginary money. (I thought I'd mention that since you're interested in onboarding normal people!)
  4. Yes. I used some of the profits of December 2017 to buy a little BTC and ETH. I'm always on the lookout for crypto projects, although as I wrote in a recent post the one I like best is Steem(it).
  5. I've learned a lot and I now believe crytpos are here to stay so I need to be part of it. As for Steem, I've invested too much time and energy here, it's become part of who I am right now.
  6. With the bear markets, of course I'm hodling. I even bought some Steem two months ago, not much, but still. Even if Steem goes up, the idea is to take some profits, but definitely not powering down, as that's a long term investment.
  1. How did you hear about Steem? I was on a non-crypto forum and people were talking about ways online to make money by writing. I was curious! The thread was quickly deleted though because, you know, sending the userbase to another website and all that, but not before I saw it.
  2. When did you join? March 2018, it's almost been a year!
  3. Why did you join? I signed up because I liked the idea of writing to earn a few dollars. It's since become more than that. I forgot that I had even signed up until I got the email 4 weeks later saying I had been approved. "Oh, right, that money-website I tried joining a month ago... guess I'll have a look again."
  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem? No.
  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general? For me, the crypto is secondary. It was primary at first but then I became more involved in a couple of communities. That's my interest now and what keeps me here. I see a few people say, "Why do people say the communities keep them here? I can't even find any dang community!!!" ...... I don't think they look very hard.
  6. Are you holding or investing? I am holding and investing a few dollars when I can afford it. I power up most of my steem, what I don't power up is used either for steem monsters, community pots, or SBI shares.



This was a great post thank you again.


No problem, thanks for the prompt. I hope you get the data you need. :)

I made a windy post on my story. I am a model for the value this platform has at roping in non crypto users.

I have said for awhile now I don't think Ned realizes what he actually has here. I get that he takes a lot of shit (some of it deserved) and probably hates this place at times. He has a gold mine waiting for him to do something with if he will see it.


Ha, Thank you... I haven't gotten to them all yet.

  1. I heard about steemit(edit: and steem) from one of the people I was following on youtube.
  2. 2017-12-26
  3. I was just hoping to find a place to showcase my art.
  4. Currently I am also earning some whalestake in whaleshares.
  5. I hope that in the future it will allow me to create a life that I want to create. For now I am failing at selling my art in it's physical form. So crypto and steemit/ whaleshares gives me hope that I will able to continue being an artist for as long as I want to. That I will create the best art I can create and one day will be able to create a piece of my dreams.
  6. I use steem/ steem dollars to buy power delegations because I want to be able to interact with people that I care about.
    I am keeping whalestake I earn. Once I will have enough of it I will likely sell a bit and buy some steem.

Pretty much. My entry point to Steem was DTube because I was looking for an alternative to YouTube.

I dabbled with bitcoin but the price kept dropping. But I also ended up meeting some Steem enthusiasts and that started me off.

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Hey, @whatsup.

Since you're asking... :)

1—I heard about STEEM through a friend of mine (in real life) @bbrewer. He joined STEEM back in July of 2016 (and this was about the same time as he told me about), so was among some of the earliest adopters, you might say. He's done some investing in other cryptocurrency and since STEEM had a social media component, and he knew I liked writing in general, he thought I could do well and enjoy it.

2—I joined on December 30, 2017 (nearly a year and a half after I heard about it), but didn't really start doing anything with it until a couple days later on January 1, 2018.

3—I joined because of my friend's recommendation, and because I'd been wanting to earn something for my writing. Up until STEEM, I'd made very little through any form of online or digital writing (Kindle ebooks, Google Adsense, affiliate links, etc.), so the idea of doing it here was very appealing.

4—I have not expanded my 'crypto life beyond STEEM. One is more than enough. :). Crypto as is it too volatile for me, and my wife isn't even all that happy I'm doing this. There would have to be another social media/blogging crypto backed platform with less drama and better user experience for me to try much of anything else. I can't see myself at this time just investing in some other chain.

5—I think my interest in STEEM is about what it was when I started. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and trying to be creative, but I'm not sure where any of this going and where it will ultimately end up. So, that makes it hard to fully commit, but it's still around and so I'm dedicated all the time I can to it.

As for the rest of crypto, as I stated above, I'm not that interested in it, other than the way STEEM seems to be in lockstep for the most part with the rest of the market. So, in that sense, I'm interested in seeing crypto in general open up because that could also help STEEM.

6—I bought a little over 4,500 in STEEM in 2018, and I've been powering up what I've earned so far, another 1,700. I don't have enough to take out, and would lose quite a bit if I did at these current prices, so I really don't have a good reason to sell. I've seen where STEEM can go, and I see where other cryptos are at and feel there's no good reason why STEEM can't achieve similar highs. So, I'm still holding.


Thank you very much!


This is me, but I'll have to make a post when I'm on the laptop. :)

Last year I got sick and had to take time off work (like a week). During this time Bitcoin was hitting 20k and such, so I finally told myself:

Wow crypto is finally happening.

While I was sick I researched crypto all day everyday. I even gave myself a migraine and had to sit in a pitch black room for 12 hours at the end of the week.

Google sent me to Steemit several times. I saw the payouts and thought it was really weird that these unprofessional blog posts were somehow being paid money. I had no idea Steem was even a blockchain.

I think one day I saw "Steem" in Coinmarketcap and I was like.... WHHHAAAATTTTT? How did I miss this?

A cryptocurrency that explains cryptocurrency?! How meta.

I was hooked.

It's been a year and I probably have around 1000 hours of research under my belt now. Not too shabby.


Thank you!

I stumbled upon Steemit in May 2017 when searching for alternative places to share/sell my photography. However, I can't remember the exact website where I read about it. Prior to that, I had no crypto experience. I only knew that bitcoin exists and that it's supposedly a good investment. A couple of months after joining Steemit, I had expanded my wallet to include Bitcoin, Etherium and Monero, and before the end of 2017, I exchanged everything for Steem because I thought there's great potential, and because I sucked at trading. I've been holding Steem ever since. I don't interact much on the blockchain currently, mostly due to the lack of time.

I shall answer later, maybe in an own post.

Raar!! No one survives the questioning!! ;0) great idea!

  1. I read about Steem being the number 2 crypto by volume for a short time in the Guardian newspaper. It mentioned that it was the cryptocurrency of the blogging site Steemit. This piqued my interest so I joined up.
  2. Which would have been early July 2016
  3. The reason I joined was twofold, a) I genuinely love blogging and writing and b) the promise of actually getting paid for it
  4. It didn't take me long after earning some steem dollars to wonder about how I could get the fuckers out and into the real world. This proved to be quite the difficult task for a newb, I had no knowledge of exchanges/wallets/transfers etc. Eventually I got some out and into cold hard dirty fiat. The way I did it was to sell my SBD on bittrex, which has lots of other currencies (obvs) suddenly I saw a route into buying other cryptos and went for it.
  5. I am interested in steem, simply from being a stakeholder and knowing what I do about the currency itself and what it has the potential for. Fast and free transactions etc. Other cryptos I am only interested in them for the possibility of profit. Most of them are fanciful nonsense vehicles for people to throw money at.
  6. I am a holder of many. Although, since the crypto pullback there is a large part of me that wonders if the hodl narrative is one that is being pushed out by the larger whale type investors as a way of ensuring that the people who have and continue to buy their shitcoins don't sell them.
  1. How did you hear about Steem? "From a Member at the Warrior Internet MArketing Forum named Chris Mollo"

  2. When did you join? "Dec. 2017"

  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?) "I was told I could make $30 to $100 posting articles at Steemit "

  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem. "I just own Steem and nothing else"

  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?" Iam more in tune to the Crytptomarket in general"

  6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value) "Investing and holding but mostly concentrating on a few Communities that I have true passion fro being a part of."

When I was told about Steemit the person did not tell me anything about it being Cryptocurrency. I joined under the pretense that I could make money posting articles and that's it


Thank you

1. How did you hear about Steem ?
I heard about Steemit after the ETH/DAO disaster from @leoplaw, who pointed out the innovative reward mechanism. So I digged deeper and looked closer.

2. When did you join ?
I joined in January 2017

3. Why did you join?
I never believed in centralized solutions like Facebook&Co. I felt like Facebook is a place, where everybody is his own mule/informant to give all kind of personal information to the government agencies. I was aware of "data-dealing" very early, even before Facebook existed. I was joking around about "MYSPACE" to my friends by singing: My space is not my space, it is their space - to collect data about you I felt that the name "myspace" itself is a lie, because my private space is and always was my own local storage and not some companies datacenter or a cloud-service. The name itself was a lie! So as was aware very early of whats going on behind the cool mega-hyped apps.
And then I found alternatives like and I was extremly impressed about the STEEM specifications specially the fast blocktime and the fact that they were listed on exchanges. I refused centaliced data-harvesting on one side AND had an artist friend here allready AND the impressive specifications (blocktime, capacity) compared to BTC and ETH, it was these three facts that made me sign in.

4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem?
I was crypto investor before Steem, but yes it expanded my crypto life big time. My crypto knowhow has greatly improoved because of STEEM, I learned a lot "by doing". Just from this point of view it was extremely helpful and I am now really much better informed than I would be without being a Steemian. My goal here was never making money with blogging, but to learn fast about all kind of crypto related things and to join a autonomous selfregulating organism as blueprint for the next generation of social media. to be honest: I LOVE THIS IDEA!

5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I still dream about a decentralized autonomous world without pyramide structure, without polititians or lobbyists, a worldwide web of interconnected beehive-like clusters governing themselfs wisely, uncorruptable, uninterferrable, much better than the crocked system we have today.
6. Are you holding or investing ?
I am holding 80% of my cryptos for the long term, and I am toppling up when the prices are low. And Yes! I am investing when I have FIAT money lying around. I want to buy more Steem and Monero in 2019.


Thank you very much elgeko, I've been really slow to get back to these.

  1. One day in April 2017 someone I was teaching on the other side of the world asked me if he could pay me in bitcoin. Sure, I said, as I'd had only heard about it, and at the time there were a bunch of memes circulating about what a great investment it was. That same day I was watching a bunch of videos on cryptos, and I learned that you could actually earn one of them (STEEM) by making blog posts. So while I was trading the BTC I got from my student for all kinds of coins, I started accumulating STEEM by blogging.
  2. April 2017, during one of the biggest rallies in the cryptoshere.
  3. Being paid for blogging. One of my first posts got a curie curation of over $200 and since I enjoyed both the post creation process and the reward, I was hooked.
    4-6. I think I learned a lot trading cryptos. Quite proudly I rode the Digibyte pump&dump, made a boatload of money at the end of 2017, not because of my skills or smartness but because the general bull market. Then I fell into the Bitconnect trap, losing most of what I'd gained. Since then I've been hodling my dozen or so coins patiently, refusing to sell under the value I'd bought.
    However, STEEM is completely separate from all is: I've never bought STEEM, nor have I ever sold what I got. My current account is worth about $800 (though it had been $6000 at some point), all from my blogging activity. I don't really see a need to exchange it into anything else, either, as I like to power up as much as I can. (...that and buying Steemmonster cards!) So I don't know, is this hodling or investing?

Awesome, thank you

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  1. How did you hear about Steem?
    In a papper of finance I read about a new network that let you reward your contents
  2. When did you join?
    In May 2017
  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)
    Because I want to teach the World about every plants that we have in El Salvador Central América and how we uses it for survived as a food and medicine, and the art of Foraging.
  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

I have a little dogecoin but a little I have steem as my principal crypto.

  1. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

Because it is the vehicle to let my share and learn all contents about homesteading and the future of money in the world

  1. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Yes sr, every cent that I received in steemit are reinvest in the platform, hope one day it would biggest than facebook, I hope, some times i donated a Little to some proyect interesting here.

Sorry the mistakes i am a spanish taking.
Best regard


Thank you

  1. Heard about Steen from some fb friends I'd previously "met" on the defunct Tsu platform
  2. I joined in June 2017 (but left again a week or so later because of lack of engagement by others- you can be a hard but to crack). I came back in november 2017 and almost immediately fell into the welcoming arms of @mariannewest's freewrite group. I've posted almost every single day since
  3. I liked Tsu, so thought steem might be good too (it is WAY better). Although Tsu paid to post too, it wasn't really about the money cos I didn't make much with Tsu. More about a better way to communicate and challenge my creativity
  4. Not really. I keep an eye on the markets (which I didn't before). I have bought other coins but only as a means to buy steem.
  5. I love steem as a place to channel my creativity. I understand crypto more now. I have vague dreams about one day being able to scrape a living using it. But the last year has shown how risky that can be
  6. I'm investing in steem. Not much. But a little.

Hope this helps

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  1. How did you hear about Steem?

Dunno, I think about a YT channel. But before that I have looked it up once, but wasn‘t convinced

  1. When did you join?

January 2018, right after the price peak.

  1. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

Plain and simple: Money. Or to be more precise, the possibility to receive a cashflow. Owning a cryptocurrency is just speculation, but earning money with money is awesome.

  1. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Looked for it, but found nothing. Running a Dash node requires a big initial payment, the Gas stuff was also not quite convincing.

  1. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

Still the cashflow that Steemit can provide. Also a little bit Ada, because they have solutions. Beyond that? Waiting and watching.

  1. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Investing I guess. Bought a bunch of Steem not long ago. Maybe spending even more, but time has to tell.

  1. How did you hear about Steem?
  2. When did you join?
    Mid May 2017
  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)
    I guess we all know this answer: independence from the slave system
  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.
  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?
    Fairly high even though with some concerns every now and then
  6. Are you holding or investing
    I am holding a small amount of steem and planning to invest more but only if I see some good changes on the platform or any other platform old or new...
    I like pretty much what did with its influencer system of curating and is pretty much the biggest reason I am still here, I mean I would be still here but not as often

Thank you

I'm still not into crypto, other than Steem!😆
I actually came across Steemit from a comment that appeared on someone else's page on Facebook. This was July 2017. I joined because there was the potential to earn from blogging, something I was already trying to do a bit of. When I looked at the site I was a bit disappointed that it was in crypto, not fiat, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

Initially I wasn't even sure if be able to cash anything out, because our banks are restricting crypto transactions, but I decided to build up SP anyway, if it could help out people in other countries with upvotes. I did cash out a bit at one point to see if I could make it usable, for my own confirmation and because there was someone I spoke to who turned their nose up at Steemit because it paid in crypto. At the time, I couldn't honestly say it was a useable currency as I hadn't tried using it. Now I can say that I made a mortgage payment with earnings.

At the moment I'm powering up, as I'd like to hit the dolphin goal, but with everything up in the air as to the future of steem, I do sometimes wonder about starting to use liquid steem. Hopefully not necessarily to convert to fiat, but as a currency in its own right.

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I learned about STEEM almost at the same time as I did Bitcoin in the Altcoins discussion. So. not officially first but pretty much. Here are my answers in case they are useful.

1. How did you hear about Steem? @sequentialvibe and I were talking about the movement and opportunity that is cryptocurrency. When talking about Bitcoin, he went on to explain alt coins like Ethereum and STEEM. Development platforms with the currency exchangeable for Bitcoin.

2. When did you join? I officially joined STEEM in October 2017 but really didn't decide to settle into regular content creation, engagement and networking until early 2018.

3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?) I joined initially because it was free, another way to increase my crypto stake, and saw content creators like @broncnutz and @khaleelkazi producing content and making big bucks on the upvotes.

4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem. I have been diversifying and expanding my crypto portfolio modestly since then. I hold STEEM as a significant part of the portfolio and have used information posted by other crypto authorities on STEEMit to learn and invest.

5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general? I am still learning but definitely love the opportunity personally to diversify wealth, and globally for the seachange that will happen because of blockchain and crypto currency. STEEM I am tied to personally because of all of the great folks I have met, rhythm I have settled into becoming a blogger, and community I have tied myself into. The cautious part of me is taking the evolution of the blockchain & competitors seriously in an effort not to don rose-coloured glasses. The optimist in me is believing in the stake I have and the value it will have personally while being able to help the greater community in a larger level when it is worth much more.

6. Are you holding or investing Presently I am HODLing. This is more due to the challenges of running my own small business while supporting a family and lifestyle and not having the disposable income to invest more. Otherwise, I would be putting some of each paycheque away and investing when the value is so low. The upside is huge and I kick myself for not being in the position to invest.


I like you @whatsup but a .02 "dust" Upvote for all that Zeke wrote ?? And you got 88% VP with over 10K SP. Am I missing something here ??


While I really appreciate you having my back, I replied to help out @whatsup and any vote is appreciated from someone who has supported me for so long.


No, you aren't missing anything I'm operating a bit scattered I haven't gone through all of this yet.

I'm voting where ever my bar is. On the other hand I am sure there have been times I gave him a decent vote.

You'll have to bear with me, I haven't been able to give any of these appropriate levels of response yet.
Zeke is one of my fav. people on the platforms.

On the other hand, what the heck are you doing stalking my votes to make sure they are fair.


Just observing, that's all. Happened to scroll through to look at all the interesting Comments and just noticed this by chance. Sorry, probably a little bit abrasive and intrusive on my part


Hey Zeke,

Thank you very much for your response!


you bet. Always happy to help you.

  1. How did you hear about Steem? Finance husband was at some NY conference and told me about it.

  2. When did you join? May 2016

  3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)
    I always was participating in a very active local social site (for like 10 years) but it was getting stale. So after hearing about steemit I thought, I"ll just start talking about what I know, which is gardening. Little did I know the place was populated with only crypto geeks! I knew literally nothing about crypto. I"ve had to ask A LOT of questions along the way.

  4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem. Not really, but I did make a coinbbase account and I helped the foundation I"m involved with accept an Ethereum donation :0)

  5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general? SInce I started so early on, I earned a lot of steem, so I just keep posting. And I get caught up in watching the market. It took me very long to figure out how to trade in some steem (which I've never done) but at least I have that coinbase account.

  6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value) HOlding. (lost my chance when it was at $7 cuz didn't have the coinbase account yet! but I have hope it will go even higher!)

Added thoughts:
Let me just say that the few people I have spoken with about steemit (and they are all old like me!) well, some have tried it, but the whole de-centralized thing scares them - they don't understand, or don't want to take the time to understand the complicated passwords and that there is no retrieval of your coins if you don't protect your password. I have to say, my friends don't even protect their easy passwords with like LAstPass or anything, so it's a hugely steep learning curve for many many people.


Thank you for taking the time to do this and sorry I am so slow to compile.

I'm here - so late! Thank you for the chance to talk about this :)

I don't know if I'd call myself an "End User" or "Mainstream User" precisely, as I have a lot of professional IT skills and experience, but hadn't looked into cryptocurrencies that much before finding Steemit.

1. How did you hear about Steem?

One of independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone's articles was re-broadcast on, and they made a reference to Steemit as being a new type of social media. I checked out the site, read the whitepaper, and signed up.

2. When did you join?

August 2018.

3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

The community focus on censorship resistance and direct monetisation of content via upvoting were big drawcards.

4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Yes. I figured Steem could be used as a store of monetary value and investment as well, and this led to researching more about crypto and blockchains. As I work in the IT industry, I found the subjects a natural fit for my interests. This has led to me taking positions in some other cryptocurrencies (mainly Telos), although I am also looking into the business opportunities of blockchains and DApps.

5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

My interest in Steem has dropped somewhat after witnessing (no pun intended) all the immature politics around and within Steemit Inc and even the community in general. There's a lot of shitposting and noise, although I have found many valuable sources of information and analysis here too. It helps once you start applying a more ruthless filter to who you follow.

6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Some investment, but I am happy to hold value here as well, as I think it's reasonably safe despite all the recent brouhaha around Steemit.Inc's powerdown.

  1. Hacknoon or something similar
  2. October 2018
  3. Crypto-earnings and healthy community
  4. I had it before... Mostly small trading and mining
  5. Avoid mining, other things are still interesting.
  6. Mostly HODL

I'm the opposite, I was into a lot of cryptocurrencies before but now I'm only into Steem!

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Hi @whatsup. My Binance account was hacked and was looking at what I could learn to help me. It was a Steem post explaining about security etc that I read online. That is how I found Steem. I had no idea that you could earn originally.
Once I realized what was possible that is when I started here.I have some other crypto in a friends account but nothing serious.I am here for the long term.


Thank you.

I'll write mine up this weekend. Looking forward to hearing how this plays out.


Thank you QA!!

  1. How did you hear about Steem?

Youtube videos from Highimpactflix who No longer uses Steem i believe, and @theouterlight.

  1. When did you join?

December 17

  1. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

Making some form of value for posting photos,.. instead of stalker FB making the money off my value as a user.

  1. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Bought a few LTC. Tried sharing with friends the idea of Steem.

  1. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

Hanging around. not leaving anytime soon. Waiting for the next moon.. or the internet to break and it all vanish.

  1. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Holding. But actively trying to acquire steem through posting decent content.


Great! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up.

How did you hear about Steem?

My husband came across it when he was googling for some other stuff

When did you join?

July 2017

Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

I started blogging on Wordpress in 2016 so it made sense to see if I could earn some cash from it. I had nothing to lose.

Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Only discord but that's still Steem related but I have meet some Steemians in real life. I tried SOL for a while but that took up too much time. I just can't be bothered with the other platforms like weku or whaleshares as it sounds like you end up mingling with mostly the same people. There's no point.

How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I've never been interested really as I'm more of a content creator rather than investor. I don't actively check the Steem price or any other crypto price. Having said that, I have become more aware and interested of what's happening on Steemit recenlty and all the drama, as that has an impact on the Steem price. It's good to know at a high level what's happening even if I can't control it.

Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

I haven't invested a single penny into crypto, everything I earned on Steemi is still here bar a few hundred Steem which I moved to Bittrex last year when I thought I might try to learn trading. I never got to round to it, and its still sitting there. So I guess I'm holding. I've conditioned myself not to fall in love with Steem. If everything goes belly up tomorrow and Steem drops to 0.0001 then I have lost nothing as I came with nothing (sound a bit zen ?? ).

  • How did you hear about Steem?

Through a friend who watched anarchists on YouTube.

  • When did you join?

The first time 1/2017, lost my keys and came back 11/2017.

  • Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

The idea that The Fed Reserve would be gone, creating a New monetary system, being one of the first participants to create change, and STEEM is revolutionary!

  • Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Not really, my go-to is STEEM, although I’ve held ETH, LTS, LCH, WLS, BTC, and tokens.

  • How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

HODL and buy buy buy.

  • Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Holding. If I had more cash on hand I would buy a lot more. 580sp more to dolphin and I would have invested another $5k USD fiat into STEEM.


What a bummer about the lost keys! :) Wow, so close to being a dolphin now... Thank you.

  1. Some invited me to a crypto group on telegram and a member of the group introduced us to steem.

  2. I joined steem in June 2017.

  3. I joined steem because this member of the telegram group told me that you can blog and earn on steemit and I was curious to know.

  4. Nope!!! Steem is still the only crypto coin am holding.

  5. My current interest in steem and cryptocurrency in general is still very high and am here for the long-term. I just wish the price can go through the roof now. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Am hodling and anytime the means is there to invest, I will invest.


Nice, thank you.

1. How did you hear about Steem?

A mixed bag here, Bittube & Minds both together in my learning of the crypto & Steem.

2. When did you join?

November 2018

3. Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

A non censored, 140+ character site, where one is rewarded for posts. I Had to check this out. Great experience here so far.

4. Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

Bittube channel, Minds page.

5. How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

Hobby, learning experience, I set up an account and purchased $10 bucks ETH, moved it to Steem. Just learning how it all works. Playing around with the small time CPU mine stuff also. I still have much to learn.

6. Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

I guess investing...? I enjoy Posts on Steem, watching videos on Bittube. If it makes a buck or two great. Just having fun right now with it.


Thank you very much for responding. I still need to read all of these more carefully. However I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I wasn't really into crypto before I joined Steem, but I had played with faucets to get some tiny amounts to play with. I met @the-bitcoin-dood on Tsu and he introduced me to Steemit when it started in 2016. I wasn't sure I wanted to get into another site, but I was attracted by the fact that it was open source and truly distributed. I've been let down by sites shutting down (curse you Google). I could also see it could benefit many people. I didn't see myself making much, but I've done okay. I'm sticking around to do what I can to make Steem bigger and better.


One of the steadiest, calmest people around. Thank you for sharing.

Hey Whatsup, I am part of your target demographic. I'll write a long nswer later, but the short version:

  1. @steevc
  2. May
  3. @steevc ;-)
  4. No
  5. Cynical amusement
  6. No
  1. I am interested in many cryptocurrencies, so I suppose that I saw steem on coinmarketcap
  2. I have joined yesterday :)
  3. Lately, I was totally in Tron and just discovered dapps.. then I saw video about dapps on steem… And I got an idea of registering domain and start blogging about crypto… and then I found steemit :)
  4. Yes, mining, trading, investing… :)
  5. After that big pump one year ago, we could expect something like this… Most of people went out of crypto, but blockchain and crypto is just in beginning… (my opinion)
  6. Hmmm… I do both… If I think that some coin has future, I am trying to hold majority and invest in the same time (masternodes, staking, etc..)

Welcome and thank you.

Here's some data for your DB.

I heard about Steemit from YT comments regarding censorship, in May 2017. Joined immediately.

Never used crypto before, although found the concept interesting, if deeply flawed.

I do not use banks, so am largely unable to use crypto since it mostly requires conversion to fiat before use IRL. I have found it possible to use in xactions with other Steem users, and have.

Since I have very few means to use crypto absent allowing banksters access to my wealth, I have little incentive to invest fiat into Steem. Should that change, I'll be all over it. The sooner the better IMHO.



Much appreciated. It's been great to read how everyone got here.

I answered some of these questions in my first Steemit post )

No previous crypto experience before Steem. Would've liked to but felt it to be beyond means.

  1. Dan Dicks (@pressfortruth) on Youtube interviewing @heimindanger, the creator of dtube. Intrigued by the concept and scarcely able to believe such a thing could exist, I visited and, upon trying to create an account, I was directed to a post
  2. January 2018
  3. Possibility of an alternative to the mainstream; possibility of uncensored self-expression and financial independence; felt good and strong
  4. Just the SMOKE token on, all organic though
  5. I had made a 13 min video which should answer this adequately. Subject is '', but same thing really :)
  6. Been buying whatever Steem I've been able to since July

1/ How did you hear about Steem?

I was doing a bit of trading in Bittrex when I found Steem, so I decided to do the same thing that I always do before buying a new cryptocurrency, I decided to investigate first. So I got to Steemit, I looked at some post, and I decided to create an account.

2/ When did you join?

June 2018.

3/ Why did you join? (What was the attraction?)

I could not comment or vote on some post I read, and I wanted to do it. The fact that I could earn some Steem and SBD writing also attracted me.

4/ Have you expanded your crypto life beyond just Steem.

I would say yes, however, I think that right now this is my main way of interacting with the cryptocurrencies world.

5/ How would you explain your current interest in Steem and Crypto in general?

I do not want to stay out of this that is happening, Steem and Crypto is a world of possibilities.

6/ Are you holding or investing (no judgment here, I am just wanting to prove or disprove the value)

Interesting to see how many came onboard due to external influencers which seems like could probably be a great way to continue seeking users. This is a great sense to get as I would believe that many of the “get rich quick” users are now long gone!

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Agreed, I also think that much of the remaining community is "invested" at their current level of financial capability.

I wish Steem was my first stop into crypto world but it's not. So I'm resteeming your post with the hope that more of my followers among whom some are artists will fit the profile you are looking for.

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