Today is Day #365 on Steemit -- What an Awesome Year!

One year ago in August 2016, I discovered Steemit -- this amazing social media platform!


Steemit had launched 5 months earlier.

A Youtube video by @dollarvigilante about making money on Steemit caught my eye.

I was already aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum, because I regularly listen to and read alternative financial news, but I had not yet taken the plunge into the world of cryptocurrencies. I had never blogged before either; but I jumped right in.

i mage credit

At the time, I was a stay-at-home Mom to 3 unschooled children ages 11 and under.

My home-based business buying Scrap Gold had slowed down a lot, so I welcomed a new income stream.

I already spent LOTS of time researching topics that I'm passionate about, so I started channeling that into my own Steemit blog.

Steemit Offers Me:

♥ An Open-Minded, Intelligent Community

♥ Great interaction with people from all over the world.

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♥ GREAT contacts and new friends.

♥ More quality interaction than on Facebook.

♥ Learning more from my own research.

♥ Learning constantly from the wealth of knowledge that others share here!

♥ Steemit has given me Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.
I'm unschooling myself!

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What Else Have I Learned?

After being exposed to Cryptocurrency information over and over again, I finally had to act on it. About 3 months ago I started to diversify into other cryptos and now I have CRYPTO FEVER!

I really feel that this new technology and the blockchain are going to change the world as we know it. It's a new Renaissance and all of us here on Steemit are involved in the very early stages. It is exciting!

I would like to say a huge THANK-YOU to all of my readers, supporters and friends who have come along on this journey with me.

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Read my work here ➥ @canadian-coconut

Please Comment Below and Let's Have a Productive Conversation!
                                          August 10, 2017

WooT... WooT... Happy BirthDay to You...

I believe You've helped change a number of things on Steemit with the various causes AND Steemians that You have supported... I'm very new and You have certainly helped not only with support but also the guidance & understanding that new Steemians often go through.

Thank You again Linda for everything that You do here in our Steemit Community... often times with little fanfare... You just go about doing so many little things that ADD Up to so many GOOD Things !!

I've also been both un-Learning AND Learning, especially regarding crypto currencies... and feel I've found a home.

Cheers !!

Thank-you @sacred-agent
It is people like you that help make this place so amazing!

And yeah, I could have mentioned un-Learning too. Many times we have to unlearn something before we can learn something.

Thank You Again Linda

Great comments all the way thru this blog post top to bottom.

This is great.

Yes! It's awesome.

I was so excited as you know, knowing this update from you was coming.

I learned even more about you, since in the crypto world, I want to know more about people for the right reasons, but don't like asking..... most of us in this space see the surveillance state and related issues and privacy breaches.

I love learning a bit more about some of my friends and favorite people but hate asking for those reasons LOL.

Learning more from your own research and unschooling yourself -- 2 of the really good nuggets in this post that many of us either feel also like you -- or can learn from!!

I had to get a Crypto Market / Trading post up first but this post of yours was my priority for the day and now my day is complete and it is only 1:34 pm


Thanks for being a friend and a community leader! You are one of my favourites on here sister.

Stay strong, and much love to your family and you.

I came back about 12 hrs later to see how this post was doing.

This pleases me.

Nite Linda and yes, I know it is way past my 10 pm EST offline time but you are worth it, I was curious LOL

@canadian-coconut Congratulations on your anniversary, and thank you for all the hardwork. I haven't been here very long and as such have not been following you since the beginning, but when I look at your dedication and bredth of work it gives me hope that the tide is turning. I have been drifting in a wilderness of thought blowing like an autumn leaf through the blandness of social media, finding steemit and writers like yourself has been akin to finding an intellectual oasis. It gives me hope of a future where the power is once again with the people. Again thank you for your work and dedication to lifting the veil of unreality that has pervaded our society. Happy Anniversary!!

Thank-you! What a great comment and I'm so glad that you found your way to Steemit yourself.

@canadian-coconut Thanks for your kind words, I'm certainly looking forward to many more years on Steemit.

Happy Anniversary @canadian-coconut! You deserve it :D

Steemit really is so awesome and has improved so many peoples lives!

We are so grateful to have you here! You are also improving a lot of peoples lives and helping Steemit become a much more holistic and healthy place!

Thank you so much for all you do. Wish you the best!

Blessings and SteemON!

Congrats on your one year anniversary. Your journey sounds a bit similar to mine in that it has helped you to learn new things and given you an outlet for your interests. I've really enjoyed your posts on vaccines. Have a great second year!

To quote Canadian language you would remember..... She's a beaut!!!

Congratulations @canadian-coconut! Your blog is one of the most important on the platform in my opinion and it really gives me a lot more hope for the future to see how successful you have been talking about the subject matter you do.

Happy anniversary my friend and please steem on! :)

Congratulations on your Steemit Birthday @canadian-coconut! Our little family thanks you for your support - we've seen you constantly upvote one of our member's post, especially those about helping other and has the #steemit-charity tag. Thank you for your golden heart, we look forward to seeing you here in the years to come! Mabuhay Linda!

- Your SteemPH Family

Thank-you for your kinds words.
It's nice to see that you've noticed the small things.

You're welcome. Most of those small things are actually pretty big for other people. You never know how a tiny gesture can make big changes to a person's life. (The butterfly effect?) God bless you Linda!

- Your SteemPH Family

Congrats! So glad this community exists. All thanks to individuals like you!

She is a good one Kafka. You are also.

Congratulations @canadian-coconut
People like you are what make Steemit the place it is, the support you give to new content creators here is amazing and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you.
Your content is always on point and you open a lot of eye's to some very important issues.

It must have been a wonderful year for you and I can see many more to come.

Thank you for being here :)

Wow! I'm glad that I was able to encourage you to keep on Steeming!
Thanks and all the best!

I'm not sure which day in August I started steeming, but I do know you were one of the first people I started following.

And you were one of the first people who was upvoting my posts - but like me, you had no wallet back then, so this post for example, earned zero with 50 votes, but you were my top voter :)

It's awesome how far you have gone!

Thanks @sift666
Yup, I remember those days, when we were both minnows still.

You've added enormous value to the Steemit community. I know how hard you work. I'm so pleased that you joined Steemit and that it has made such a positive impact in the lives of you and your family.

Happy Anniversary Linda. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Congratulations, and I appreciate what you share here in health and awareness, you really are improving the world here. All of us are the pioneers of this crypto frontier, preserving our collective knowledge in the blockchain, an exciting thing to be part of every day-- it's nice to have you here helping to clear those old cobwebs of disinformation on vaccines and other industries which have so long owned and controlled the medical field, and pretty much every field I can think of at the moment. I enjoy the way that you present what is happening in the world, thank you!

It's strange that how fast time does fly. Hope coming years will be more successful for you. Happy steeming...

Wow that's so great! Happy anniversary @canadian-coconut . I'm still a red-fish finding my way, but the past couple of months have been a crazy rollercoaster ride. I can't imagine all of the experiences i'll have had after a year.

Steem on! :)

Hello @canadian-coconut Congratulations on your success on Steemit and thank you so much for your amazing work and sharing your heart and your passion with us. I started following you because I have similar passions as to changing ways to take care of your health etc. and I really enjoyed your posts. I hope that I can also accomplish and influence this community like you in my 1st year, so thank you for sharing, it was very inspiring.

I like the way you see things, you are an authentic, and very interesting person
I already told you that I was really touched by your vision of things, especially with your children and the obligation to put them in school
In regards to steem I am new but I have the same opinion as you, and since I have also caught the cryptofever lol,
Is it serious doctor ??
We always keep an eye on you
Continues like this
a hug from france

I'm new to Steemit, so it is great to hear that you have had a great 365 days here and are enjoying it as much now as you did at the start!

I agree that it is a great place to meet like minded souls, and wonderful for mothers to earn some extra cash from home! The stress of finding child minders or dropping children to school and dashing back and parking in time is not healthy!!

Your introduction title drew me in 'Mother of 3 writes about ------- Vaccine Dangers & Failures, Unschooling, Parenting, Natural Immunity, Health ------- Exposing Corruption & Lies.' - topics that I'm also very interested in as a mother and energy healer.

I look forward to reading your posts now I've found you! :) Well don on your 1st year!

Thank-you and I'm glad that you found me on here and that you can relate so much to my experience and interests here.
I hope to start writing a bit more regularly again.

I'm pleased that I've found you too! I look forward to reading more of your posts.
I've shared posts on Facebook about Vaccine Dangers, Drug & Chemicals and Exposing Corruption & Lies over the last few years, and I'm pleased to say that the 'stoney silence' of a few years ago is fading and people are liking, commenting and sharing more, so spreading this awareness is making a difference.
I love that like minded people can work together to create a better world!

Hi CC see you haven't posted in a few days. Hope all is well with you. Always miss the seeing the best on here. Congrats on your time well spent here! Your friend. 🐓🐓

Yay for you, you have done so well!!! Mine was on the 5th

Thank-you. It seemed a lot of us joined that same month. What a trip!

WOOHOOO!!! Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!! :)

Thank You for bringing so much knowledge and experience to Steemit. You are helping so many people know they are not alone in their non-mainstream paths. I'm so glad you are here!!!!

Thank-you! I'm glad that you found your way here too!

Oh, I liked your words "Steemit has given me Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. I'm unschooling myself!" so much. Steemit is truly a great platform. And I'm very happy to have met you, such a genuine person here. I hope we are Steemit friends always, dear @canadian-coconut. Congratulations on your 1st steemiversary! :)
And wish you many many more happier ones to come!

What a fabulous moment to have discovered you! lol I noticed you vote on a post of mine about attracting bees to your garden. Well you have attracted me to yours now too so thank you, and I am following your next 365 days without interest and inspiration!
I love this community!
Have a beautiful day.

I'm soo glad I met you on Steemit!

You are such an inspiration to me they way you raise your kids as well as your outlook on life as a whole ♥

I hope that you and your family are doing well this week ♥♥

Lots of love,

Thank-you so much for the kind words.
It's nice to find like-minded people here on Steemit.

Thanks for showing us that truth can live on the steemit blockchain and flourish! Happy 365 days on steemit!

Happy Steemniversary! It was a real please to get to know you through out this year and I look forward to even more in the future! Have a nice day @canadian-coconut!

Thanks my friend!

I love it some days.

So much love.

And crypto


Happy Anniversary! I will have mine on the 19th of this month. Your story has some similarities to mine. I was looking for some alternatives, actually looking for ways to promote my food blog and that's when my Dad discovered Steemit. I think I will tell more about that in my 'anniversary post.' Great to be on this ride with you!

The 19th is my b-day IRL Gringa

True story.

My born again date is a different day too.

Congratulations Coconut! you have been an amazing supporter of our homestead here and we thank you for giving us an fantastic experience here at Steemit. Thanks for being a friend of the homestead and a leader here at Steemit!

She is one of the best -- I am glad to see you doing well on the Homestead.

She has a lot of fans here! We named a new kitten Coconut!

You are welcome! I'm glad that you discovered Steemit and was glad to help you starting out here!

Happy Steemit Birthday to you. You deserve all the success you have achieved in the Steemit Community!

Ah, you're the best Mary!

Congratulations on this first anniversary @canadian-coconut and wish you a lot more to come! I wish I discovered this amazing platform as early as you but still very happy to be finally part of it!
You are just an awesome human being and people like you make this platform so interesting!
Thanks for your lovely educative posts everytime!

In our small simple country (Philippines), we haven't contracted yet, the "CryptoFever". Feels like most of us are not yet "exposed" to it, or like the majority, are skeptical & very slow to adapt in this changing world. :3

It's one of my advocacies that's why i tried joining Steemit. And wow, what a great move was it. :) I do really wanted to learn not only crypto, but how people enjoy their lives even though they are on the other side of the world. Also to educate the Filipino people that there is more to life than Facebook. ;)

It's been a month and a half now since i joined. It's not easy, there are times that i feel i'm oblivious even if i have nice content. But hey, it takes time & effort and a lot of passion & patience if you want to be successful in something. :)

Thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us. The journey in life is not a clear path, it has a lot of ups & down. But what's important is that you enjoy the ride & always have a positive outlook in life. Live, experience, & enjoy!

Always be an encouraging force for all us Steemians. You motivate us to bring out our very best. More power & have a blessed Steemit birthday to you @canadian-coconut! ♡♡♡

You are, in my little humble opinion doing pretty good. I looked at your page, you have "423 followers and you are following 269", and more important than that a REPUTATION SCORE of 55. So you are doing just fine and ,

there are times that i feel i'm oblivious even if i have nice content

should not worry about feeling oblivious.

Less than 1% of the world so far is really even aware of what cryptocurrencies are. So it's no wonder that not many people you meet have "crypto fever."
You'll be the person that they go to for advice though when 3-5% of the people start to become aware.

Thank-you for your kind words, and I wish you all the best here on Steemit.

I never thought it was roughly 1%. That number is miniscule. :(

Would definitely learn more about crypto & at the same time enjoy my time here on Steemit. #hopeforhumans is something i am pursuing to put more emphasis more on people than automation. I don't know how to start but eventually it will be clear to me. :)

Thank you so much for the support and for the upvote. It means so much to me & i really appreciate it, it is very humbling.
More power to you & always be an inspiration to all! :)

Thank you so much for the encouraging words @bashadow!:)
I love interacting and replying to comments, that is the fuel to my fire! ^u^

Congratulations! You're doing a great job here and those of us who have been here for just a few month have a lot to learn from you. Also thank you for your support.
I loved the "un-schooling myslef" concept. The world would be a better place if people would keep on learning and wanting to learn throughout their lives!

Thank-you! Hopefully my children see how I am always discovering new information and knowledge, and they will do the same throughout their lives.

Happy Birthday to US... we share the same Steemiversary or Steemday, or whatever it's called. No kidding, but I came here via TDV also. Here's to year 2 and beyond :) Onwards and upwards!

Oh! Well congratulations to you too then on your Steemiversary today!
I think that The Dollar Vigilante brought in a swarm of people at that time.

Congratulations on turning 1 CaCo.
Thanks for all of the fantastic work you have done to educate people on the dangers of vaccines and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
And thank you for your support since I arrived here.
Happy Anniversary.

I know I'm reading this post a bit late, but WOW 1 year on Steemit! Congratulations, it seems like you definitely made the most of it! I am still pretty new here, but am definitely coming to very similar conclusions as you about Steemit. I can only imagine where I'll be on my Steemit journey in a year though!

I home educate as well, and we unschool in many ways. So it's great and very inspiring to see someone like you gain so much recognition here on Steemit. Thank you for all the value you've given to this community, I will definitely read up on your previous posts :)

Thank-you! I'm glad that you found your way to Steemit here and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

I can't be on it as much as I'd like, but yes I've been loving it so far!

Btw thank you for the love! It really does encourage and inspire me to give more value back to the community :)

Happy One year to you!!! I am so glad we met here on Steemit and that I am able to follow your work! It makes a difference when you find people with like interests and passions and then you are able to support each other in efforts. I look forward to many more of your educational and informative posts. You're doing an Awesome thing on here and I appreciate you and all you share~ ❤️ Happy Steeming...many more years to come! 😊

I've only been part of steemit for a few weeks and I already love it & the content it provides. I just happened upon your post today and Loved what you had to say and the subjects you cover. I particularly liked the one on vaccines. My daughter is going through that now with my granddaughter. She didn't want to get one of the vaccines they were pushing & the doctor was giving her a hard time. Thanks for your timely article I can pass on. Will be following you in the future & happy steemiversary!

Happy steemit birthday @canadian-coconut! I'm so glad to be a part of this journey with you :) I like how you phrased it that you're "unschooling yourself" :) I definitely feel that a similar process is occurring in my life thanks to steemit. I feel that I went from researching topics that I cared about 24/7 to finding out about steemit and finally being able to voice my research, which branched out into more autonomy, mastery and purpose, as you put it. Haha, so I'm seeing a lot of similarities here :) I really enjoyed hearing more about your story and how you came to be a part of steemit as well. Thanks for sharing this with us and steem on!

Sounds like we have some similarities.
Thanks for reading my celebration post!

Aweome! Congratulations. I always look forward to your posts on health. Great to have found you on steemit and you're a wonderful addition to steemit. God bless!

Congratulations on your 1st steemit birthday @canadian-coconut! You have definitely been a great part of this wonderful community, steeping up on your goals and also always there to help and support striving steemians like myself.

I wish you more success here at steemit and everywhere!


I'm still learning about crypto currency. I feel clueless, but I'm sure in time I'll figure it all out. I'm glad to have found you here. It's always nice to find like minded people :)

Belated congratulations for your first year on Steemit! I also have three kids aged 11 and under. We did a trial unschooling for 6 months last year. It was so good. We're just building up our sources of income now so we can dive back into it as soon as possible. :)

Great to met you, and followed. :)

I completely agree! Cryptocurrency is going to change the world as we know it, and I can't wait to see all the great things it's going to do. I never could have conceived beyond smart phones and the internet itself how life could advance beyond these things and I was getting pretty discouraged by how fascism and government control are getting so heavy and ominous. But cryptos represent a peaceful revolution of freedom and it gives me hope for my children's futures! :)

Congratulations @canadian-coconut. Thanks for sharing such unrepresented yet meaningful information. :)

congrats on a year! it must feel like a long year as so much seems to happen here on Steemit!.. ive only been here two months and it feels like a lifetime!

This is a great post. I have only been here a few months and don't have a lot of time to spend here but my experience is akin to yours and it gives me hope in what a whole year might bring. Thanks for your inspiring enthusiasm.

I do have a question for anyone that can answer. Why do some use the term unschooled instead of home-schooled? Are the children not learning at home and is this not a reflection of better schooling? The term unschooled makes me think of uneducated, untaught, feral. I will have to look up the definition.

I noticed you used the term home-based business as opposed unbased and I was just curious if anyone could explain the social understanding of the term, unschooled. Thanks.

Thanks! I wish you lots of success here too.
Unschooling basically means that the children are not following a curriculum and their education is interest-based. We don't have a list of what they must accomplish each year. Living is Learning.
Here's one post that I did recently which discusses it:

I love it..... you are engaging and teaching people even in your #Steemiversary post!!



Thanks, I read that post, it was very interesting. I still think home-schooled or free-school are better descriptions of your efforts and philosophy but I get that unschooled is a protest against questionable educational tactics of the government which apparently is aimed at dumbing down not learning. Maria Montessori method is based on observing the needs of the individual child in each moment. Her story is amazing and I have always liked her philosophy. Congrats and kudos to you and all parents who do not leave their child's raising to the state. Thanks for the explanation.

Great question!!

Excellent post and so inspiring! We're all doing well here on steemit! It is a wonderful thing. So happy b-day to you and I wish you many more! I did learn what un-schooling meant and think that's a very interesting concept through just reading the comments. Keep steaming on and have a great day!

Congratulations for one year. I applaud your outspoken views on this platform, especially the anti-vax movement. Steem on! @ironshield

A wonderful experience
And we can share stories and experiences in on steemit media
With this good media we have many friends and until we become familiar and support each other, thank you @Canadian coconut

Great! Congrats! ;)


Congratulations and much success for the following year! Your fight against vaccination is great.

Well, happy "Steem-versary" to you, @canadian-coconut! And thanks for your many contributions to the community!

This really is an amazing "social experiment" we're all part of here... and Steemit really does change lives... all over the globe! Here's to co-creating many more great years!

Happy Birthday to you! I know I am happy to have found you here!

Happy 365! Here's to many more years of truth and spreading awareness about the dangers of vaccines on steemit! Steem-on @canadian-coconut!

@canadian-coconut DollarVigilante brought me here as well, about a year ago!! What a great time. I would love to meet up, depending what side of the country yyou are on!! Keep on Steeming :D

Happy Steemit-versary, @canadian-coconut! I'm coming up on my 1 year as well; though I just started actively using it a couple weeks ago. I'm glad you were able to see the potential and to stick with it. I feel like consistency is the hardest part of any success we have.

Interested in learning more about your unschooling philosophy. Our school system is terrible for indoctrination. Your post is formatted nicely too. Easy to read.

Happy Anniversary! Nothing but great things and good vibes here on Steemit. It's been great meeting you and I look forward to interacting over the course of the next year. Thank you for all that you do. :)

Happy Birthday @canadian-coconut! Holding it down for us Canucks :).

You really inspire me to do my best and put out great content. You are having some great success here and I hope to follow.

All your points on Steemit are the reason I love it so much also.

Hope to flourish with you all here and build great relationships.

Hello @canadian-coconut. I like your name. Congratulations on your one year anniversary . My date of joining was only 10 days ago, 8-1-17, and I have really been enjoying myself. @weetreebonsai introduced my wife to steemit a little while ago and she enjoyed it. She convinced me to give it a try so I did. I look forward to the day when I can post my one year anniversary. Keep up the vacs fight. the care of people children belong to the family not to government or politicians, and definitely not to the turn coat white coat society members that have forgotten all about the hippocratic oath. May your day be bright, and your children's day even brighter.

Congratulations on your linda achievement, you are really hardworking and I am very ready if you need a support friend to continue to advance this steemit. I also really agree so many benefits that I feel after joining this platfrom steemit. Greetings to you linda. I also hope to follow your success story.

Happy Steemit Birthday @canadian-coconut! I see you involved in a great deal of projects on the platform and you use your account for the powers of community and growth.

I believe steemit is awesome for the way it can transform lives, like yours. Keep on blogging and growing the community. Cheers.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Linda, and thank you for writing such interesting articles and supporting my blog! :)

Congratulations @canadian-coconut! I love that you got autonomy, mastery and purpose from this community - @go2sheila.

yeah! Thanks for your great comment!

Congratulations @canadian-coconut Happy Anniversary Steemit Birthday
to you! New follower here, I look forward to reading your vaccine blogs!

Wow Thank You Very Very Much! @canadian-coconut

I am here about 80 days here, you are right this is the best community ever, I have leaned so much, I have met a lot of good people, steemit makes us happier :)

It is quite amazing how many lives have been changed through Steemit. Hopefully, the community continues to grow and develop into a place where those that put in the effort have a chance to create a better quality of life for themselves and the community as a whole. Good Work :)

Congrats! Your work here is important.

Congrats!! Your blogs is one of my most valued! I myself have got Crypto fever since I started Steemit. Without it I wouldn't know squat. Lol

Congrats on reaching your first year, indeed a milestone. Your vaccine articles made a lot of awareness to every Steemians.

You are super cool and an awesome supporter...Thank you for being you!!

Happy Steemit Birthday and great to read other Canadians on here! Very inspiring!

You had never blogged before? Now look at you :) Awesome! Steemit really is amazing.

Congratulations! big hugs ❤️

Nice to meet you. I came across your name from a post by @lyndsaybowes about vaccines. She mentioned that you had some great information so I started checking out your posts and now I'm following you. All the best.

I joined in August 2016. :) You are one of good writers I respect. Keep working well. :) Congrats!! :D

What an exciting anniversary! I know there are so many of us on here that have benefited from your hard work in researching the truth. So glad we can celebrate with you and keep on Steeming.

Happy steemit birthday @Canadian-coconut.

I so love that you are an unschooling Mom who happens to research crypto in your "free" time! As a retired homeschooling Mom myself, I appreciate the freedom, creativity and zeal for learning I was able to take part in and teach my kids while in that role. They are in public school now that they are in the upper grades, but we still embrace the "pioneer spirit" as a family and cryptocurrency seems like a modern day frontier. I agree, it is definitely a Renaissance! And so exciting! Congrats on your steemiversary! All the best!

Well, I'm new on here (directed to you by my son) and haven't a clue what I'm doing, but I know I'm going to love reading your posts. So all I've got to say is happy one year anniversary!

Congrats on your first comment/post on Steemit!
I'm glad that you found me here.
All the best!

Thank you, I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it, but will just keep reading for now. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

A huge congratulations to you! A well-deserved and hard-earned milestone. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to your blog to check it out. I haven't been on here the last two weeks enjoying my last bits of freedom! Can't wait to read more of your work and soak up the wisdom from one who has been on here for so long. Congrats again, and thanks for all you've done to help me along the way!

Congratulations, we hope you enjoy this network like us,
I am around 70 days yeard old in steem and i learn a lot of topics very interesting
Thanks for give feed back to all your users that shares and enjoy a good information about healthy topics, i am an auditor who practice foraging in weekend or vacations but i love share with country people a valid information about health care, because the health is our better gift in this life for this reason we need to care it with healthy plants and certain medicines.
Thanks for your support.
Best regard @galberto

@canadian-coconut congrats on your 1 year steemit birthday , great that you made the decision to join steemit because you are a big success here. Steemit is beautiful because of smart people like you sending in your constructive advise and support to fellow members. Glad that I am following you and thus will always stay in touch. Keep steeming to the stars, my greetings and more success to you.

Wow, you made a lot of money on this site, I also made some, but WOW you made a killing... tells me that I need to learn your social skills :)


Steem on!


BTW, I agree with most of the things you write, the vaccinations for instance.. unfortunately the mother to my son don't agree and since we live in a world where woman+state = control/power , then my son have got vaccinated... I sent this post to her... but I think she will never wakeup.

You may be looking at the delegated steem (in brackets) that I vote with, which isn't mine.
I hope that your child's mother will open her eyes to this issue.
All the best!

I meant your account value and noticed that you have withdrawn often too... I noticed the delegated steem you have... as I said you have social skills that I need to learn :)...

Yes, I hope my son didnt take too much damage from those vaccinations... maybe your blog can help the mother...

Steem on!


Hi Linda! AKA: @canadian-coconut I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your generous vote on some of my recent posts. I just woke up and saw the difference you and @ausbitbank made. With no message system on Steemit, I wanted to show my gratitude publicly. Thank You so much! :)


my congratulations!) you saw the sunrise of Stemmit)
too late but it's better late than never)
have I got from your description in the main page right that you wrote 3 works about vaccines, school and immunity?
can I read them somewhere or they are not available?
Sorry if I have understood it wrong(

I have written several articles about vaccines and a few about unschooling.
You just have to page down on my blog page to see the older posts.
Take care!

ahh there are articles, I see!
Thanks you! Will read all you have - it's just like fresh air among all lies and blind following of stereotypes.

Steemit is awesome!

Sorry I missed your Steem birthday.

Thank you for being here and sticking around. There is no telling how many people you have helped. I'll bet it's many, even though I'm not a gambler.

Thank-you so much @lifeworship !
And thank-you for being there MANY times,
to answer the critics in the comment section for me.

You are most welcome.

I am trying to learn to be nicer about answering the vehement, intransigent mandatory vaccinators.

Your approach to the information and inclusiveness of all interaction, I can do nothing but praise.

Thank you.

Happpy Steemniversary!! Hope you inspire more moms and ladies thru your posts. Cheers!

Happy 1st year birthday @canadian-coconut. and all the best for your future.

Have a Happy steemit birthday!

Thanks for all of your support in the Steemit community! <3 <3 <3

That's awesome LOL

its a great year @canadian-coconut ,glad you made it..

Congrats :))

I was already aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum, because I regularly listen to and read alternative financial news

maybe is best choose. but in other news told that bitcoin will pump till $5500 and Eth $450 before they dumped. I do not make sure sure with this news, be aware is a best choose @canadian-coconut